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4 Inevitable Fears of the MCAT Writer and How to Conquer Them

“I don’t know how I’m going to do this…”

​For most pre-meds, this is their first thought as they’re looking at their schedule and seeing how much time they have before they take on that beast.

You might be feeling the same way. Well we’re here to tell you that’s okay. It’s normal.

You’re not alone in the way you’re feeling right now.

Check out the following thoughts of current med-school students BEFORE they wrote the MCAT, and see if you can relate…

“The MCAT is a barrier to my dreams, my goals,
and to my future…”

“I saw the MCAT as an obstacle standing in between me and my goal. My goal to get the education I need to become a successful doctor. I felt like it was keeping me from moving forward. I was stressed, worried, and overwhelmed by pressure.”

“I only wanna do this once!”

“I knew how mentally draining and time-consuming MCAT prep was going to be. I didn’t want to be forced to re-live MCAT prep EVER again. I had to do it once and only once. If I got anything less than what I wanted, I would have to re-write. That’s why I have to kill it once and for all.”

“If I don’t do well, is that representative of how good
of a doctor I’m going to be?”

“Although not very logical, I knew performing poorly would have some effect on my confidence. That pressure alone was HUGE. It’s not like writing any other test, I’ll admit… it’s actually pretty scary.”

“How will my friends do?”

“I had created some amazing friendships throughout my university years – majority of those being in Science related programs.

They knew I was writing this standardized test with them.

I still felt an unspoken and almost nervously competitive vibe in our environment.

What would happen if my friends did better than me?

What would happen if everyone got into med school and I didn’t?

More pressure.

Too much pressure and anxiety to even think straight. Let alone study at the highest efficiency.”

Relax, You’re In the Right Place!

​If you can relate to any of these thoughts, relax… you’re in the right place.

We’re glad you’re here.

We created MCAT Mastery for students like yourself who are currently in the same place many of these students once were.

Even though they thought and felt those things, it doesn’t matter anymore because today they’re in med-school and they’re on their way to becoming doctors.

They mastered the MCAT and today, they’re living their dreams.

Quick Question: Have you ever experienced a sense of relief and pride, at the same time?

Some students feel relieved just after writing the MCAT.

BUT pride is only felt by those who KNOW they destroyed the MCAT, the instant they walk out of the exam room…

​Take 5 seconds to fast-forward yourself into the future, and imagine yourself walking out of the MCAT exam room…

Knowing it’s finally DONE. It’s OVER. And guess what? You KNOW you ACED it. You have no doubt about it whatsoever. You’re 100% confident that you DOMINATED the MCAT. And the best part? You know that you’ll NEVER have to face that 7.5 hour long monster EVER again! You won’t ever have to re-write. You won’t ever have to spend MONTHS and MONTHS studying, stressing, worrying, non-stop. You can give yourself and your mind that much needed break. Everything else just seems so easy now. Now, you actually LIKE thinking about the MCAT. And the best part of ALL? You know med-school admission, your dream, is now MUCH MORE likely. Life is amazing right now. This moment, is amazing right now. Close your eyes and take that in. Imagine it. This is important… do it now. 

THAT, is pride and relief. That, is your goal. Your goal isn’t a high score. It isn’t med-school admission. It’s that feeling. Everything we all ever do in life, is motivated by a feeling. That feeling friend, is where we’re taking you. Buckle up.

​​It’s not coincidental that high achievers constantly do imagination exercises like this. Why did they do it? One huge reason is motivation.

We’re motivated by our emotions and most successful people play with their emotions to boost themselves into the “success mindset.​”

You need to do the same. The more you do it, the more vivid it will become, the more fun it will become, and the stronger its effect will be.

Have you been in a success mindset or worry mindset lately? The two can’t go together. It’s one or the other.

Pride and relief; that’s what those students, who had those self-defeating thoughts, are STILL feeling right now – months and years after they killed the MCAT.

That’s the kind of impact mastering the MCAT had on them. That’s the kind of impact it will have on you.

That’s also the kind of impact it had on their parents. Their parents are also feeling that rare combination of relief and pride right now… probably more than anyone else.

Pride and relief; these are the feelings you can start looking forward to experiencing, now that you’re here.

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We’ve dedicated this entire website and created an entire guide to give you exactly what you need to do to conquer this beast.

Use the resources and information on our website to make pride and relief your reality.

Good luck.

Your Mentors in “MCAT Success”,

MCAT Mastery

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