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About The MCAT Mastery Team

These are our philosophies, our guiding principles, and what makes us different.

future doctors should help future doctors every step of the way.

As we progressed on our premed to doctor journey, we often wished for someone who was one step ahead of us, who could understand what we were going through, who could guide us, who could help us avoid pitfalls, who could inspire us, and show us the way so we wouldn't have to figure it all out ourselves. That's who we want to be for you. We're your big brothers and sisters, your coaches, your mentors, and cheerleaders, that we never had. Your success is our success and if you're ready to make your dreams a reality, so are we.

getting help through the physician journey should be affordable.

Our aim is to bridge the inequality gap in med-school admission. It's not fair that only those who come from wealthier backgrounds can afford to pay the high prices for assistance in jumping through all the hoops required to get into med school.  We’re also students and we know how hard it is to find quality MCAT or med-advising help that is exceptional, but also affordable. This is why we're committed to being the most affordable MCAT prep available. It's why we offer fee assistance for our courses and tutoring services. 

the key to mcat success (and med-school success) is strategy.

The MCAT isn’t like any other exam we've taken in undergrad. What got all our scores to our goal was rethinking our approach to MCAT prep. Every other big-box MCAT prep company teaches you the 'what', and provides you with the books - that's great. We want to show you 'how' to actually study for this test. It's all the right strategy; the right strategy for content review, scheduling, practice exams, to passage analysis, reading comprehension, and more. That's what really matters. Now that we're in med-school, we're dealing with several MCAT-level exams at a time. Our goal is long-term. If our students can learn to study for this kind of exam now, they'll succeed in med school, but it starts with strategy.

for lasting success, inner work is more important than outer work.

The MCAT can bring you to tears on multiple occasions, and even make you question your doctor dream. We know because we’ve experienced it. It’s hard, but the unfortunate truth is when you’re in a state of stress, anxiety, and fear, studying to your full potential becomes impossible. This is why we’re extremely strong proponents of holding our students accountable for taking care of their mind, body, and soul through this journey. The most fulfilling moments aren’t those when students come back to us with their score goals achieved, it’s when they come back to us saying that they’re never going to stop implementing key positive healthy habits they've learned from us, for the rest of their lives.

What our students are saying about us ❤️

We’re becoming to doctors so we can help others in need – we’re starting now.

I have only been meeting with [my tutor] for about a week but have already learned so much about the best way to approach MCAT passages... I am excited to continue to grow my confidence and knowledge. Thank you MCAT Mastery for offering an AFFORDABLE and EXCELLENT tutoring service.

Ruby // Tutoring Student

This self-paced course was a godsend, and also extremely affordable! I found the strategy videos for all four sections to be extremely helpful, and especially since every top scorer brought his or her own unique perspective. I started implementing new techniques and thinking about questions differently and finally got over the plateau I was stuck at. All their instructors were also so motivating, inspirational and relatable - they too struggled initially but helped to instill a growth mindset and sense of confidence.... Thank you, MCAT Mastery!

Christina A. // Course & Tutoring Student

MCAT Mastery was honestly the best resource I found for studying for the test. Lots of companies have content resources, but MCAT Mastery's guides helped me so much with strategy and my overall mindset! I also really appreciate how affordable the tools are! I bought a few guides from the company, and then ultimately decided I would benefit from the one on one tutoring... I have recommended this company to all of my pre-med friends and will continue to do so!

Abbi S. // Course & Tutoring Student

Our Story: How MCAT Mastery Became The Most Reliable Source For Fast MCAT Score Improvements

It's become so easy to give advice online. Which is why there's so much contradictory info and you don't know who to trust.

We hope that if you see the source of how we figured all of this out, you can wholeheartedly put our strategies to work to improve your score.

Our MCAT Mastery approach is based on 2 factors: Experience and Research

Our Experience


Going through MCAT frustrations, yet achieving a competitive MCAT score

First, the most obvious; all the mentors on the team scored 514 or higher on the MCAT.

More important than our scores however, is that we all struggled on that journey. None of us are naturals with standardized test taking. We all had to adapt strategies to increase our scores when we were stuck and feeling lost.

This is important because as your MCAT mentors, if we couldn’t relate to you, it would be hard for you to trust what we’re saying. So we want you to know that we’ve all had to make it through the MCAT, many of us without this kind of support system. Imagine what you could do WITH this support system.


Helping 1,000+ students increase their MCAT scores

In 2019, we started formally working with students one-on-one in tutoring sessions, helping them increase their MCAT scores and achieve med-school admission. We've learned SO much about the variety of pain points students have during MCAT prep. We've addressed each one. We've come up with solutions to each one. And continue to do so.

We've helped retakers, nontrads, students with learning disabilities, busy schedules, and more. We know the difficulty of this journey intimately and that’s why we’re so passionate about guiding you through it without the stress that we know you don't have to endure.

Our Research

Interviewing Top MCAT Scorers Since 2015

If you’ve been with us for a while you already know this but, over the last 5+ years, the admin team at MCAT Mastery has researched and interviewed countless top MCAT scorers to find out exactly how they approached MCAT prep to get their competitive scores.

  • We ended up discovering the common patterns in study habits and the highest yield strategies that 90+ percentile scorers applied in EACH section of the MCAT. 
  • We still hold these interviews today and you can hear many of them on our podcast and YouTube channel. Note that all top scorers we interview are verified and have to submit their score reports to share their insights.

The Switch To "Fast MCAT Score Increases"

There came a point when we found some top scorers had really fast score increases and that’s when our attention shifted from..

“How do you score high on the MCAT?”

To How do you improve your score really quickly when your test date is coming up soon?”.

We of course, found the patterns and systems for that too.

Today, we're the only team that places this much focus on FAST score increases. 

Which means the sooner you can hit your score goal, the sooner we can move on to helping others.

We're future doctors just like you...

So unlike most, our success as a company is not defined by how many times you buy our resources, it's defined by how fast you can succeed and become self-reliant.

Our Stats


Members Enrolled In The Free MCAT Strategy eCourse


Students Tutored One-On-One By A Top Scorer


5 Star Reviews

17 point mcat score increase

Stephanie H.

A 17 Point MCAT Score Jump: From 496 To 513

"One of the best resources for my MCAT journey! I wish I had found it sooner... My score on practice FLs went from 506 to a 510 after... and learning how to correctly review my FLs. Scored a 513 on the actual, so thankful for these guys."

Kartik G.

From 485-495 Plateau + 4 MCAT Attempts to 514

"The tutoring experience was amazing! I really had a great tutor. And I have to say the MCAT Mastery pricing for tutors was much better than any other company out there.... I don't regret it at all."


Noah G. 

From 496 To 510 On The MCAT In Less Than 30 Days!

My tutor also helped me with feeling confident... The MCAT Mastery tutoring and books are so encouraging and helpful. I wish I would have found this resource earlier in my study! ... I would definitely recommend the CARS Mastery Course or getting a MCAT Mastery tutor. These two things greatly helped me improve my score and I am sure the same would be true for you."

We're Your MCAT Mastery Mentors

Since 2019, we’ve helped 1,000+ students (one-on-one) with increasing their MCAT scores!

Here are 6 other quick facts about us:

  1. 1
    There are over 40 of us on the team.
  2. 2
    We ALL scored somewhere between 514 and 526.
  3. 3
    The average of ALL our scores is  519.
  4. 4
    We ALL had a particular point where we shifted our focus to strategy and our scores skyrocketed by 10+ points in just days/weeks.
  5. 5
    We ALL had a difficult MCAT prep journey.
  6. 6
    NONE of us were “naturals” at standardized test-taking.

If you clicked on the button above and skimmed our bios, you must have noticed that we all saw our scores plateauing, not improving, some of us even experienced scores going DOWN...

But there came a moment where it clicked and scores skyrocketed. 

We figured out the correct strategies to study, practice, and think to succeed on the MCAT.

We're here to show you exactly what we did.

If you're just starting MCAT prep: We're about to save you a lot of pain and wasted time/money/energy.
If you're in the middle of MCAT prep: The struggle ends here. 

We promise, you're about to feel a lot more confident in your MCAT score and your med-school future.

MCAT Tutors and Mentors at MCAT Mastery


The MCAT isn't like any other exam you have written before. It wasn't designed to be. The frustrations add up with every week you get closer to test date. The key is in how you approach it and the smartest approach has already been figured out for you!

You don't have to waste time, money, and energy, or be forced to take the MCAT multiple times, just so you could figure out the same strategies yourself!

Simply use our reliable MCAT prep strategies that so many top MCAT scorers have used to conquer the most painful struggles of the MCAT journey, and achieve their competitive MCAT score that got them into med-school.

You have what it takes. You were born to be a doctor. Let us take you on the proven path to get over the biggest barrier holding you back from reaching that dream! We look forward to seeing you on the inside :)

Your MCAT Mastery Mentors


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