CARS Made Easy: How To Think Like A 130+ CARS Scorer To Increase Your CARS Score

Finally increase your CARS score using the same proven strategies that led premeds to score 130+ in CARS, stand out from other applicants, and get admission into their dream med-schools.

Why does nearly every premed and every top MCAT scorer struggle with CARS on the MCAT?

First AAMC expects you to make sense of and completely understand the most dry, unclear, confusing, and usually the most boring passages that are drenched with details that you get lost in...

All before you move on to answering the most tricky questions you’ve ever seen that were literally designed to make you second guess yourself!

On top of it all, there’s a timer running!

The Notorious CARS Timing Conundrum


Want to finish your CARS passages on time? Well...

You can’t read too slow, otherwise you’ll run out of time with 2 passages left and having to guess on 14 questions. 

You can’t read too fast either, because then you won’t understand everything in the passage, you’ll feel rushed, you’ll misread, you’ll miss key details, or you’ll have NO CLUE what the passage was even about!

How do you find the "perfect pace" to read a CARS passage? 

If you’re anything like we used to be, you wonder how do they expect you to...

  • Retain information from the passage to QUICKLY answer questions correctly?
  • Find the information quickly in the passage when a question requires it?
  • Finish passages on time, WHILE staying focused, WHILE keeping up with the author’s seemingly unconnected points, WHILE reading faster than you’re used to?

It seems really unfair, ESPECIALLY if you’re a slow reader...

ESPECIALLY if English is your second language.

It gets frustrating when you look back at your performance on a real or practice exam and you realize that most of the time the answer was right in front of you!

The worst is when you had it narrowed down to two choices, and (like always) you over-thought it and chose the wrong answer.

You know they tricked you. You know they put trap answers in there. It’s annoying, it’s frustrating, and if you’re anything like we used to be, you hate that they include CARS on the MCAT!

So why are we telling you all this?

Not to scare you, but to make you realize that we've been in your shoes. 

We know what you're going through. 

Unlike many "CARS experts" you'll find who are far removed from your experience, we've been there and experienced the struggle...

We hit a wall with CARS, with scores staying in the low to mid 120s and not improving.

For many of us, CARS was our weakest section.

For many of us, we hit a wall with CARS, with scores staying in the low to mid 120s and not improving.

Our biggest fears were not having an MCAT score that is balanced, with CARS sticking out like a sore thumb, and not getting an interview because of it.

Just like you, we wanted a solution... 

CARS fail

Because as you know, going through this battle every time you do CARS, or even think about CARS, is just stressful and scary.

So here's what we did:

We’ve researched and interviewed hundreds of top MCAT scorers, to learn the fastest and smartest methods to mastering the MCAT and increasing scores quickly. 

There came a point where we took a special interest in CARS and singled out those who scored 130 or higher in this ridiculously hard section, and analyzed how they approached this specific section.

We ended up discovering the most common, the most recommended, and the most powerful strategies for dominating CARS.

We’ve been teaching these strategies over the last several years to thousands of students and the reviews have been AMAZING…

And now we’ve used those strategies to create an upgraded step-by-step system to help our students progressively start thinking like a top scorer when doing CARS passages....

The Ultimate CARS Mastery Course: Step-By-Step Strategies To Think Like A 130+ CARS Scorer

The ultimate step-by-step system to master CARS on the MCAT. Carefully pieced together over several years through constant testing and optimization. Sourced from the collective experiences and strategies of strictly 130+ CARS scorers. Using these strategies and following this proven formula, anyone can learn how to think like a top scorer. This is CARS made easy.

Get Immediate Access 

Action steps + lesson notes for every video 

Access anywhere, On any device: Improve on-the-go

IMPORTANT: It's A CARS Mastery System

Like the scientists we are, we've tested and optimized these strategies to figure out the perfect progression to take a student from having no idea how to approach a CARS passage, to becoming a master of every CARS passage she or he encounters.

We don't want to just throw a bunch of proven CARS strategies at you leaving you to piece them together in a way that MIGHT work for you. We've done that before TBH - and it worked. Countless premeds have benefited simply because of how powerful the strategies are. But systematizing it like we've done in this course, takes it to another level.

With this step-by-step system to implant the top scorer way of thinking in your mind, you can increase your CARS score drastically in just weeks, if not sooner.

nate hubert course member

Ended up scoring 90th percentile in CARS!

The MCAT Mastery CARS prep course was awesome, I struggled with CARS throughout my prep until I was able to watch someone else reason through the passages. I adapted their strategies and modified them to fit my style and ended up scoring 90th+ percentile in CARS!

cole theisen course member

Best CARS test prep for your dollar ANYWHERE

The MCAT Mastery CARS course was the best decision I made about my MCAT prep. I had tried watching YouTube, learning to speed read, learning from others, and just about everything else. Nothing was sticking with me and I was growing more confused about the CARS section and my abilities. However, I truly believe anyone can find more success in their CARS journey with this course. The strategies are consistent, easy to understand, and helped my score jump within days. Would recommend to anyone!!

Develop The Right Way Of Thinking For CARS In Less Than 30 Days

When it comes to CARS, it's so hard to know where to start. It isn't your basic reading test because it forces you to do something you're not used to, and that is using critical reasoning to answer questions. We are used to cramming and regurgitating what we learned the night before, so this new section is frustrating to tackle.

At the same time, we understand it can be intimidating having to learn "a whole new" mental skill just for this one exam. Which is why we designed this course to help you systematically hack your way into developing the right way to think for CARS - fast

It's possible for you to develop the correct way of thinking for CARS in less than 30 days using many of the shortcuts, techniques, and tips in this course. We've been obsessed with "fast score increases" ever since we started MCAT Mastery. MANY of our students have improved their scores significantly using these exact same strategies and so can you. 

Here's what you can look forward to over the next few weeks...

Improve Your CARS Timing

Have you tried reading faster for CARS with no improvement, or scores decreasing? It's not just about pace. You need to get good at CARS before you get fast at CARS. Which means once you understand the foundational strategies, THEN you'll be in the right place to use the 130+ scorer techniques to improve endurance, pacing, focus, and timing specifically for CARS passages.

Improve Your CARS Comprehension

How many times have you wondered "What did I just read?!" after finishing a CARS passage. With these step-by-step strategies, you'll never get confused by a CARS passage again. You'll know exactly how to extract the main idea and get through any passage (especially the confusing ones) which most premeds don't know how to deal with. Questions that use to scare and confuse you will now be a walk in the park as you apply proven top scorer passage and question analysis strategies.

Improve Your CARS Confidence

We know you've felt it when C/P finishes - the nervous feeling that CARS is next! With these strategies, you'll be confident going into CARS - knowing you're about to dominate one of the hardest sections on the MCAT (giving you a huge advantage over other applicants). When you stop hovering around the low 120s and finally pick your score up to a competitive level, you'll be submitting your application with excitement, knowing that med-schools won't reject your application in the first glance because of your CARS score.

Succeed On The Overall MCAT

Once you develop the ability to dominate CARS, you'll notice your score in other sections improve as well. Why? You'll have mastered the ability to think critically, understand the author, know how question writers try to trick you, and so much more. The opposite is also true; if you're weak in CARS, your other sections aren't as high as they could be. The average premed thinks the MCAT is testing your knowledge in science. When in reality the MCAT is testing your skill in critical thinking. 

What students have said about these CARS strategies

We've released a lot of these strategies through our reports, guides, and emails in text format. Through this CARS Mastery course, we're releasing an upgraded form of those strategies plus many more additional never-before-seen strategies, in a systematized step-by-step video format so it's more easily digestible and easy to follow. We'd love for you to read what students have said about the time-tested proven strategies we've been teaching for years, which you'll learn in this course:

peter headshot

Peter Kim

Would definitely recommend to anyone wanting the perspective of a top-scorer.

The tips have been great especially at eliminating bad answers and focusing on choices that ANSWER the question. The passage dissections are very detailed and the logical step-by-step explanation is definitely helpful. I would definitely recommend to anyone wanting the perspective of a top-scorer.

Lauren - Review

Lauren Evelti

I have learned new skills that have let me see the test and CARS from a new point of view

The CARS strategies presented here give you a whole new perspective on how to start from scratch and build a solid foundation of skills... I have learned new skills that have let me see the test and CARS from a new point of view and how to best tackle one of my weakest sections. Just from a little practice, I improved by 2-3 points.

Joelle Fink

Helped me save time answering questions but also increased my overall score

Learning to break the passages down by paragraph and then tying it all in to the main idea has not only helped me save time in answering questions but also increased my overall score. I'm slowly finding my way through these passages and am more able than ever before to point out little tricks and traps that no longer cause me to fall for them. I have seen my score increase in the CARS section alone from a 123 to a 126 within one week of really strapping down and going over the AAMC logic.

What's Inside The CARS Mastery Course

8 Modules | 14 Chapters | 108 Video Lessons | 51 AAMC Passage Walkthroughs


Module 1: CARS Quick Start - Rapid Implementation Strategies

In the first module, we’ll cover all the strategies you can implement now to start getting more right answers right away. These are the strategies that don’t need practice and can be applied to your very next practice test. These are the quick fixes when it comes to CARS and chances are just applying the strategies in this module alone will give you a boost in your CARS score. We’ll also cover the most efficient and smartest ways to begin studying for CARS if you’re just starting out.

Click here to see what you'll learn in Module 1

  • The exact timing formula to never worry about timing again; timing breakdown used by top scorers, keeping you on track through the entire CARS section
  • The exact steps to take to figure out your ideal CARS reading/analysis techniques that work best for you
  • How to make CARS practice and improvement automatic as you progress with applying the principles of this course
  • The formula top CARS scorers use to figure out how many passages to do per day (it’s different for everyone)
  • Secrets of the first paragraph of every passage that every 130+ CARS scorer knows + Learn which paragraphs of the passages are the least helpful and most helpful
  • How to Start discovering the patterns in your CARS performance that are keeping your score low
  • How to Start reading to get the big picture In the Passages and not get lost in the details
  • How to Start thinking about CARS passages like a 130+ scorer: the CARS Success Mindset
  • How to pace yourself through the real or practice timed exams + Exactly how much time to dedicate towards the passage vs the questions
  • The top 8 mistakes most premeds make that are keeping their CARS scores low (Stop Doing These Now and Watch Your Score Rise!)
  • The best and most effective practice resources to use for mastering CARS (Backed By Research)


Module 2: Mastering CARS Passages

In the second module, we’re diving deep into CARS passage reading and analysis. If you don’t go through the passage in the most efficient, most strategic way, you’re going to have a really difficult time making it through the questions. This module is all about how you read the paragraphs, how you pace yourself, what you look for, how to understand the author, how to find the main idea, and how you come out knowing exactly what you need to know to answer the questions - nothing more, nothing less.

Click here to see what you'll learn in Module 2

  • The different types of CARS passage sentences you’ll come across and how to leverage each one for getting more right answers
  • How to break down and understand the messaging of the most difficult CARS passages
  • How to get the most out of CARS passages without getting stressed and wasting valuable time
  • How to maximize efficiency when going through a passage; which keywords and phrases to make note of and which to ignore
  • The ideal pace to read a CARS passage that is most strategic and most efficient for YOU, that can lead to YOUR maximum CARS score increase
  • The formula on how and where to find the main idea of the passage every time Quickly and Accurately
  • What Is The  MVS (Most Valuable Sentence) and How To Find It In every paragraph in the passage
  • How to quickly get the gist and key point of every paragraph and how to use them to come up with the main idea and get more answers right
  • 13 questions to ask yourself to get in the mind of the author when reading passages
  • Which passage terms you’re expected to know and which you aren’t (Never Wonder "Is This Important?" Again While Reading A CARS Passage)
  • How to understand the passage the first time you read it + Common time wasting mistakes to avoid on CARS full length practices


Module 3: Mastering CARS Question Stems & Answer Choices

In the third module, we get to the question and answer choice strategies. Here you’ll learn all about how to identify exactly what the question is asking, not getting confused by the question writer’s attempts to throw you off, how to eliminate answer choices, how to use the main idea to answer questions, how and WHEN to reference the passages when answering questions, how to consistently choose the right answer once you’ve narrowed down to two choices, how to make the best guesses on the ‘impossible’ questions, and so much more.

Click here to see what you'll learn in Module 3

  • How to divide your time between questions (not every question deserves an equal amount of time)
  • How to deal with extremely hard questions and not get hung up on them And/Or Let Them Trip You Up
  • How to get hints from the questions and how they’re phrased which lead you to the right answer
  • How to spot the answer choices that are meant to tempt you Into Choosing Them but are wrong 
  • Why you keep picking the wrong answer when down to two and how to never make this mistake again
  • How to stop wasting time overthinking questions and answer choices
  • How to distinguish between a question that can be answered with the main idea  and one that can’t
  • How to get over the need to get every single question right (A Common Tendency Amongst Low CARS Scorers)
  • How to stop looking up to the passage every time you answer questions (Hint: The Questions Stems Tell You A LOT That Most Don't Recognize)
  • How to identify if a question is allowing you to go back to the passage or if it isn’t (Question Pattern Recognition Is A Powerful Tool)
  • The ideal amount of time to aim to spend on each CARS question (If You're Anywhere over this, You Know You Have To Speed It Up)
  • "Best guess" strategies of Top Scorers - how to make the most strategic choice when Having To Guess (Which Will Inevitably Happen)
  • The step by step process on how to eliminate answer choices and narrow down to the correct answer choice
  • Exactly which type of answer choices are easy eliminations (these are present in every CARS question)
  • How to prime your mind for answer recognition Before You Even Get To Reading The Answer Choices
  • How to leverage common keywords in nearly every CARS question to get to the right answer choice quickly


Module 4: CARS Question Stem Analysis Series (New!)

In the fourth module, a 131 CARS scorer will go through the different types of CARS question stems and walk you through formulas that will lead you to the correct answer every time. She will also highlight alternative ways you might see these questions phrased on test day, go through characteristics of these question stems, and explain the why/how behind the formula.

You might be asking, how did she come up with these different question stems? She came up with these by going through all 240 AAMC CARS questions in QPack  1 and 2, and sorting every single question into one of these categories to be as comprehensive as possible. This is a game changer. 

Click here to see what you'll learn in Module 4

  • How to identify and approach foundations of comprehension questions
  • How To Identify And Approach main idea  questions
  • How To Identify And Approach word definition questions
  • How To Identify And Approach Support and evidence questions
  • How To Identify And Approach Assumptions & Inferences questions
  • How To Identify And Approach cARS questions with tone
  • How To Identify And Approach modifying author claim questions
  • How To Identify And Approach CARS questions with Analogies


Module 5 - 7: CARS Dissections - Step-By-Step AAMC CARS Passage Video Walkthroughs With 130+ Scorers

In the fifth, sixth, and seventh module is where you’ll truly install the top scorer way of thinking through CARS. We don’t want to just give you the strategies and tactics - we want to show you how to actually APPLY them. This is why in these modules we'll go through all 21 AAMC CARS QPack 1 passages, all 22 AAMC CARS QPack 2 passages, and all 9 AAMC FL1 CARS passages together as if you're on a video call with a 130+ scorer, who is working with you one-on-one showing you how to think through nearly every line in a CARS passage and logically identifying the right answer every. single. time. Just one of these modules alone is worth the entire price of this course.

Note: Actual AAMC passages will not be shown on screen. You will need access to your own AAMC material (which we highly recommend) to follow along with instructor explanations.

Click here to see what you'll learn in Modules 5-7

  • Go Beyond Just "Knowing" CARS Strategies. You can be aware of the all the best MCAT CARS strategies on the planet, but through these dissections, you can literally see and mimic how they're actually used and applied by a 130 and 131 scorer, to drastically increase your CARS score.
  • Start Identifying The Main Idea Accurately, Easily, and Quickly. You already know how important it is to find the main idea of the passage - every 'CARS guru' tells you that. But no one actually demonstrates HOW to find it! You'll get 40+  demonstrations here that will make 'finding the main idea' second nature to you. You'll know exactly how to do it yourself because you've seen it so many times and you can see "through" what the top scorer is doing because you've spent time learning the strategies in the other modules.
  • Identify Your CARS Weaknesses. Can' figure out where you keep messing up? When you see a top scorer in action, completing a CARS passage with the right strategies, you'll notice what you're doing inefficiently, the gaps in you're thinking, that are causing you to miss the right answers constantly.
  • Evolve Your CARS Perspective. When you try to do a CARS passage on your own, and then you review it a second time through the eyes of a top scorers, that's when you'll truly evolve your CARS perspective... and your CARS score. You'll never look at a CARS passage, or any MCAT passage, the same way again.
  • Enhance Your CARS Timing & Focus. By following the thought process of a top scorer over and over again, you'll develop a detailed mental blueprint of exactly how to methodically go through any passage and answer questions, which will keep your focus strong and your speed fast. You'll see how a 130 scorer paces themselves, times themselves, what they focus on, what they ignore, how they invest the limited amount of time they have to get the answers, and all you have to do is copy them. That's all.
  • Learn By Example. When you see how a 130+ scorer would go through a CARS passage, you'll automatically absorb their way of thinking and you'll start doing the same on your own. We're not preaching strategies at you without "being our message". We're showing you how it's done so our way of thinking can get imprinted into your mind, so you're ready to dominate on test day.


Module 8: Bonus MCAT Strategy Videos!

Surprise! We have some bonus videos for you! More on this module and those videos below :)


Additional Strategies To Transform You Into A Top MCAT Scorer

In this bonus module, we decided to release a few key videos from the Complete MCAT Strategy Course, which will help you in other areas of the MCAT, besides just Psych/Soc! PLUS, we're adding the ability to interact with an instructor LIVE every week! Check it out ????????

Free Bonus
Live 60-90 Minute Weekly Office Hours With A 515+ MCAT Scorer!

Every week a different MCAT Mastery Mentor will be hosting live 60-90 minute office hours on Zoom with students enrolled. This is where you'll be able to ask your questions, learn from other student's questions, see live passage breakdowns, and get the overall live support of a top scorer who has been in your shoes, as well as that of other students who are going through MCAT prep! If you can't make it to a session, recordings will always be available to view later. You'll also be able to send in questions beforehand :)

Bonus VIDEO 1
How To Score 130 On Psych/Soc

In this bonus video, Ariana guides you through her three part study plan to master Psych/Soc on the MCAT. This is the exact system she used to score a 130 in this section. 

Plus you'll learn about the 2 test day tricks she used to really maximize her performance and score on the big day itself. This is a section that gets commonly underestimated. We don't want you to make that mistake.

What To Do If You Get An Extremely Hard Exam On Test Day

What if you get to test day and your entire exam is harder than you expected? What do you do? In this video, we cover the exact action steps a top scorer would take in this situation

It's always smart to be prepared and have a plan, and in this bonus video we're going to prepare you for the worst, even though we've already prepared you to be the best!

Bonus VIDEO 3
515 Scorer MCAT Study Strategies For Each Section Of The MCAT

Most premeds don't realize that each section of the MCAT requires a different approach (and sometimes different resources). They find something that works in C/P, and apply it to B/B or CARS and don't see the same results. This leads to endless frustrations and confusions of how to study for the MCAT.

In this bonus video lesson, you'll learn how top scorers approach each section of the MCAT in the smartest ways, using the smartest resources for each unique section.

Bonus VIDEO 4
The Top Scorer MCAT Retake Mindset & Strategies

More than half MCAT test takers are usually retakers. They're frustrated, they're feeling more pressure, more anxiety, and more fear this time around. If this is you, we completely get it and we want to help.

In this bonus video lesson, we're covering exactly how you need to prepare mentally, as well as logically with your schedule and studying approach, for your MCAT retake. This is the same way top scorers prepared when they had to retake the MCAT, and wanted to ensure this would be the last time they ever did.

How Top Scorers Strategically Use All The Different AAMC Material

If you've been in the MCAT Mastery community for a while, by now you know how valuable the AAMC practice resources are. But what good is knowing how valuable they are if you don't use them right? It took us a while before we discovered that top scorers leveraged different AAMC material at different stages of their MCAT prep. Plus some are less valuable than others - not all AAMC material are created equal.

In this bonus video, you'll learn the secrets of how to prioritize and strategically leverage the AAMC material to maximize your MCAT score.

Bonus VIDEO 6
How To Become A Strong Med-School Applicant

This one is a "super bonus". Here we cover one of the most important aspects of this whole journey; med-school admission.

This video covers a lot of the med-school application secrets and strategies that we used when we wanted to be competitive in our application. This is part of our med-school admission/application advice that we'll be providing our students more of in the future.

About Your CARS Strategy Instructors


Ariana Campbell

MCAT Mastery Strategy Coach | 130 CARS, 515 MCAT

Ariana still remembers feeling like the MCAT was the biggest hurdle standing between her and medical school. Especially since she was also juggling MCAT studying, a full course load, work, extracurricular activities, and other major personal challenges at the time.  She struggled with CARS especially, with scores going DOWN at one point.

Given her situation, she had to find the best way to manage her schedule while maintaining a positive mindset, so she could achieve a competitive MCAT score. Despite it all, Ariana managed to increase her score from a 498 to 515 on the MCAT in just 3 months, WITHOUT studying full time and studying 8+ hours a day! She also lifted her CARS score to a 130!

Fast forward to today, Ariana is now in med-school and specializes in helping students skyrocket their CARS scores on the MCAT! As one of the very first tutors at MCAT Mastery, Ariana has spent hundreds of hours working one-on-one with students from different backgrounds, helping them increase their MCAT and CARS scores.

Ryan Anderson

MCAT Mastery Strategy Coach | 130 CARS, 513 MCAT

Ryan is a current medical student who studied for six weeks in total for the MCAT. After the first two weeks, he found himself scoring a 488. He especially found himself struggling in CARS, scoring in the low 120s!

At this (very low) point, with only a month left before the MCAT, he found himself re-evaluating his approach to the exam overall. In this limited time, he developed test taking strategies that improved his score by 25 points to a 513 by the time test day rolled around! Plus his CARS score hit 130.

Take that in: a 25 point score increase in 4 weeks! Keep in mind, all he did was focus on STRATEGY to achieve this result.

After personally tutoring and coaching MANY students in CARS and the MCAT overall, Ryan has developed a solid understanding of exactly how to teach the best strategies for improving one's score with NO additional knowledge on content.

Julia - MCAT Tutor

Julia Wickman

MCAT Mastery Strategy Coach | 131 CARS, 518 MCAT

After 400+ hours of studying, Julia found herself plateauing in the mid 500s just 6 weeks before her test date. At the beginning of her process, she had a hard time seeing that the MCAT was so much more than a content-based exam, but rather a test of strategy and pacing as well! She felt like she was burning out, and didn’t know if she could do it, but once she realized both that she needed better testing strategies and that she had to be more positive in her approach, there was a huge learning curve.

That's when the strategy clicked and her scores jumped to 513-519. Ultimately in those final 45 days, she managed to increase her to score by 10+ points and achieved a 518 (96th percentile) by test day! Julia also scored in the 99th percentile in CARS!

Fast forward to today, Julia is starting med-school and specializes in helping students increase their CARS scores

What other students are saying about your instructors

They were in your shoes not too long, struggling with scores not improving, and they all ended up dominating CARS (as well as the MCAT). They've collectively worked 1-on-1 with over 200 premeds, coaching each one of them on how to apply MCAT and CARS strategies to improve their scores. They know exactly how to teach you to think through CARS like a 130+ CARS scorer.

neda h/s

Neda Azizi

A previous student of Ariana

My score and ability to critically think/catch easy mistakes definitely heightened

"When I first started tutoring with Ariana, I immediately knew she was going to be my saving grace. Prior to working with her, I had taken my MCAT twice and felt extremely hopeless for my future.

Ariana is one of the most caring and patient tutors I've ever worked with. We targeted my weaknesses and worked on improving them... My biggest improvement was not only demonstrated by my score, but by my ability to critically think.

She helped me dissect every passage and answer choice, which allowed me to have an eye for tricks/attractors that would be thrown my way. My score and ability to critically think/catch easy mistakes definitely heightened after working with Ariana."

tiffany headshot

Tiffany Scheader

A previous student of Ryan

Had great learning strategies that helped me so much

"...I knew the material, but became overwhelmed with the questions and the distractor answer choices. After working with Ryan, I learned how to build stamina, how to understand CARS passages better, and overall how to appreciate the MCAT process.

Ryan was very flexible and gave great advice as far as how to stay positive, how to understand the questions, how to prepare for the questions, and even how to prepare the day before the exam.

I noticed increasing scores... I absolutely would recommend Ryan. He was extremely friendly and had great learning strategies that helped me so much!"

annabella - headshot

Annabella D.

A previous student of Ariana

I was able to raise my score by 19 points

.... [Ariana] helped me so, so much. She was really able to understand where I was getting stuck and why and then how to help. Having someone to show how they went through each passage, what they highlighted, or what they wrote down helped me a lot to actually figure out what to focus on in passages and boosted my score a ton.

Ariana was able to really emphasize how important going through the passage was and understanding the details in it to bring it all together, which is something I was continuously getting tripped up on... I was able to raise my score 19 points in about 6 weeks from all the tips she gave me..."

More Value Than 20+ Hours of 1-On-1 CARS Tutoring

We know how demoralizing it gets going through confusing passages, not knowing how to connect passages to questions being asked, getting lost in details, not understanding what the author is saying, not finishing on time. We’ve seen it all and we’ve personally helped many conquer every CARS challenge you can think of.

But there are A LOT more students who are struggling with CARS than we can work with one-on-one. Which is why we’ve done the next best thing and created this online video course with 50+ video lessons designed to help you increase your CARS score FAST.

Getting a top CARS scorer to work with you one-on-one just for 10 hours costs $597 (and that's our prices which are incredibly more reasonable than everything else out there). The best part? There's A LOT more than 10 hours of content available in this course. More like triple that. 

Think about Module 5 alone; 22 video lessons with a 130 scorer walking you through entire AAMC CARS passages. To cover just that in 60 min one-on-one sessions, you'd need at least 15-20 sessions with a CARS coach; that's easily close to $1,000 just for Module 5, and that's IF the CARS tutor's are even available! Ariana and Ryan especially, being our top tutors and being in med-school, have limited availabilities. 

If you know us, you know our mission is pairing affordability with high quality guidance to help you become the doctor you were born to be. So if tutoring is not in your budget but you still need the help, then this course is PERFECT for you. 

Psst! This ENTIRE course is Module 6 in the Complete MCAT Strategy Course! Check it out here.


The complete CARS strategy system to think like a 130+ scorer and increase your score


*Payment plan options available on checkout page.

  • Complete CARS strategy system
  • Immediate Start
  • Access to All Modules
  • 14 Day Money Back Guarantee
+ 1-on-1 Coaching

The complete CARS strategy system with personalized help - if you need it


2 Sessions

*Payment plan options available on checkout page.

  • Complete CARS Strategy System
  • Immediate Start
  • Access to All Modules
  • Two 60-Min Private CARS Coaching/Tutoring Sessions
  • 14 Day Money Back Guarantee*
+ 1-on-1 Coaching

The complete CARS strategy system to think like a 130+ scorer and increase your score


5 Sessions

*Payment plan options available on checkout page.

  • Complete CARS Strategy System
  • Immediate Start
  • Access to All Modules
  • Five 60-Min Private CARS Coaching/Tutoring Sessions
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If you can master CARS, you can master the MCAT

14-Day Guarantee: Improve Your CARS Score or Get Your Money Back

We care about your success and want you to get the best for your time and money. We want you to get the highest CARS (and MCAT) score possible for YOU, so you get into the med-school of your choice. Being on this "Dr." journey ourselves, we can empathize when it comes to you not wanting to waste your own money (or that of someone supporting you).

Which is why we have a simple guarantee for you: this course delivers what it promises. If you don’t like this course or you don’t feel like you’re getting more value out of it than the money you invested, just let us know within 14 days of your purchase date and we’ll send you a refund, no questions asked. 

*If you choose the course + coaching option, we won't be able to refund the coaching sessions (if they've already been completed), but can definitely refund the full price of the course.

CARS Is The Smartest & Highest-Yield Section To Master As Soon As Possible

You might be wondering, is it worth it to invest in something that covers just one section of the MCAT? Here are 4 reasons why the smartest top scorers pay special attention to CARS, and why you should too.

CARS is pure skill development

CARS requires zero content review and memorization. No prior knowledge required. This puts everyone at the same level and this is your opportunity to shine. In this unique section, it doesn't matter if you're the smartest student at the best Ivy League. It's all about who has the skill; who put in the time to develop the skill?

For any skill to improve, you need practice. You probably have been practicing already but haven't seen scores improve. That's because it's not just about practice, it's about practicing using the right methods to improve in the fastest way possible. And not wasting valuable practice exams!

You've done "content review" for other sections of the MCAT. The time you invest learning how to think through this section is your "content review" for CARS.

Other MCAT Sections Get Easier

We've already mentioned this. Once you understand how to master this section, the other sections become much easier because you develop the critical thinking abilities that the whole MCAT is based on.  As you go through this course, you'll know how to understand the author of any passage, you'll know how MCAT question writers try to trick you, and so much more. We know you get this and we're not going to hammer this point anymore.

If you want a "shortcut" to a strong MCAT score (there are no real shortcuts), mastering CARS is as close as it gets.

Catches Med-School Attention

If you look at the AAMC stats for those students who get into med-school, CARS is the lowest section every year by almost a full point. For the last 3 years it's been hovering around the 127 mark, whereas the rest of the sections are around 128.

Does that mean you just need a 127 in CARS and you're good? Maybe. Does that mean if you got a 129 or 130 in CARS, you'd catch med-school attention? Definitely.

Med-schools pay special attention this section - think about it and put yourself in the shoes of Admissions Committee. Almost every premed complains and struggles with this sectionand you know this. Getting a 129 or 130 in CARS says more about you to AdComs than getting a 129 or 130 in P/S or even B/B. Especially if you’re applying to Canadian med-schools who are known to reject candidates with low CARS scores.

You're Going to Master CARS Later Anyway

Critical reasoning and analysis is a KEY skill for a doctor to have. Which is why it's valued by med-schools so much. Which is why the entire MCAT is based on this skill.

If you want to be a great doctor, you're going to develop this skill anyway - we know you will because we know you're going to be an amazing doctor. 

Why not develop the skill NOW, so you can see your MCAT score rise, so you don't have to settle for which med-school you go to.

More reviews of our CARS strategies

Melissa Casimir

I'm beginning to develop the mindset of a 130+ scorer

I'm so glad I found you guys - MCAT Mastery is heaven sent. After doing the Step by Step Walkthrough of the AAMC passages (2 passages), it has changed my approach to reading and answering the questions. I'm beginning to develop the mindset of a 130 + scorer.

Ali Raza

I would highly highly recommend to anyone who has given up and is frustrated over CARS

CARS always have been a struggle for me since English isn't my first language. I was struggling a lot with CARS but after reading 130+ scorer strategies, it actually gave me a lot of confidence and motivation to do even more and more practice. It's actually very simple if you really follow what MCAT MASTERY lay out for you. I would highly highly recommend to anyone who has given up and is frustrated over CARS and trust me this will definitely help so so many pre-meds for the MCAT. I Thank You MCAT MASTERY!! I wish I had this before.

I was getting 119-120 since I was struggling to find a way out but this helped me to boost atleast 3-4 points so far and I still practicing and want to think like the 130+ scorer. Thank You for this such a wonderful resource it's such a life saver.

Amarjit Kaur

I am getting a lot more questions right in a shorter amount of time

These strategies have helped to shift my approach to the questions, which has improved my anxiety and accuracy substantially.

I am actually still in the practicing phase, but in my practices I am finding that I am getting a lot more questions right in a shorter amount of time. I have gone from 24/53 questions right to 34/53, and hopefully that will improve more as I keep practicing daily.

CARS isn't going to hold your score back!

Frequently Asked Questions

How will I get access to the course after signing up?

Once you sign up, you'll be taken to the course registration page where you can set up your private username and password. Once you get that set up, you'll be automatically redirected to the course where you can start watching the video lessons! It takes less than a few minutes to get access to the course :) By the way, if you already are a VIP member, then you simply need to login with your existing username and password on the page you'll be redirected to right after signing up!

What's the difference between this and your other CARS strategy reports?

First we'd like to make clear that this course does have many familiar strategies if you've seen some of our other work. But it also has additional never-before-seen strategies, including the entire Module 4 of AAMC CARS QPack2 Passage Dissections, plus the bonus module strategy videos. But here's why everything in this course is far more effective than anything we've ever released...

For many years, we've been presenting our top scorer MCAT strategies in written form through downloadable guides and reports. We've decided to upgrade that into online video course formats. Here's why:

  1. Reading takes way too much time. Our downloadable resources have been super valuable to many students - but ONLY to those students who took the time to read them. We’ve realized a big barrier for a lot of students is having to plow through a lot of text of strategies, especially when you're already bombarded with so much content-based prep books that you need to go through. The last thing many of you want is extra reading. 

  2. A "course" allows for a step-by-step system. This course has been designed to have a logical strategic progression for you to go from not knowing anything about CARS and wanting quick hacks, tips, and tricks to get more answers right, to truly becoming a master of critical thinking by the end of it. This is something that's very difficult to achieve through a written guide.

  3. Continuous improvements and upgrades. This is a big one. There have been SO many times over the years that we've improved our resources and added amazing new strategies that we've found, but it was always so painful to think that all the students who already had downloaded the PDFs would not be able to get any new material. With an online course, we can go in and make improvements, and the next time you login, you'll get all the fresh insights to add to your MCAT prep.

  4. Easier to learn with video AND text, as opposed to just text. Let's face it, video is so much easier to digest and learn from. That already is a big factor for why we decided to transition to video. But we're not JUST giving video - each lesson has the written summary notes included, so as students complete the video lessons and read the notes below, they better absorb the strategies and insights of a top scorer to quickly start thinking like one.

Does it take a lot of time and effort to learn and apply these strategies?

In short, no. You can get through all the strategy videos in a day if you wanted (we'd only recommend that if you're short on time). The dissections however, you'll need to space out to one or two per day. Ideally, spread out over a week at one or two hours a day, you should be at a point where you've got a significantly stronger handle on how to approach CARS. There's zero fluff and pure strategies in every video. We've kept them all succinct. You'll be able to apply strategies from the very first module. 

If you know anything about us, you know we're huge on productivity. We're huge on "high yield" and focusing on the easiest actions that deliver the greatest results. Which is exactly what has led us to focus our entire mission around "strategy". If there's one thing we know without a shadow of a doubt, understanding study and testing strategies for this exam as soon as possible, is an INVESTMENT. It will SAVE you time from having to figure it all out on your own. It is THE smartest way to approach CARS and the MCAT. No question.

I'm naturally good at CARS and my score isn't that bad. Should I still sign up?

That's awesome! If you're a "natural" at CARS and aren't scoring above 130, then you're wasting your gift. We guarantee you're missing a few techniques or strategies to refine your skills and really maximize your score. With the right strategies in this course, you can hit a 132 and REALLY stand out as a med-school applicant. Also if you don't find anything new in this course that you didn't already know, you can simply ask for a refund :)

Will I be able to improve in CARS even though English isn't my first language?

Yes! Definitely. If English isn't your first language, you're one of our inspirations for making something like this! We don't think one section should stop you from becoming a physician and living out your dreams. 

If you can understand what's written on this page, you can do well on CARS. It's all about HOW you think based off understanding "just enough". You don't have to understand EVERYTHING written. In this course, you'll learn to see the big picture of what the author is talking about, you'll learn timing strategies if you feel like you're reading slow to try and comprehend better, you'll learn how to stop getting lost in the details, you'll learn about all the "fluff" that you should ignore, and so much more.

We've had many students increase their CARS score even when English wasn't their first language. You'll be fine!

Does this course come with AAMC questions/passages?

No this course doesn't come with the AAMC questions/passages. You'll need to get the QPack's yourself from the AAMC website to benefit from the dissections in Module 4. In fact, if you haven't already, we highly recommend you get all the AAMC questions available as those are going to be the most representative of your actual MCAT!

Why did you create this course?

We decided to create this course because so many premeds in the community have been wanting something that can hold their hand to a higher CARS (and MCAT) score in a step-by-step manner, in a systematic way, in a way that's easy to absorb and implement.

This became more clear when we started tutoring students one-on-one, when we would see CARS scores jump, simply because we were able to walk our students through how and when to implement the right strategies during CARS.

There came a point where we also realized that we couldn't possibly tutor thousands of students in the community who need help in CARS. Plus, some just can't afford one-on-one individual tutoring, but they desperately need to improve their CARS score if they're going to make it to med-school.  

So we did the next best thing and created this online video course, that simulates a one-on-one tutoring experience. We realized that even though we can't work with every student, we've tutored ENOUGH premeds to be able to create a system that can take premeds from a mediocre to competitive CARS score. 

Why will this help me get a good MCAT score when it's a CARS course?

Top scorers recognize a key secret when it comes to dominating the MCAT...

Every section on the MCAT is CARS. 

If you can master CARS, you can master the MCAT. 

Why? Because the MCAT is a test of critical thinking, not science.  The average premed thinks the MCAT is testing your knowledge in science.  When in reality the MCAT is testing your skill in critical thinking. 

We know the MCAT disguises itself as a science test because it has science and A LOT of it. In fact it has way too much science - more than most students are able to completely master in 3-6 months. Which brings us to another point...

The top scorers who get into med-school didn't master every science topic for the MCAT. Which means it was the skill that got them a high score. Think about it this way...

A section like CARS, that only tests your thinking skills, can be mastered with zero "studying" of content. No science knowledge required. Now since the MCAT as a whole is critical thinking based, that must mean that getting to the right answer is heavily dependent on you thinking in a certain way...

The only difference is that the other sections just need you to have a foundation of scientific knowledge. That's it. In fact, if you spent a year learning every little detail about the sciences, you'd not only have wasted a ton of time because that's not necessary, but your score will be below competitive range if your critical thinking skills are weak. Which is why CARS is the most important section to improve on yet the average premed doesn't get this...

Most premeds feel better when they study science. They feel better when they memorize an equation or a fact. It's familiar. It feels like you're making progress. It's not like doing CARS passages, where you have to reason through all the great-sounding answer choices, that don't rely on you knowing some hard facts!

But this is good news for those who DO realize it...

The MCAT is a skill based test and skills can be improved through practice.

Skills can't be studied.

That is exactly why we created this course. If you understand how to think through this section like a top scorer, you'll know how to think through other sections like a top scorer. When you apply the correct strategies (Modules 1-3 of the course) and practice the right approaches to thinking like a 130 scorer (Module 4), you'll make giant improvements in your CARS score. And that's not even the best part...

The best part is your improvement will show itself in all four sections of the MCAT, not just one. Why? Because the MCAT is a test of CARS.  In just weeks of practicing CARS correctly, using the right strategies, you can vastly improve your reasoning skills and see your scores jump across the board.

Doing well on the MCAT takes work and we never want to promote the idea of "quick fixes", but if there's one thing that's close to having a shortcut to a great MCAT score, it's mastering CARS.  CARS is the key to the MCAT, which means CARS could very likely be the key to your med-school dream.

If I sign up for CARS Strategy Coaching sessions, will I work with Ryan, Ariana, or Julia?

If they're available, then yes! If not, we have several amazing CARS tutors on our team. Rest assured, you'll definitely be paired with someone who scored a 130+ in CARS and specializes in this section. You can learn more about all the mentors on the team here.

You are capable of mastering CARS

We know a lack of progress in the MCAT lowers our confidence and belief in our capabilities of being med-school material. We know sometimes when you hear, or even when we say, that "the MCAT is a way for med-schools to see if you’re future doctor material", and if you’re not doing well at CARS or on the MCAT, you can start questioning your worthiness of going to med-school or even becoming a doctor...

But we want you to know you are worthy. You were born for this. You've worked way too hard for this.

You just need to understand a certain way of thinking and our aim through this course is to help you prove to yourself that you are smart enough to master this section and you ARE capable.

In fact, as you go through this course and apply the strategies, very soon you’ll start proving to yourself that you are actually capable. We want you to build up this feeling of knowingness, proving to yourself that you are actually capable of making clear, noticeable, and consistent strides towards your CARS and MCAT score goal.  As you see progress and see it is actually possible, you’ll feel motivated and it’ll be easier to implement more and more strategies to get better at CARS.

So if you’re ready to start feeling confident about the MCAT - knowing you can dominate one of the hardest sections on the MCAT, if you’re ready to stop hovering around the low to mid 120s by understanding how the AAMC actually wants you to think, if you’re ready for the questions and passages that use to scare and confuse you, to now be a walk in the park… 

Then this CARS strategy course is for you. This course was created to make CARS easy. If that sounds like what you’re looking for, then now is the time to enrol in this course. Many of our students have used these strategies to significantly increase their CARS (and MCAT) scores. We know you will too.

We'll be waiting for you on the inside. 

You got this, 

The MCAT Mastery Team

Your MCAT (and CARS) Success Mentors

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