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AAMC Chemistry & Physics QPack Dissections: Step-By-Step Passage Walkthroughs With A 130+ C/P Scorer

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"This is how you truly absorb the thought process of a top scorer..."

  • 20 Passage Dissections from the Official AAMC MCAT Chemistry Question Pack
  • 20 Passage Dissections from the Official AAMC MCAT Physics Question Pack
  • Improve your MCAT physics timing, comprehension, and confidence
  • Succeed on the overall MCAT using these strategies

30 Days

Money Back Guarantee

Being on the "Dr." journey ourselves, we can empathize when it comes to you not wanting to waste your own money (or that of someone supporting you). Which is why we have a simple guarantee for you: this course delivers what it promises. If you don’t like this course or you don’t feel like you’re getting more value out of it than the money you invested, just let us know within 30 days of your purchase date and we’ll send you a refund, no questions asked. 

 40 Step-By-Step  Walkthroughs Showing You Exactly How A 130 Chem/Phys Scorer Goes Through Real AAMC Chem/Phys Passages, Analyze Questions and Answer Choices, and Consistently Pinpoint the Right Answers!

  • Step-by-step guidelines to think critically like a 130+ scorer to improve your Chem/Phys score continuously
  • 130+ scorer techniques to improve endurance, focus, and timing specifically for the Chem/Phys section
  • How to read passages and answer every question using 130+ scorer shortcuts, hacks and frameworks
  • How To Go Through Each Answer Choice and Identify The Correct One
  • How To Eliminate Wrong Answer Choices Quickly and Accurately
  • How To Find The Main Idea of the Passage Quickly and Accurately

Joelle Fink

Improved by 3 points in 1 week

"Helped me save time answering questions but also increased my overall score"

Learning to break the passages down by paragraph and then tying it all in to the main idea has not only helped me save time in answering questions but also increased my overall score. I'm slowly finding my way through these passages and am more able than ever before to point out little tricks and traps that no longer cause me to fall for them. I have seen my score increase in the section alone from a 123 to a 126 within one week of really strapping down and going over the AAMC logic.

peter headshot

Peter Kim

"Would definitely recommend to anyone wanting the perspective of a top-scorer."

The tips have been great especially at eliminating bad answers and focusing on choices that ANSWER the question. The passage dissections are very detailed and the logical step-by-step explanation is definitely helpful. I would definitely recommend to anyone wanting the perspective of a top-scorer.