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When To Take The MCAT In 2021 | 515+ Scorer Recommendations

One of the first steps to taking the MCAT is deciding when to take the MCAT, which is not as straightforward of a decision as most think.

From our years of researching and interviewing 90+ percentile MCAT scorers, we've seen patterns in the thought process that goes behind choosing a test date.

Plus we have insights from our own experience in getting competitive scores.

So we definitely have a lot of advice but first we want to clarify something important we haven't seen emphasized enough...

There isn't one "best" month to take the MCAT, but there is a "best month" for YOU depending on YOUR unique situation and circumstances.

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Which is why in this video and article, we're going to breakdown the best times to take the MCAT depending on your goals!

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mcat test dates

2021 MCAT Test Dates + Score Release Dates (The Complete List)

2021 MCAT test dates and score release dates have officially been announced by the AAMC!

It's time to decide on when is the best and smartest testing date for you. In this article, we'll show you how top scorers decided their MCAT exam day. 

To start off, here are the US and Canada 2021 MCAT test dates list if you haven't seen them already:

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How I Dealt With MCAT Stress/Anxiety Using Mindfulness

I know it's hard when you're studying for the MCAT and are feeling stressed, anxious, and frustrated...

When I was studying I had a full course load, a job, extracurriculars, some serious personal/family challenges, and scores that were refusing to improve...

So I HAD to figure out ways to stay calm, otherwise I knew my MCAT score had no hope of getting to where I needed it to be! 

And I'm happy to say I did figure it out and made it through with a score I was happy applying with 🙂

Which is why in this article, I want to share three of my most favorite techniques that I used to stay calm and collected when dealing with the challenges of MCAT prep.

I still recommend them to my students I work with and continue to use them throughout med-school!

I'd love to know how they helped you so please comment below and share your thoughts/questions!

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Last-Minute MCAT Tips

11 Last-Minute MCAT Tips Recommended By Top Scorers

The big day to take the MCAT exam is now closer than ever before... In fact, it's here! To help you through this, here are 11 last-minute MCAT tips to make sure you maximize your chances of hitting your score goal!

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How Long Is The MCAT Exam

How Long Is The MCAT Exam? Plus Other Key MCAT Timing Information

In this detailed post, we'll cover everything you need to know about the length of the MCAT exam, the exact start and end times, the length of each section, the total length of the entire MCAT day, tips on timing, and a lot more. 

Part of the planning and preparation for the MCAT is knowing the length of the exam, how much time you’ll be allotted for breaks, and how long you are going to be in the testing center.

Remember that it is an extensive exam composed of 230 multiple-choice questions, so prepare to be in your testing area for a full day.

Before the examination, you will need to sign in and present your valid ID, have your fingerprints validated and corrected, and have your test day photo taken.

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mcat test date cancellations

COVID-19 and MCAT Test Date Cancellations

MCAT testing dates are getting cancelled due to COVID-19. Now what? What do you do?

A lot of our students have reached out in panic, unsure of what to do. Here's what we would do and what we're recommending... 

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MCAT Exam Day Strategies

MCAT Exam Day Strategies Of 90+ Percentile MCAT Scorers

Picture this...

It's exam day. You're taking the MCAT and you come across the hardest section you’ve ever encountered... 

What do you do?!

Of course, you start panicking...

Is all your hard work going to waste?! 

In this article, we're going to tell you how  515+ scorers dealt with a situation like this. Be sure to read to the end 🙂

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How To Study One Week Before The MCAT

The week leading up to the MCAT can be very stressful. Especially if you don’t have any guidance.

Here are some helpful tips to be completely prepared, come test day…

Firstly, approximately a week before the MCAT, you should make an effort to actually visit the testing centre.

Kind of like a practice run.

Why should you do this?

On exam day, you want your mind to be as fresh and clear as possible before writing. If you’re going to be using mental focus and energy to figure out directions, plan your morning, plan your day, look for parking, looking for where to go at the testing centre, and hundreds of other things, you’re going to be at a disadvantage when it comes to starting the exam.

What should you do?

Have your entire morning planned from the day before. Get everything you need packed and ready to go. Have your breakfast figured out. The morning of, you should have no stress whatsoever. Plan for optimal performance.

For even safer and better results, practice this entire day once a week before. The same day you go to the testing center, wake up on the same time you’d wake up for the MCAT.

There is huge value in doing this – though it may not be obvious to you right now.

Action Steps The Day Before The Exam

1 - Go through your flashcards. Write out your key memorized information on one sheet.

2 - Recognize where you were when you first started MCAT prep, and where you are now. Think of how much you’ve learned.

3 - Read over your mistakes book. Is there any mistake in there that doesn’t make you feel as comfortable as the others?

4 - You need to sleep early. However, you might also be nervous. Anxiety often causes us to not be able to sleep. Most MCAT Masters made sure that they slept only 5 or 6 hours two nights before their final night. This allowed them to be tired enough to pass out, regardless of their nerves acting up.

Did we miss any good tips? Leave your last-week recommendations in the comments section below...