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How To Approach MCAT Passages And Figures

How To Approach MCAT Passages And Figures Like A 90+ Percentile Scorer

A common recommendation we hear some MCAT “experts” make is to look at the questions first or to glance through the passage first, before properly reading the passage.

From our research of the way 90+ percentile scorers practiced for the MCAT, we don’t recommend simply ‘glancing’ or ‘skimming’ through a passage.

If you simply ‘glance’ or ‘skim’ through a paragraph, you’re most definitely going to have to revisit it. That wastes our precious and limited time. That also wastes mental energy that you want to use strategically throughout the entire 7.5 hour exam.

Instead, here's what we recommend...

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MCAT Timing Strategies

4 MCAT Timing Strategies Used By 90+ Percentile MCAT Scorers

Timing is a huge issue for a lot of MCAT test takers and it's something we want to address in this article.

The most counterproductive thing to do is to be taking your exam while worrying about time; constantly checking the clock and calculating how much time you have left and how much you’ve already used up. 

That pressure alone is enough to cloud your thinking, making it harder to remember what you studied, and overall make you less effective during the exam.

To overcome this hurdle, top scorers used some specific MCAT timing strategies. We’ll share a few of them here with you... 

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How to mcat practice exams

MCAT Practice Test Strategies: How 515+ Scorers Tackle MCAT Practice Exams

Did you know at least two weeks before your MCAT test date, as you're constantly doing practice exams...

You need to be consistently scoring near or above your target score.

If you're achieving this, you can confidently walk into the MCAT knowing you have a high chance of hitting your score goal. 

But what if you're not scoring in the range of your goal score during MCAT practice exams?

If this is the case for you, you may need to reschedule your test date, depending on how bad you want and need that score.

Or if your MCAT is still a while away, how do you make sure you're scoring in that range when there are only a few weeks left?

One major factor is in how you're approaching MCAT practice exams.

In this article, we're going to cover 515+ scorer recommendations on how to strategically take and review MCAT practice exams.

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