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Should I Retake The MCAT? How Top Scorers Decided!

After getting your MCAT score back, if you missed the mark you set by even just a little bit or unfortunately a lot, you're likely wondering if you should retake the MCAT.

You're not alone. A lot of top MCAT scorers felt the same way when they wrote the MCAT the first time and got a disappointing score. How do we know?

We've researched and interviewed hundreds of top MCAT scorers over the last several years with the sole purpose of figuring out how they studied for the MCAT, what strategies they used, how they scheduled their prep, and more.

Now we bring all those insights to you and other premeds in the MCAT Mastery Community who want to increase their scores quickly. 

We know that getting your MCAT score back marks the end of one of the biggest hurdles to achieving your med-school dream. For some, it's not a clear cut answer if the hurdle has truly ended. 

We get that struggle. Some of us at MCAT Mastery faced it ourselves.

Andrew Mannisto for example (an MCAT Mastery tutor), almost gave up his doctor dream after his first MCAT. He made his second MCAT attempt three years later and killed it with a 21 point score increase. You can read his story here after you're done reading this article. 

Last year, AAMC data reported that 24% of MCAT takers took the test more than once from 2015-2017. After all, medical school admission greatly relies on your GPA and MCAT score.

To make the best call, we recommend taking the following steps and asking the following questions. We'll explain each one in depth. 

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How To Adapt When Your MCAT Plans Suddenly Change

Sometimes life happens and your plans end up changing and this video is really about that because it is inevitable that some sort of change will happen during your MCAT study schedule. 

This can be anything from having a really difficult finals week and missing out on some studying that you were looking to get done, to ending up catching the flu and not being able to study for an entire week, to a national pandemic or a worldwide pandemic where you’re not able to do anything and everything gets canceled and you’re stuck at home!

In this video, we'll talk about some strategies to overcome change while you’re studying for the MCAT so you can go forward and conquer your goals! 

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From 490 To 511 On The MCAT: His 21 Point Score Increase

Imagine taking the MCAT and getting a score so far below your expectations that you can’t find the courage to write it again...

For another three years.

Now imagine for two years within that time, being so scared to take the MCAT again that you deeply contemplate giving up your dream of being a doctor.

This was what Andrew experienced after he first wrote the MCAT in 2017 and scored a 490.

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496 to 515 on the MCAT in 10 weeks while working full time

19 Point MCAT Score Increase In 6 Weeks While Working Full Time

When she first took the MCAT in her junior year of undergrad, Annabella didn't know how to study for the MCAT and ended up scoring a 496.

A year later, she gave herself 10 weeks to study while working full time. 

3-4 weeks in, her score hadn't really improved. However in the next 6 weeks she managed to improve her score by 19 points and achieve an awesome 515 MCAT score! 

How did she do it? What did she do differently the second time?

We're about to find out 🙂

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How Jennifer Increased Her MCAT Score By 10 Points In Less Than 30 Days

How She Increased Her MCAT Score By 10 Points In Less Than 30 Days

Imagine this...

You take your baseline test at the beginning of your MCAT prep, and you score a 500! Not bad right?

In fact, you're kind of pumped because you have 4.5 months before you write your MCAT! That's a lot of time to improve your score by 10 or more points! Especially since you're investing in a big-name MCAT prep company to help you study...

So you take the exam 4.5 months later, you get your score and you can't believe your eyes when you see that you scored a 501! Just a ONE point score increase from your baseline test!

This is the true story and situation of today's featured top scorer, Jennifer Nedimyer...

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MCAT Retake Success: How She Retook The MCAT and Scored 510

Hey Future Doctor,

If you're retaking the MCAT, this post was written for you. In fact, even if you aren't retaking the MCAT and this is your first time writing, you're going to get some great insights from a real 510 scorer!

Let's begin...

Some students feel like retaking the MCAT is harder than taking it the first time because the pressure to succeed becomes greater...

However we'd argue it's easier.

If you can get beyond the disappointment and the negative emotions, and take the time to reflect, you can learn a lot about yourself from the 'first-time' experience.

The insights you get from reflection, can lead to a much more strategic MCAT prep study plan to make sure you dominate your next MCAT exam. 

In this article, we'd like to introduce you to someone who retook the MCAT and scored a 510 the second time around...

Her name is Oleksandra Kaskun and here's her inspiring MCAT success story...

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mcat retake success story-mcat mastery

MCAT Retake Success Story: How She Scored Over 510 The Second Time

One of the most common, most painful experiences for MCAT test-takers everywhere is taking the MCAT and receiving a disappointing MCAT score...

Knowing you'll have re-test.

It can be discouraging and we hope this MCAT success story inspires you.

We want this to be the last time you ever write the MCAT.

We hope these MCAT success stories give you the confidence you need to know that you CAN get a significant increase in your MCAT score that makes you competitive for med-school.

We also hope you use these case studies to not only use the top scorer tips recommended, but also to learn from their mistakes so you don't make similar ones.

With that said, in this article, we'd like to introduce you to Suman Ali, a top scorer at MCAT Mastery.

When Suman first wrote the MCAT, she scored a 503:

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mcat retake guide strategy

Retaking the MCAT? Here’s Everything You Need To Know

So you’ve decided to retake the MCAT…

We’re here to help you do this properly.

Perhaps you didn’t hit your target score the first time. Perhaps you’re worried your score isn’t good enough to get into your dream med school…

Regardless, you’ve made a bold decision and we’re here to support it.

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