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Most Popular MCAT Prep Books & Resources 2020: Pros & Cons List

Looking for the best MCAT prep books? There are hundreds of published resources out there to aid in your review and prep for the MCAT.

It’s understandable that since it’s the hardest exam you've written yet, there are going to be MANY options and MCAT prep books to choose from. We want to make sure you're not like most premeds who will be buried upon piles and piles of MCAT prep books, which will only bring you unnecessary stress.

You should only be reading the most effective, most recommended material. In this post, we cover just that.

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Old MCAT to New MCAT

Old To New MCAT Score Conversion & Percentiles

In this article, we'll discuss MCAT score and percentile changes from the old MCAT to the new MCAT and what that means for you.

You may have written the old MCAT and are now planning to write the new one. In that case, you need to know where you stood before in comparison to now. Here we have some tables to enable you to convert your old MCAT scores to new ones, including the appropriate MCAT percentiles for those scores so you can know your true standing. 

The Medical College Admissions Test (MCAT) was introduced in 1928. The test has since evolved into the most recent MCAT which was released in 2015. The scoring system changed. The sections changed. The length changed. 

Overall, it got harder and more competitive! But don't worry, we've got you covered. After you're done this article and have made note of your new MCAT score conversion, we'll guide you to further steps you can take to get started.

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Major MCAT Update from AAMC: Key Points

COVID-19 & The MCAT: New AAMC Update Summary

Big updates from the AAMC released on April 24, 2020...

You may be hearing a lot of things from a lot of different people.

Here's a short, simply summary breakdown of the changes.

We hope this makes things easier to process:

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What Is A Good MCAT Score? The Ultimate To Guide To How MCAT Scoring Works

As you’re thinking about what you can do to get into your dream medical school, you may be wondering how you can be sure you’re a competitive applicant. Which leads you to wonder, what is a good MCAT score anyway? 

In this post, we’ll not only cover everything about the structure of how the MCAT is scored, but most importantly, we'll also cover how you can use that information to create your score goal and then how you can achieve it!

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MCAT Accommodations: All You Need To Know + How To ‘Level The Playing Field’

If you have learning disabilities and need extra time, the AAMC offers flexible MCAT accommodations for you on test day.

This is a comprehensive MCAT Accommodations guide.

Later we also cover a student's experience with having learning disabilities, plus how you can 'level the playing field' and succeed on the MCAT even when you feel like you're at a disadvantage. 

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