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In these 4 free videos, you will learn from 4 top MCAT scorers (518, 518, 520, 522):

  • Exactly what's keeping your score low (below or near 500)
  • What to do to start raising it by 10+ points right away
  • How to gain confidence in your MCAT prep journey
  • How to use practice exams to skyrocket your score to 515+

Meet Your Free MCAT Strategy Crash Course Instructors

They took the MCAT at different times, in different circumstances, but their story is the same. Frustrated with the amount of content to learn, stressed by not knowing how to study for an exam of this size and style, and dealing with constant self-doubt, every instructor turned to a more strategic way to approach the MCAT, and as a result, saw scores skyrocket to the 90+ percentile mark. Today, they've all achieved med-school acceptance and are now passionate about helping you through your MCAT journey, so you don't have to experience the same struggles they did

Julia Wickman

518 MCAT Score

From 70th percentile to 96th percentile on the MCAT in <45 days!

After 400+ hours of studying, Julia found herself plateauing at a 507/508 just 6 weeks before her test date. That's when the strategy clicked and her scores jumped to 513-519. Ultimately in those final 45 days, she managed to increase her to score by 11 points and achieved a 518 (96th percentile) by test day!

Aly Dwight

520 MCAT Score

From 74th percentile to 98th percentile on the MCAT in <3 weeks!

After almost 3 months of content review, Aly found herself hovering at 500 and constantly getting stuck at certain scores; a 505 for 4 tests in a row on her first take, and a 508 on 7 tests in a row when retaking! She revamped her approached with a focus on strategy and mindset and in the last 3 weeks before her MCAT retake, she raised her score by 12 points, from 508 to a 520!

Emily Reeson

518 MCAT Score

From 70th percentile to 96th percentile on the MCAT in <2 weeks!

After 4 months of content review and plateauing scores, Emily's score only improved by 4 points (from 503 to 507)! She was managing a full course load and a part-time job, while trying to figure out how to reach her score goal. That's when Emily revamped her focus on strategy + practice, and just 2 weeks later, she DOMINATED the MCAT with a 518 (96th percentile!) score! In less than 14 days, she increased her score by 11 points (even seeing an 8 point increase in just one week!)

Pooja Kadakia

522 MCAT Score

From 74th percentile to 99th percentile on the MCAT in <30 days!

After initially struggling with practice exams, Pooja improved her strategy and confidence for the MCAT and increased her score from a 499 to 508/509 in her first 4 weeks of full time studying! That's where she hit a hard plateau but once again, revamped her strategy and with less than 30 days left before her MCAT date, she once again skyrocketed her score to 522!

What you’ll learn in these free video lessons:

If there's one truth we know, it's that improving your MCAT score is all about improving your study process through strategy. But how do you do that? Think about the MCAT prep journey like a car race...

Your MCAT score is your car. You are the driver. You want your car to move and you're going full force on the gas pedal, while unconsciously having your other foot on the break as well. Which means your car isn't moving (scores plateauing). Or barely moves...

You get frustrated, angry, and even break down in tears because you don't know what's going on. Almost every premed experiences this. We at MCAT Mastery all experienced some version of this as well.

There are 4 major steps to get your score up.


Step 1) Get Your Foot Off The Break: Remove Inefficient Study Methods
Video 1 - MCAT Strategy Crash Course

Video 1 - Why Even The Smartest Premeds Are Scoring Below 500 (Or Somewhere Near It)

The first step in the formula (Video 1) is about getting your foot off the break. It's about bringing the inefficient study methods to your awareness and removing them. The same ones you've been using throughout undergrad but don't work for an exam that's as monstrous as the MCAT, and are holding your score down.

Video 1 will show you what these inefficient methods are that almost 90% of premeds apply, and barely see their scores go beyond 500, if at all. Once you cut that out from your MCAT prep, your score will automatically start going up. 


Step 2) Refuel: Add Correct Study Methods Proven To Work By Research
Video 2 - How To Master MCAT Content & Passages

Video 2 - How To Master MCAT Content & Passages To Start Thinking Like A Top Scorer

The second step (Video 2) is about refuelling so your car starts moving and you can be certain it's never going to stop again. It's about adding new, correct MCAT study methods that DO work and have been proven to do so for a med-school type exam.

You'll learn proven strategies to add into your MCAT prep that help you learn the overwhelming amount of content on the MCAT, for the long-term (for an exam that's more than a month into the future). 


Step 3) Turn On The Turbo: Use Practice Exams Strategically & Optimize
Video 3- MCAT Practice Exam Methods To Dominate

Video 3 - How To Leverage Practice Exams To Score Over 90 Percentile On The MCAT

The third step (Video 3) is about turning on the 'turbo' button on our imaginary car so you can launch yourself to a competitive rank at the finish line. It's about using practice exams correctly, to learn where you need to double down on with your new and improved MCAT study method.

You'll learn how you can double down, take practice exams strategically, optimize, and watch your score jump. You'll learn exactly what you need to do to see an increase in your next practice exam score. 


Step 4) Take Care Of The Driver: Get In The Top Scorer Mindset
Video 4-My Mental Journey To 522

Video 4 - How The Right Mindset & Perspective Can Take Your MCAT Score To 520+

The fourth step (Video 4) is about making sure YOU the driver and your mental state is at its optimal for the rest of this journey. It doesn't matter how good the car is if the driver can't drive, if the driver isn't thinking straight, if the driver is stressed.  

If your mindset isn't serving you, the effectiveness of all the other steps drops tremendously. Video 4 is about the right way to take care of your mind during MCAT prep, so your mind can take care of you. 

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