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How To Cross The 500 Mark On The MCAT

Are you frustrated with not being able to consistently get over the 500 hump your MCAT practice exams?

You’re not alone.

We’ve come across many MCAT writers in our community who have faced the same frustration…

But managed to successfully overcome it.

Want to know how?

Let’s look at a real life case study…

We recently came across a great article on PreMedLife (a national magazine for premeds).

The author of this article, Janet Umenta, discussed her journey on how she crossed the 500 mark on her MCAT practice tests.

We’ve summarized her insights for you below.

We’re sharing this advice because most of it is exactly what we’ve seen working as well.

So let’s begin…

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Studying To See Improvements In Scores

“Applying to medical schools is a competitive process; only about half of applicants get into medical school in any given year. Getting over 500 on the MCAT puts you in the top half of all med school applicants and improves your chance of admittance. Seeing my scores hover below the 500 mark was frustrating, so I knew I had to study SMARTER if I wanted to see improvements in my score….”

One of the first pieces of advice Janet passes on is something we’ve been talking about for ages. The top scorers on the MCAT aren’t studying for hours a day. They’re applying MCAT study and testing strategies that they know work for exams of this nature, that require you to think critically, and apply your knowledge above everything else.

If you study smarter using unconventional MCAT study hacks, you’ll be doing what 90% of those who are writing the MCAT with you, won’t be doing. As a result, you’ll have an advantage because you’re studying smarter than most people and studying smart works.

“I have found that the key to doing well on the MCAT is to study SMARTER. You want to make sure your studies are focused on improving areas of weakness and test-taking strategies.”

Dealing With Disappointing Practice Test Scores

If you get a disappointing score on a practice test, it’s tempting to go hard on the books. Don’t.

Take some time to rest and take it easy the following day. This will help you refresh your mind and avoid burnout. Only after you rest, will you be able to efficiently see your mistakes clearly.

The Way To Do MCAT Practice Tests

Schedule practice tests very regularly to help maximize your score. Don’t leave them to later.

“If your test is still a couple of months away, schedule your next practice test a week from now. If your MCAT is in a couple of weeks, schedule your next practice test three days from now.”

When reviewing practice tests, go over questions you got wrong AND the ones you got right.

To avoid repeating the same mistakes: for the questions you got wrong, write down the answer explanations.

Are you consistently getting the same questions wrong? Go over those areas much more carefully before every practice test.

Reflect on your test-taking and answering ability.

“Were you distracted during the exam? Did you take unnecessary breaks (I know I did in the beginning)? Are you taking the test in a quiet environment? How are your time management skills? Did you run out of time during a section? Answering these questions for yourself will help you make changes for how you handle the next full-length exam, improving your chances for scoring higher than before.”

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Time and time again, we come across the same advice from top MCAT scorers everywhere.

Doing well on the MCAT is not about stressful studying, it’s about smarter studying, it’s about strategic studying.

It’s about taking breaks, knowing how your body and mind performs at its maximum, so you can analyze your results, the questions, and find the right answers strategically.

It’s about going over practice tests in a way that most other students don’t do.

Knowing all of this, you’re already ahead of most others writing the MCAT with you.

The question is, will you act on this new information?

Will you start studying with study and testing strategies designed to help you cross that 500 checkpoint once and for all?

Will you do what others won’t do, to get to where other’s won’t get to?

The choice is yours, but if you choose to go on the path of MCAT Mastery…

Feel free to use the advice in our blog posts and the insights in our resources to get started.

Here, you will find the best MCAT study and testing strategies on the web. Guaranteed.

Good luck!

MCAT Mastery

Here’s the link to the full article on PreMedLife.