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how to increase your mcat score

How To Increase Your MCAT Score By 10 Points Within 30 Days

Do you want to finally give your MCAT score that boost it needs to be competitive for med-school?

Do you want to finally stop scoring below 510 or near the low 500s?

You're in the right place because in this article we're revealing step-by-step MCAT success "blueprints" that have already been  proven to quickly increase low MCAT scores in huge strides.


Before we jump in however, the most important thing you need to realize is that you need to stop doing whatever you're currently doing that's keeping you at your undesirable score, and preventing your MCAT score from steadily increasing.

Albert Einstein said that the definition of "insanity" is "doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results."

This is where most premeds stumble. This is why most premeds actually feel like they're going 'insane' during MCAT prep...

They keep studying for the MCAT in the same way they've studied for every other exam in their life and they're wondering why they're not getting the same results that they're used to!

The smart ones realize that the MCAT is unlike any other exam they've faced before and realize they need to do things differently. 

The sad part is that even knowing this, a lot of premeds still don't stop doing what they've always been doing.

In a way, they don't want to spend time and energy to "sharpen the axe" before they try to cut down the tree.  But we promise you...

If you spend time to learn the right way to prep for the MCAT and 'sharpen your axe', you'll cut down the tree faster and easier than you ever thought possible.

If you want to increase your MCAT score quickly and in huge jumps, you're going to have to approach the MCAT in ways you've never thought of before. With strategies and techniques that you might not be used to.

So before we dive in, we need you to make a commitment to yourself... 

A commitment that you'll spend less than just 2% of your total MCAT prep time to first learn the proven correct MCAT prep strategies (which we'll give you), and secondly, to actually apply them in your MCAT prep...

If you're willing to do this, we can almost guarantee you'll see your score skyrocket.

The MCAT is a strategy-driven exam. Anyone who has scored over 510 has used MCAT-specific techniques and strategies to achieve their goal...

And you're going to do the same.

It's also why your personal commitment is important right now. It's important for times when you want to go back to using your old study habits that aren't helping you and are probably hurting your progress. 

For example, if you've already written practice exams but haven't used the right strategies to make the most of your practice exams, and to learn the most from them by reviewing them with the right techniques, you've likely wasted hours of time and energy that could have otherwise been avoided.

Commitment to studying the right way. It's important. Did you know in a way, this entire test is based on commitment as well? 

It was created to see how committed you really are to medicine. If you're anything less than genuinely interested in medicine, this exam will be near impossible to overcome because you're not going to want to study for it. You're going to want to give up. You're not going to want to change your studying habits and adapt. They're testing your commitment to see if you can endure several months of struggling through this exam. 

If making a commitment to learning and using proven MCAT strategies to increase your MCAT score is not something you're willing to do, this article wasn't written for you.

It's not a short article and we don't want to waste anyone's time.

But if you are willing to make that commitment, warm up your tea or coffee and get comfortable because hopefully, by the time you're done reading this article, you'll have a clear picture of the steps you need to take to dominate the MCAT this year... for the last time ever.

To get even more specific, this article will be extremely valuable to you if:

  • You're deeply concerned about the MCAT and confused about how to approach it
  • You've already written a few practice exams and are failing to see a steady increase in your score
  • You're feeling overwhelmed just thinking about all the material that you need to study and cover
  • The CARS section turning out to be a nightmare
  • You're struggling to understand the way in which questions are written
  • You're scared because you’re not retaining enough information fast enough
  • You constantly feel like you’re running out of time as the exam date gets closer
  • You're finding it difficult to study boring topics you don’t care about
  • You're wishing you started studying earlier or feel like you’ve gotten a later start than everyone else
  • You desperately need a high MCAT score to make up for below average areas of your med-school application
  • You keep making stupid mistakes even though you know the material
  • You're scoring below 500 or your desired score

Our goal is to show you how to prep for the MCAT in the right way, with the right techniques, the right strategies, the right shortcuts, the right practice methods, that take your MCAT score from mediocre to competitive.

In this article, you'll learn the following (in this order):

  • The Smartest Path to Increasing Your MCAT Score Quickly and Continuously
  • The #1 Top Scorer MCAT Advice: Don't Make This Huge Mistake Most MCAT Writers Make To Keep Scores Low and Uncompetitive
  • Top MCAT Scorers Recognize and Leverage This Key Skill The MCAT Is REALLY Testing You On
  • 130+ CARS Scorer Passage Reading Strategy: An Example of How Top Scorers See Beyond MCAT Passages & Questions 

Keep in mind that with the information you're going to learn in this article and throughout our blog, we're not promising near-perfect MCAT scores, although it's possible. 

We're promising competitive scores, because competitive is all you need for your ultimate goal...

To get into a good med-school that you're happy with, that will evolve you into the doctor you were born to be.

The Smartest Path To Increase Your MCAT Score Quickly and Continously

The average MCAT writer who comes across our material, has no idea that there is step-by-step method to actually mastering the MCAT.

Most premeds start their MCAT prep off talking to their peers about MCAT studying strategies. Bad idea.

Others go on forums and look for MCAT studying tips. Not a good idea either.

A lot of premeds buy expensive prep courses based on recommendations of people they know, for whom one particular prep course ‘worked for’.

Then far into their MCAT prep when time is limited, they realize their scores aren’t increasing and the hours of studying isn’t leading to any progress. You might already be experiencing this...

You discover that you’re having trouble crossing the 500 mark, or are barely getting by it. You suffer from the anxiety that comes with the thought that the MCAT might need to be postponed because you’re not ready.

And more often than not, premeds end up writing the MCAT more than two times without getting a competitive MCAT score. Depression gets very real at this point.

It’s way too common. Too many premeds are studying for the MCAT using traditional, outdated, and ineffective strategies that those with average scores have spread around.

Everyone knows that there must be some proven strategic way to doing well on the MCAT, so everyone asks each other. People give their opinions but no one really knows for sure if what they're doing is right.

Unfortunately, it's rare to get helpful and reliable MCAT advice, strategies, techniques, and recommendations to master the MCAT from credible sources.

The people on forums could be anybody – who REALLY knows what their score actually is?

Your friends who are writing with you aren’t any better. Asking them for advice is like applying for a job and asking the guy next to you (who is applying for the same job), on how to master the interview!

Why wouldn’t you just ask someone who has already been hired? Someone who has already mastered the interview.

The logical and the smartest thing to do is to use the same strategies and techniques of those who are the most credible, those who are true masters of the MCAT...

Those who are where you want to be (med-school). Those who scored what you want to score (i.e. 510+).

Now wouldn't THAT be the quickest and smartest path to increasing your MCAT score?

“If I have seen further than others, it's by standing on the shoulder of giants.”
- Isaac Newton

"Success leaves clues. Go figure out what someone who was successful did and model it. Improve it, but learn their steps. They have knowledge.
- Tony Robbins

It's simple - if you want to be the best, learn from the best.

The best part is they're not competing with you since they're already in med-school or have already written the MCAT, so they'd be happy to help you with genuine information you can trust.

Some people are lucky because they have an older sibling or friend who mastered the MCAT and helps them out. Others pay ridiculous prices to get tutored by them.

It's not fair for most premeds and we know it. Not everyone has such connections, or hundreds and thousands of dollars to spend on MCAT tutors who have actually received an impressive MCAT score.

It can get frustrating, especially when you know how powerful learning from top scorers on the MCAT is.

If you wanted to take this approach, you must ask yourself where do you find top scorers of the MCAT? More importantly, where do you find the time and energy to do the research and meet them to pick their brains?

And you don't want to just talk to one, you want to talk as many as possible to notice patterns.

It's too difficult. You're probably not going to do it...

But we did...

Since 2014 we've been researching and gathering proven MCAT strategies from different top scorers of the MCAT. We still hold "MCAT Master Interviews" so we can keep up to date with any new strategies and score-increasing shortcuts that we've never seen before.

We've seen patterns amongst these elites in how they prep for the MCAT. Some of these top scorers have scored in the 100th percentile, gotten 132 on CARS, and personally know creators of the MCAT.

We do all this because we want to make this stressful 'MCAT' phase of your life as a premed, much much much easier. We know that if you had a proven blueprint, a map, that tells you exactly how to proceed with studying for the MCAT, you get clarity and most importantly, you get results.

With clarity, you become less stressed and less worried.  With results you get confidence - which almost every MCAT writer needs right now. 

There are some things only experience teaches you. Top scorers are experienced and so we can learn from them without wasting our own time and energy...

For example, top MCAT scorers realize that knowing content is important to MCAT success, but not having proper strategies to approach passages leads to inefficiency and not being able to finish the exam on time.

Top scorers also understand passage-based deduction strategy. They understand strategies on how to take apart an MCAT passage the way AAMC (the creators of the MCAT) want you to.

You can find these top scorer strategies for free all throughout this blog in articles like this and if you join our newsletter

Also, we've reserved the best top scorer strategies in our popular strategy guide that you can download in PDF format if you want a near-guaranteed way to increase your MCAT score significantly. (Download link is near the end of this article).

Anyway, now that you see the importance of getting and applying top scorer MCAT insights and strategies, and now that you know where we get our information from, we want to devote the rest of this post to providing you with strictly top scorer advice on how to increase your MCAT score quickly.

The first advice is one that according to top scorers on the MCAT,  is the biggest culprit of low MCAT scores and the number one reason why most MCAT writers don't see their score increasing...

#1 Top Scorer MCAT Advice: Avoid This Huge Mistake Most MCAT Writers Make To Keep Their Scores Low and Uncompetitive

Do you find yourself getting things wrong that you thought you knew? Do you notice mistakes that clearly show you weren’t reading carefully?

You’ve done the studying. You know the material in and out but you have very little time left before the MCAT but you don’t get why your score isn’t increasing as much as it should.

Top MCAT scorers have realized that the MCAT is more than a test about the content on the exam. It’s even more than just critical thinking...
One of the biggest mistakes most premeds make is not realizing that the MCAT is also a test of your mental and physical stamina.
The reason your score is likely not increasing is because of stamina. MCAT testing stamina is a very underestimated skillset. Yet, it is one of the MAJOR skills that top MCAT scorers give credit to.

Stamina is huge. Like we've mentioned already, this exam is unlike any other test you’ve written. It’s very endurance heavy. Without any stamina training, do you really think you have the ability to sit there and use your brain effectively in test mode for 7 straight hours? HIGHLY unlikely.

Beyond the 2-3 hour mark, most top scorers knew that they really had to train their mind. You really have to train your endurance and stamina if you want to see your scores increase.

We’ve seen thousands of visitors come by MCAT Mastery and a good guess would be that the average MCAT writer studies for 1 hour and takes a break for ​another hour.
The problem? Lack of stamina and ability to focus.

You can also be certain that stamina is your main culprit if you find you did well on all the courses that are tested on the MCAT (Biology, Chem, General Chem, O Chem) but aren’t doing well on practice exams.
Maybe you find yourself ‘getting through’ 7 hour exams and think you’re able to do it.

But ‘getting through’ and staying on top of your mental game the entire time, is a different story.

If you’re more aware of yourself, you may have even had multiple realizations already of how you’re not using your mind enough to think critically throughout the entire 7 hour time span.

You need to make sure your stamina is at a point where you can sustain taking a test for over seven hours…

And over those hours, perform at your most optimal level possible.
How? Here are 2 strategies recommended by 90+ percentile MCAT scorers.

1 -  Think of the MCAT as a marathon

MCAT stamina can only be strengthened by the way in which you practice.

Think of the MCAT as a marathon.

You definitely don’t want to compete in a marathon if you’ve never properly completed one before! You’ll lose.

You should have completed as many marathons as possible before the big event to ensure that stamina will NOT be a problem for you.

When it comes to conquering the MCAT, your practice exams are your marathons.

The key to dominating the MCAT and developing optimal stamina is full length practice exams. As many as you can. Non-stop full length practice exams.

We know top scorers on the MCAT who studied for less than 30 days, two studied for the MCAT only 18 days and they all scored in the top 2%.

It's almost unreal but what do they all give credit to? Practice exams.

If you seriously want to increase your MCAT score by 10 points or more within 30 days, one of the best things you could do is to go ham with practice exams. 

This will not only train your stamina, but will also train yourself in being able to apply the material you have been studying.

At the same time, all of these top scorers also knew exactly how and when to strategically take the exam, and also how to review them.

With each practice exam, you want to get maximum value from it so each exam can have its maximum impact on your score. Especially when there are limited practice exams with the AAMC (most recommended practice exams), you want to make sure you're not wasting even one of them. 

If you want to know the smartest approaches and strategies used to write and review practice exams, we have an entire section dedicated to this topic in the MCAT Mastery Strategy Guide called the "The Art of Strategic MCAT Practice", where we cover everything you need to know.

A common advice you'll receive from top scorers is that during practice tests, never stop the timer.

Once you’ve started a section, you need to finish it through. Remember that simulation of the real MCAT exam is key.

The same applies to taking breaks – only take them like you would if you were writing the actual MCAT.

To start, see how long you can go for with the first practice exam. See when you burn out. That’ll give you a good idea of how much of an improvement you need.

After you do your practice exams, you’ll need to analyze them. Analyze them for deficiency in stamina by using the following strategy…

2 - Break up your practice exam analysis into phases

Break up your practice exam into hourly phases, after you’ve written it and are in analysis mode.

Your goal is to analyze and figure out which phase of the practice exam you are getting answers the most incorrect during practice tests.

Break up your phases by hours. Where are you struggling the most? In the first and second hour? The third and fourth? Fifth and sixth? Or the last one?

If you’re getting the most answers incorrect in the first hour, your issue might be your ability to get comfortable and into your mental ‘zone’. Your solution could simply be that you need to get in your ‘zone’ before the test so you don’t waste that first hour or two not performing optimally.

How do you get in the ‘zone’? Everyone has their own ways. Many MCAT Masters leveraged flashcards and notes and read them through before the exam. Do what works for you. For some, doing that gets them worried and anxious.

If you’re getting most answers incorrect in hours four to seven, your issue may be that you’re losing focus. You need to ask yourself why you’re losing focus. Everyone is different.

If you’re getting most answers incorrect in the last few hour(s) of the MCAT, you’re probably in the same boat as 85% MCAT of writers.
Most people are burnt out at this point. This is your point of leverage. 
Put in the effort so that you can perform at your best during this phase. If you can, you’re setting yourself up for a competitive score.
A lot of times, there could be several easy questions that you don’t want to avoid.

They could be sitting right at the end of a passage or section. You need to cultivate awareness and focus at the last stage especially, so you don’t miss these easy points that others will surely miss because of burnout.

Remember, the top scorer advice you'll get in this article and all throughout our blog is extremely valuable only if you act on it. 

Increasing your test-taking stamina could very likely be the only key you need to giving your MCAT score a HUGE increase in a very short period of time.

The other important factor in boosting your MCAT score is recognizing and and leveraging a key skill that most pre-meds don't realize the MCAT is really testing them on...

Top MCAT Scorers Recognize and Leverage This Key Skill The MCAT Is REALLY Testing You On

For most premeds, there are just a few moments in life as painful as the moment of realizing that med-school is no longer a possibility....

That all those years of hard work and money invested, has gone to waste.

Sadly, this year approximately 60% of med-school applicants aren’t going to get in.

Some will be forced to take a gap year.

Many will watch their friends receive acceptances and won’t be able to help but feel left behind.

Just take a look at the 2016-2017 stats below taken straight from the AAMC website:

Total Applicants – 52,042

Mean MCAT Score – 501.8

Total Matriculates (admissions) – 21,030

Mean MCAT Score – 508.7

Clearly, this is a competitive journey with every premed fighting to secure their future as a doctor...

And the number one factor that decides every premeds fate of becoming a doctor?

You guessed it - the MCAT.

It determines so much more than you realize...

We want to give you an insider look at what’s happening behind the scenes with admission committees’ (AdComs) when it comes to student MCAT scores...

how to increase your mcat score

Truth is, it’s not your fault if you've been feeling frustrated, overwhelmed, and confused during your MCAT prep.

The MCAT was created to throw you off your game.  

To get you completely outside your comfort zone. To be overwhelming and unlike anything you’ve ever seen before.

Here’s why…

The MCAT (the new MCAT especially) was created as a ‘filtering strategy’ to ensure only those who have prepared in a certain way can conquer it.

What any top MCAT scorer will tell you is that first, you must realize that what worked in your premed classes won’t work for the MCAT.

Most MCAT test writers don’t know this, but getting a decent score in your premed classes is a joke compared to the MCAT.

You first step is to recognize that premed classes have always been about the memorization of facts and equations. They’re focused on how well you know the content. If you know the content inside out, you can get a high grade...

You’ve been doing this pretty much all your life (and the creators of the MCAT know this). Most people have been studying in the same way to get the same high scores. By now most premeds around you, have figured out how to get a decent score on regular exams...

Which is why the MCAT is purposely made to NOT be like a regular exam.

The MCAT is a completely different monster. It tests much more than just how well you know the content. This is why the majority of MCAT test takers walk out of the exam shaking with anxiety...

Knowing they'll have to re-test.

You might already know that the MCAT is primarily a critical thinking and analysis exam. But the reason why you'll see most test writers walking out of the exam speechless, struck by confusion and worry, is because they didn't know this one important truth:

In an exam that tests your critical thinking and reasoning skills, you're guaranteed to see questions that have hidden traps, surprises, never before seen content, and trick questions swaying you towards the wrong answers.

If you’ve done practice exams, I’m sure you’ve already seen this. This is one of the reasons you finish the exam and feel like you guessed on way too many questions...

Or worst is when you feel like you actually did well on the exam only to find a horrible score staring you in the face.

Now you must be wondering why the AAMC would create questions with content that they know students won't recognize.

The answer is simple and many top scorers know this:

Because the MCAT was made to identify future doctors. 

One of the main goals of the MCAT is to test your reasoning and critical thinking abilities in a way that's identical to what doctors have to do every day, with every patient they meet...

So the MCAT is a filtering strategy to get students who are already thinking in this particular way, through the med-school doors. Why? 

Because as a doctor and as med student, you're going to experience the unknown all the time...

An example is when your reading passages, especially a CARS passage, and you know (just as most top-scorers do), that the answer is in the passage...

At the same time, you know you have to find the answer quickly. It's not like the answer is in your head . Which means you have to develop the ability to think on your feet.

How good are you at thinking on your feet?
When you read a CARS passage, we're sure you've already experienced seeing all this information that you don’t know the meaning to...

Or you've read information that is difficult to make sense of...

In scenarios like this, can you still find the answer on the spot?

The average premed can't do this and this is where top MCAT scorers stand out. The average premeds runs out of time on the CARS section and ends up having to guess way too much.

Top scorers know it all comes back to 'thinking like a doctor.'...

Just like when you become a physician, you’ll be constantly presented with information you’ve never seen before. Now, how are you going to help your patient solve their challenge?

The skill is in truly being able to understand your patient. In the same way with CARS, top scorers know that the skill is in truly being able to understand the author of the passage.

So naturally, all the top scorers we've researched, have come up with brilliant ways to understand the author of the passage that doesn't require you to really 'get' everything the author is talking about. 

There are shortcuts, techniques, and strategies that top scorers use, that makes their ability to go through passages and find the right answer 10x easier than what a normal premed would do.

You can learn all of these strategies in our resources we mentioned earlier.

But it all comes down to remembering that you're being tested on if you are able to think like a doctor.

As you progress in your "becoming a DR." journey, you'll have to train your mind to to think strategically and to be able to take on anything out of the ordinary that comes at you.

You’ll have to be able to spot the traps from a mile away and at a quick pace.

Top scorers realize that med-schools don't want to teach you how to think like this from scratch...

They just want people who ALREADY think like this to join.

It's sad but AdCom won't even look at anything else you've submitted unless your MCAT score is as high as they're wanting...

Insider connections tell us that med schools use computers to screen out applicants. Think about it, when you have over 12,000 applications for a class size of 120 students, you need a way to filter out how many applications you’re going to manually review.

Using a computer to filter based on MCAT scores is the easiest way to do this. So if you don’t meet the minimum score for the med-school you applied to, your application is automatically sent to the rejection pile.

Which means no human will ever see your application. Which means the years spent sitting through all those long premed classes, wasted.

All the extracurriculars you squirmed to fit into your busy schedule, sacrificing all the “family and friends” time, wasted.

Which is why at the end of the day, the fact remains:

The MCAT is the most important determining factor in getting admission into med-school...

And you need to approach this in the smartest, most strategic way possible, which you can learn by following the steps of top scorers before you.

Some top scorers look at it like a game (that you're emotionally invested in) that is designed to be full of tricks and barriers...

But just like any game, there are loopholes, hacks, and shortcuts which you can apply to beat the game...

All of which the high scoring players before you have already figured out. 

With top scorer secrets at your fingertips, you'll know exactly how to deal with all the obstacles the MCAT throws at you.

You won't have to figure it out yourself because it's already been figured out for you.

We're talking about unknown answer selection techniques, question analysis breakdowns, proven frameworks, memorization shortcuts, high cognitive performance tips, passage reading hacks, and so much more...

All specifically designed for the MCAT.

On the other hand, not approaching MCAT prep without applying the right strategies leads to huge disadvantages like...

Writing the exam at really slow speeds, scores not moving on practice exams, finding the material much harder than expected, not retaining information, lacking clarity on how to approach certain sections, not being able to apply your knowledge, making silly mistakes, and so much more.

If you've been trying to figure out how to increase your MCAT score by 10 points or more really fast (and you have no time to waste) the top scorer strategies in our PDF strategy guide are your answer. (Again, download link is towards the end of this article).

Moving on, like we mentioned before, top scorers know how to analyze passages to increase their chances of selecting the right answers. 

This is especially true when it comes to CARS.

Which is why we made sure to specifically gather the most recommended CARS strategies strictly from 130+ CARS scorers.

So next we'll cover a great strategy top scorers use to get a competitive CARS and overall MCAT score...

130+ CARS Scorer Passage Reading Strategy: An Example of How Top Scorers See Beyond MCAT Passages & Questions 

After you’ve spent quite some time going through CARS passages, you’ll notice you often come across the phrase “According to the passage…”
The average premed will skim it over. The top scorer however, will recognize that it’s a valuable hint to getting the right answer.
CARS is known for providing you a lot of answer choices that are incredibly attractive, but are wrong. These are the answers that sound correct and these are the answers that will successfully lure in almost 80% or more test writers.

You need to see beyond if you want a competitive MCAT score and if you want to increase your MCAT score at record speed.
Top scorers know that the only way to save themselves from a tempting answer is to recognize that the answer is not reinforced by the passage. That’s why top scorers always special pay attention to sentences like  "According to the passage…” and take it seriously.
When you see questions like that, consider it a hint, and be super firm in ensuring that you don’t pick an answer that doesn’t fit with the passage.
It’s the attention to detail that separates MCAT Masters from the average. Top scorers are so aware and detail oriented that they can easily spot when the passage says “most”, and the answer says “all” or “some”. They know not to pick that answer.
You need to develop that same level of awareness. You’re already ahead of most writers because you now know what to pay attention to.
When you use this strategy to start eliminating all the tempting answers, you’ll often be left with one that sounds kind of ‘off’ compared to the rest. This is where the average premed starts doubting him or herself and goes back to the nicer sounding answer.
But top scorers know that as long as the answer corresponds to the passage, that’s the answer – regardless of how it sounds.
The key is to stick to the passage. Always.

Keep in mind that there are the rare cases where this rule isn’t appropriate. The only time top scorers allow themselves to go against this rule and choose an answer that isn’t completely in line with the passage, is when the question itself enables you to do so.
The question will do this by using words like ‘infers’, ‘implies’, or ‘concludes’. In cases like this, the question creator wants you to make an implication, which means you don’t have to strictly stick to the passage.
Other than those special times, always stay true to the passage.
It's important for you to recognize that by knowing and applying top scorer strategies, you’ve already greatly improved your likelihood of getting a lot more correct answers than other premeds who don’t know any of this.
This is how you get a competitive MCAT score over 510 – by using techniques, strategies, hacks, and shortcuts of top-scorers that 90% of writers don’t know about.
We covered just one out of the many top scorer CARS strategies we have for you to use to drastically improve your CARS score. We have a lot more of our best stuff tucked away in our downloadable PDF strategy guide.

In fact, we have a whole section in there dedicated to CARS. Take advantage of it – that top scorer MCAT destruction manual will be the best and probably lowest investment you’ve made in your MCAT prep thus far!

Also, this PDF guide is honestly the only simple way we currently know how to bring you all the valuable insights we've gained from our top scorer research.

If you actually apply these top scorer strategies and techniques correctly (and they're extremely simple to apply), you can see a score increase of 10 points or more (more likely if you're scoring below 510) within a very short period of time (often within 30 days).

Inside, you'll get 100+ pages of powerful proven MCAT strategies divided into 5 separate sections (one full section dedicated to CARS).

You can get through it in a day based on the way everything is set up – there’s no fluff. It’s concise and straight to the point. It tells you exactly what you need to do and how you need to do it.

When you apply the secrets of top-scorers in this guide, you will:

  • Correctly analyze questions to get hints that other people miss, which can lead you to consistently finding the right answer even if you know nothing about what the question is asking (which will definitely happen)
  • Create the most optimized timetable and study schedule that allows you to space out MCAT prep in the smartest way which will lead to more efficiency and maximum 
  • Finish all sections with enough time so you're not forced to rush or make hopeful guesses
  • Keep yourself motivated, focused, and in high-performance mode, so you don’t lose studying momentum and forget information and/or lose precious time
  • Gain a perfect balance between understanding the passage and finishing the passage on time
  • Distinguish between and remember the most important MCAT concepts and avoid unnecessary information that can cloud your mind during exam time and practice exams
  • Boost your critical thinking abilities, analysis and reasoning abilities, problem solving abilities, through taking practice tests in a strategic way (yes, there’s a strategy to applying what you know properly), so you’re well prepared before the exam date with full confidence and no anxiety to paralyze you during the exam
  • And so much more...

You can even see the table of contents by clicking here.

Through MCAT Mastery, we love the idea of contributing to the journey of premeds who want to be doctors. We believe with every new doctor, the world becomes a better place to live in.

By helping you get over this biggest obstacle standing in front of you right now with the greatest leverage you can have, we feel fulfilled.

We believe it's our responsibility to show you the potential in what is possible if you simply learn and apply proven top scorer secrets during MCAT prep...

Can you see the potential in using these hacks during  MCAT prep?

Imagine using these top scorer strategies and knowing exactly why certain answer choices are wrong and why the best answer is the right, most applicable answer...

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"The highest MCAT score isn't achieved by the hardest working premed in the room, but by the most strategic." 

You'll never get tired of hearing 'Congratulations' from your friends...

(We know this scenario really well because there are so many top scorers that have experienced exactly this... )

You'll never get tired of seeing that look of 'I'm so proud of you' in your parent's eyes. One of the best feelings is knowing you're going to give back to your parents for all they've invested in you over the years.

It's a reality that many have experienced who have succeeded on the MCAT and a reality that you can experience too.

It's a reality for those who have used top scorer MCAT strategies and shortcuts to master the MCAT. It's a reality you can experience when you do the same.

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You'll realize it was all worth it when you have AMCAS actually take a look at your application and not just discard it because of a low MCAT score. 

When you have med-school interviews come through from several schools...

When you get in to the top med school of your choice...

When you know you're finally and truly on your way to becoming a doctor...

When you begin commanding respect in your respective medical field, are making 6-figures, supporting your family, giving back to the community, and when you're making a positive difference in the world.

MCAT Mastery lives and breathes solely for the purpose of enabling you to experience this reality like so many before you have. 

We want you to know and take advantage of the fact that there's a difference between studying hard and studying smart. Everyone competing for your spot in med-school and for your dream is studying hard and that's it...

But with the top scorer strategies we have for you, you can study smart.

Throughout your life, you'll notice that the acceptances, the high scores, the high salaries, are always given to those who work smart, not just hard.

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If you're still wondering whether or not you need the top scorer strategies to prep for the MCAT...

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  • Is struggling with the MCAT and needs an improvement FAST
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  • Wants to know the best and smartest way to study for the MCAT
  • Doesn’t know how to deal with poorly written/vague MCAT questions
  • Is struggling with the CARS section
  • Wants to apply themselves effectively and efficiently on the MCAT
  • Is finding it hard to study boring topics
  • Keeps making stupid mistakes when they know the material

If you can relate to any of this, we encourage you to download and use the top scorer strategies as soon as possible... It will change the way you view MCAT prep.

Prep companies haven’t researched the way we have. Their primary focus is the 30% of the MCAT which is content. 

Unlike anyone else, we focus on the 70% of the MCAT that is the critical thinking aspect of the exam. To get this part of the MCAT down, you need the proven ways to read and answer questions for the exam. You need to know how to get the big ideas of each paragraph, without losing your attention or becoming frustrated.

There are strategies for all aspects of doing well on the MCAT including your mental performance. We know that when you can’t keep your attention on the passage, you become victim to anxiety and panic, which lowers your confidence, and completely minimizes your potential score.

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2 - You can download this guide for the price of a restaurant dinner and have all the answers you need to make sure you achieve your ultimate MCAT score, become an MCAT Master,  and greatly increase your chances of getting through the med-school doors which you've always dreamed of. To top it all off, you'll get free access to 8 valuable bonuses (worth over $65) that you can learn more about on the guide page.

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We promise, the MCAT isn't as bad as it seems. Once you learn the simple steps to approach it strategically, we know you'll be smiling every day until the big day and for months after that...

You got this,

The MCAT Mastery Team
Your MCAT Success Mentors

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