how to increase your mcat score

How To Increase Your MCAT Score By 10 Points Within 30 Days

Dear Future Doctor,

For most premeds, there are just a few moments in life as painful as the moment of realizing that med-school is no longer a possibility....

That all those years of hard work and money invested, has gone to waste.

Sadly, this year approximately 60% of med-school applicants aren’t going to get in.

Some will be forced to take a gap year.

Many will watch their friends receive acceptances and won’t be able to help but feel left behind.

Just take a look at the 2016-2017 stats below taken straight from the AAMC website:


Total Applicants – 52,042

Mean MCAT Score – 501.8

Total Matriculates (admissions) – 21,030

Mean MCAT Score – 508.7

Clearly, this is a competitive journey with every premed fighting to secure their future as a doctor...

 And the number one factor that decides every premeds fate of becoming a doctor?

You guessed it - the MCAT.

It determines so much more than you realize...

I want to give you an insider look at what’s happening behind the scenes with admission committees’ (AdComs) when it comes to student MCAT scores...

And how you can use this knowledge to your advantage.

Most importantly, my main goal with this article is to explain how we can make sure that you land within the 40% of MCAT writers who not only conquers the MCAT...

But also walks into an amazing med-school, with your doctor title secured for good.

how to increase your mcat score

[A Real MCAT Master's Score Report - Your Dream Score Is Possible If You Study Smart]

First, I have some important questions for you. Think carefully before you answer:

  • Are you deeply concerned about the MCAT and wondering how you’re going to approach it, knowing it’s not like any other exam you’ve ever written before?
  • Have you already written a few practice exams and are failing to see a steady increase in your score?
  • Are you feeling overwhelmed just thinking about all the material that you need to study and cover?
  • Is the CARS section turning out to be a nightmare?
  • Are you struggling to understand the way in which questions are written?
  • Are you scared because you’re not retaining enough information fast enough?
  • Do you constantly feel like you’re running out of time as the exam date gets closer?
  • Are you finding it difficult to study boring topics you don’t care about?
  • Do you wish you started studying earlier or feel like you’ve gotten a later start than everyone else?
  • Do you desperately need a high MCAT score to make up for below average areas of your med-school application?
  • Do you keep making stupid mistakes even though you know the material?
  • Are you scoring below 500 or your desired score?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, first of all you’re not alone.

With the information you're going to discover in this article, we've helped hundreds of MCAT writers overcome these same barriers.

Truth is, it’s not your fault you’re feeling this way about the MCAT.

The MCAT was created to throw you off your game.  

To get you completely outside your comfort zone. To be overwhelming and unlike anything you’ve ever seen before.

Here’s why…

The MCAT (the new MCAT especially) was created as a ‘filtering strategy’ to ensure only a special few are able to conquer it.

Those who think in a certain way, who prepare with specific methods and techniques. These are the special few who get high scores and become known as “MCAT Masters” in our community.

What any MCAT Master will tell you is that first, you must realize that what worked in your premed classes won’t work for the MCAT.

Most MCAT test writers don’t know this, but getting a decent score in your premed classes is a joke compared to the MCAT.

You first step is to recognize that premed classes have always been about the memorization of facts and equations. They’re focused on how well you know the content. If you know the content inside out, you can get a high grade...

You’ve been doing this pretty much all your life (and the creators of the MCAT know this). Most people have been studying in the same way to get the same high scores. By now most premeds around you, have figured out how to get a decent score on regular exams...

Which is why the MCAT is purposely made to NOT be like a regular exam.

The MCAT is a completely different monster. It tests much more than just how well you know the content. This is why the majority of MCAT test takers walk out of the exam shaking with anxiety...

Knowing they'll have to re-test.

You might already know that the MCAT is primarily a critical thinking and analysis exam. But the reason why you'll see most test writers walking out of the exam speechless, struck by confusion and worry, is because they didn't know this one important truth:

In an exam that tests your critical thinking and reasoning skills, you're guaranteed to see questions that have hidden traps, surprises, never before seen content, and trick questions swaying you towards the wrong answers.

If you’ve done practice exams, I’m sure you’ve already seen this. This is one of the reasons you finish the exam and feel like you guessed on way too many questions...

Or worst is when you feel like you actually did well on the exam only to find a horrible score staring you in the face.

Now you must be wondering why the AAMC would create questions with content that they know students won't recognize.

The answer is simple:

Because the MCAT was made to identify future doctors. 

One of the main goals of the MCAT is to test your reasoning and critical thinking abilities in a way that's identical to what doctors have to do every day, with every patient they meet...

So the MCAT is a filtering strategy to get students who are already thinking in this particular way, through the med-school doors. Why? 

Because as a doctor and as med student, you're going to experience the unknown all the time...

As you progress in your "becoming a DR." journey, you'll have to train your mind to to think strategically and to be able to take on anything out of the ordinary that comes at you.

You’ll have to be able to spot the traps from a mile away and at a quick pace.

The key is to realize that med-schools don't want to teach you how to think like this from scratch...

They just want people who ALREADY think like this to join, in the hopes that they can have high quality doctors graduating and (our theory) probably enhance the school’s brand image and reputation...

It's sad but AdCom won't even look at anything else you've submitted unless your MCAT score is as high as they're wanting...

Insider connections tell us that med schools use computers to screen out applicants. Think about it, when you have over 12,000 applications for a class size of 120 students, you need a way to filter out how many applications you’re going to manually review.

Using a computer to filter based on MCAT scores is the easiest way to do this. So if you don’t meet the minimum score for the med-school you applied to, your application is automatically sent to the rejection pile.

Which means no human will ever see your application. Which means the years spent sitting through all those long premed classes, wasted.

All the extracurriculars you squirmed to fit into your busy schedule, sacrificing all the “family and friends” time, wasted.

Which is why at the end of the day, the fact remains:

The MCAT is the most important determining factor in getting admission into med-school.

Knowing all of this, you might be thinking this is kind of unfair. And we agree, it is unfair when you’re not aware of this information. BUT, when you ARE aware of what’s really going on as you now are...

It becomes an advantage.

Especially because this is a competitive exam and when you discover something that most other MCAT writers don’t know, you gain a powerful edge...

A powerful edge that will make you actually look forward to getting your MCAT score results.

Remember, it’s not your fault that the MCAT is weighing down on you like this. It was a system designed to be full of tricks and barriers...

But just like any system, there are loopholes, hacks, and shortcuts which you can apply to beat the system. These are the secrets used by MCAT Masters.

So if you've been stressed about the MCAT, you can feel a bit of relief now because now you know that in order to achieve your maximum MCAT score...

You just need to adapt a different approach (that we’ll show you).

Good news is now you have some clarity about what’s really going on.

The #1 Mistake of Average MCAT Writers + The Quickest Path to MCAT Success

Our purpose at MCAT Mastery is to transform you from where you are now, into an MCAT Master. I know, that’s a huge promise. Sounds kind of corny as well…

But we’ve seen it happen before, and I know on the big day, you will walk out of the exam room proud of the work you put in, with zero worry or doubt about the end result...

Regardless of where you are right now and how many times you've written the MCAT.

The average MCAT writer who comes across our material, has no idea that there is step-by-step method to actually mastering the MCAT.

Most premeds start their MCAT prep off talking to their peers about MCAT studying advice. Bad idea.

Others go on forums and look for MCAT studying tips. Not a good idea either.

A lot of premeds buy expensive prep courses based on recommendations of people they know, for whom one particular prep course ‘worked for’.

Then far into their MCAT prep when time is limited, they realize their scores aren’t increasing and the hours of studying isn’t leading to any progress. You might already be experiencing this...

You discover that you’re having trouble crossing the 500 mark, or are barely getting by it.

You suffer from the anxiety that comes with the thought that the MCAT might need to be postponed because you’re not ready.

And more often than not, premeds end up writing the MCAT more than two or three times without getting a competitive MCAT score. Depression gets very real at this point.

It’s way too common. Too many premeds are studying for the MCAT using traditional, outdated, and ineffective tips that those with average scores have spread around.

Everyone knows that there must be some secret way to doing well on the MCAT, so everyone asks each other. People give their opinions but no one really knows for sure if what they're doing is right.

Unfortunately, it's rare to get helpful and reliable advice, strategies, and tips to master the MCAT from credible sources.

The people on forums could be anybody – who REALLY knows what their score actually is?

Your friends who are writing with you aren’t any better. Asking them for advice is like applying for a job and asking the guy next to you who is applying for the same job, on how to master the interview!

Why wouldn’t you just ask someone who has already been hired? Someone who clearly mastered the interview.

Our recommendation is to learn from those who are most credible, those who are true masters of the MCAT.

Those who are where you want to be (med-school). Those who scored what you want to score (i.e. 510+).

Now wouldn't THAT be the quickest path to MCAT success?

“If I have seen further than others,
it's by standing on the shoulder of giants.”
- Isaac Newton

It's simple - if you want to be the best, learn from the best.

The best part is they're not competing with you since they're already in med-school or have already written the MCAT, so they'd be happy to help you with genuine information you can trust.

Some people are lucky because they have an older sibling or friend who mastered the MCAT and helps them out. Others pay ridiculous prices to get tutored by them.

It's not fair for most premeds and we know it. Not everyone has such connections, or hundreds of dollars to spend on MCAT tutors.

It can get frustrating, especially when you know how powerful this approach is.

If you wanted to take this approach, you must ask yourself where do you find top scorers of the MCAT? Where do you find MCAT Masters? Where do you find the time and energy to do this type of research?

It's too difficult. You're probably not going to do it.

Which is exactly why we spent months of our own time, resources, and energy to acquire the best MCAT Master secrets for you - so you don't have to spend your own 🙂

Clearly, as you can probably tell by now, we've dedicated ourselves to bring you the secrets of top-scorers on the MCAT.

We know it’s the single most powerful legal hack to dominating the MCAT (which ALSO makes MCAT studying easier at the same time as increasing your MCAT score).

We’re not a company of executives, we’re your mentors, friends, who actually care about your future. We’re not expecting to make a MCAT Mastery into some corporation.

We believe that the world needs more doctors, and this is our way of ensuring that happens without charging you hundreds or thousands of dollars to help you succeed. 

By the way, in a bit we'll be giving you all the months of research in an easily digestible format so you can start applying these shortcuts literally starting TODAY.

Remember that with every exam, there are MCAT test-takers scoring well over 510.

Trust me, they're not geniuses. We've seen a lot of them. I know that if they can do it, so can you. And the reason is simple...

The #1 Fundamental Commonality Amongst Those Who Master The MCAT

Our biggest conclusion from our research is that the only difference between top scorers and you, is that they have learned how to do one specific thing better than anyone else…

Use MCAT study and testing strategies. And not just any strategies, the BEST, most effective strategies that most premeds don't know about. 

That’s the secret. It’s MCAT strategy. That’s the most common factor amongst those who dominate the MCAT.

By strategy we're talking about secret techniques, question analysis breakdowns, proven frameworks, memorization shortcuts, high cognitive performance tips, passage reading hacks, and so much more...

All specifically designed for the MCAT.

For example, MCAT Masters realize that knowing content is important to MCAT success, but not having proper strategies to approach passages leads to inefficiency and not being able to finish the exam on time.

Top scorers also understand passage-based deduction strategy. They understand strategies on how to take apart an MCAT passage the way AAMC (the creators of the MCAT) want you to.

On the other hand, not approaching MCAT prep without applying the right strategies leads to huge disadvantages like...

Writing the exam at really slow speeds, scores not moving on practice exams, finding the material much harder than expected, not retaining information, lacking clarity on how to approach certain sections, not being able to apply your knowledge, silly mistakes, and so much more.

When you have conversations on MCAT tips, strategies, etc. with over 50 different people who dominated the MCAT, you definitely begin to notice obvious patterns...

You realize that obviously there were a few who got lucky, but the majority used the same techniques and prep strategies to ace the MCAT.

You realize that those are the strategies that you're going to want to apply in your MCAT prep. Why? Because they work. They're PROVEN.

What if you could have access to those EXACT SAME strategies?

Well good news is that you do because everything you need to destroy the MCAT, once and for all, is in a downloadable PDF e-guide we created called the MCAT Mastery Strategy Guide.

Your Ultimate Guide To Easily Achieve A Competitive MCAT Score

This strategy manual is the result of our months of research gathering the MCAT study and testing strategies of top-scorers.

It's the only way we currently know how to bring you all the valuable insights we've gained from our research.

Using strategies like this WILL lead you to increase your MCAT score by 10 points or more.

If you actually apply the strategies and techniques correctly (and they're extremely simple to apply), you can see a significant score increase within a very short period of time (often within 30 days).

You'll get 100+ pages of MCAT acing strategies divided into 5 separate sections (one full section dedicated to CARS).

You can get through it in a day based on the way everything is set up – there’s no fluff. It’s concise and straight to the point. It tells you exactly what you need to do and how you need to do it.

When we were thinking about how we could get it in the hands of as many premeds as possible, we realized making it a downloadable PDF is the easiest way for someone to instantly start going through it.

Which means you can start discovering and applying the strategies in it today if you want. Time is of the essence and we realize that.

When you apply the secrets of top-scorers in this guide, you will:

  • Correctly analyze questions to get hints that other people miss, which can lead you to consistently finding the right answer even if you know nothing about what the question is asking (which will definitely happen)
  • Create the most optimized timetable and study schedule that allows you to space out MCAT prep in the smartest way which will lead to more efficiency and maximum 
  • Finish all sections with enough time so you're not forced to rush or make hopeful guesses
  • Keep yourself motivated, focused, and in high-performance mode, so you don’t lose studying momentum and forget information and/or lose precious time
  • Gain a perfect balance between understanding the passage and finishing the passage on time
  • Distinguish between and remember the most important MCAT concepts and avoid unnecessary information that can cloud your mind during exam time and practice exams
  • Boost your critical thinking abilities, analysis and reasoning abilities, problem solving abilities, through taking practice tests in a strategic way (yes, there’s a strategy to applying what you know properly), so you’re well prepared before the exam date with full confidence and no anxiety to paralyze you during the exam
  • And so much more...

Can you see the potential in having these advantages during your MCAT prep?

Can you see the potential in simply knowing exactly why certain answer choices are wrong and why the best answer is the right, most applicable answer?

Imagine that during the next little while you have before writing the MCAT, you are able to study with calm, confidence,  ease, and speed.

Imagine walking into the exam on the big day beaming with confidence, a "knowing" that every other premed will envy you for.

Imagine knowing there's not one question on the MCAT that you won't be able to handle.

Imagine after writing the MCAT, you are more at peace than you have been in literally half a year or more, ever since the thought of writing the MCAT crept up on you.

And when you finally do get your score...

["The highest MCAT score isn't achieved by the hardest working premed in the room, but by the most strategic."]

You'll never get tired of hearing 'Congratulations' from your friends...

You'll never get tired of seeing that look of 'I'm so proud of you' in your parent's eyes...

One of the best feelings is knowing you're going to give back to your parents for all they've invested in you over the years.

This isn't a fantasy world...

It's a reality that many have experienced who have succeeded on the MCAT and a reality that you can experience too.

It's a reality for those who have used these MCAT prep secret strategies and shortcuts to master the MCAT.

Those who had AMCAS actually take a look at their application and not just discard it because of a low MCAT score. 

Those who had med-school interviews come through from several schools.

Those who are now in the top med school of their choice.

Those who are on their way to becoming doctors.

Those who now command respect in their respective medical fields, are making 6-figures, supporting their family, giving back to the community, and making a positive difference in the world.

MCAT Mastery was created solely for the purpose of enabling you to experience this reality like so many before you have. 

We just want you to know there's a difference between studying hard and studying smart. 

The acceptances, the high scores, the high salaries, are always given to those who work smart.

We want to show you how to prep and study smart for the MCAT. 

If you're ready to unlock who you were meant to be, who we know you were meant to be...

The keys are in the MCAT Mastery Strategy Guide – which is priced so low you’ll think this is a joke. But it’s not...

Again, we’re not trying to be some huge corporation. We just want to cover costs of running MCAT Mastery and make sure you have some skin in the game so you actually take action on the secrets within it.

So who is this guide for ideally? If you’re the type of person who:

  • Is struggling with the MCAT and needs an improvement FAST
  • Is not retaining enough information
  • Wants to score close to or higher than 510
  • Isn’t seeing scores consistently improve
  • Wants to avoid the same mistakes most re-testers make
  • Wants to know the best and smartest way to study for the MCAT
  • Doesn’t know how to deal with poorly written/vague MCAT questions
  • Is struggling with the CARS section
  • Wants to apply yourself effectively and efficiently on the MCAT
  • Is finding it hard to study boring topics
  • Keeps making stupid mistakes when you know the material

This was made for you.

On the other hand, if you’re the type of person who:

  • Is constantly scoring way over 510
  • Is seeing MCAT scores consistently improve
  • Is not worried about the MCAT
  • Isn’t seeing scores consistently improve
  • Is a ‘natural’ with standardized exams
  • Has a definite ‘in’ to med-school
  • Has paid hundreds to MCAT Masters to teach you everything you need to know
  • Has written the MCAT enough times to figure it all out on your own
  • Knows all the strategies to do well on massive exams of this nature

Then you probably don’t need this guide.

Although, we’d still recommend you give the guide a shot because even if you find just ONE score-boosting technique within it, that would make it even more than worth the price...

That technique or idea could be the one that changes your approach to how you think about test questions, increases your studying efficiency, and helps you do well in med-school.

And guess what? If you don’t find anything of value in there, we have a strong refund policy.

In fact, if you don’t increase your MCAT score after applying the wisdom in this guide, reach out to us and we’ll give you all of your money back. No questions asked. And you can KEEP the guide.

Meaning you have no risk to just see what’s in it. Think of it as a “free trial”.

But I can guarantee you’ll learn something you didn’t know and you’ll use something inside to help get you a higher score, something that you otherwise would never have known to use.

There’s nothing like this on the internet right now. 99% of the people writing the MCAT with you won’t know and won’t be using all of these strategies, which gives you another strong advantage. Some might know a few here and there, but only you will be applying them all.

Prep companies haven’t researched the way we have. Their primary focus is the 30% of the MCAT which is content. The other 70% of the MCAT is critical thinking.

Unlike anyone else, we focus on the critical thinking aspect of the exam by showing you strategies like the proven ways to read and answer questions for the exam, and how to get the big ideas of each paragraph, without losing your attention or becoming frustrated.

We know that when you can’t keep your attention on the passage, you become victim to anxiety and panic, which lowers your confidence, and completely minimizes your potential score.

Oh yeah, and by the way, you get one awesome FREE BONUS when you get the guide today...

Free Bonuses: Access To MCAT Mastery VIP Member's Area

When you get the MCAT Mastery Strategy Guide today, you get FREE private access to the VIP MCAT Mastery Member’s Area on the site.

Inside the VIP Members Area, one of the most valuable bonuses you’ll find is the “MCAT Mastery Online Gems Resources Page”.

On this page, you’ll find links to some great free MCAT-related resources across the web.

These include FULL detailed MCAT study notes covering all sections of the exam. These notes have been written by MCAT Masters – one set of notes is from someone who scored in the 99th percentile.

The purpose of this free bonus is to once again, save you time and energy by doing the work for you so that you don’t have to mission it all over the web to find the best of the best MCAT study resources and/or do all the note-taking work yourself.

There are a lot of hidden gems out there that you probably wouldn’t find very easily. But we’ve made them available for you on this private page.

Plus, inside the member's area you'll also find a lot more bonuses (PDF reports, spreadsheet templates, the mnemonics section, and so much more...)

Access to the VIP Members Area with all these bonuses, is worth a lot more than the price of the entire guide. You’ll find it extremely valuable here. The course study notes will be especially valuable when it comes to content review.

With that said, you now have three choices:

1 - You can do nothing and keep studying the way you've already been studying, hoping you're studying with the right methods, hoping your scores will start increasing greatly with every practice exam, hoping you won't have to postpone your MCAT test date.

2 - You can use the information in this article and start focusing on enhancing your critical thinking and reasoning abilities, by spending time, energy, and money researching different top-scorer MCAT strategies that will help increase your MCAT score (we've done this and trust me, you'll need several months to do this right).

3 - You can download this guide for the price of a restaurant dinner and have all the answers you need to make sure you achieve your ultimate MCAT score, become an MCAT Master,  and ensure you get through med-school doors and get you set for life as a doctor. To top it all off, you'll get free access to the VIP MCAT Mastery Member's area.

The choice is yours.

If you'd like to download the guide, click the link below and make your secure one-time investment in what will probably be the best decision of your premed life...

Click here to learn more or download the guide now.

Your "Dr." dream is not far away...

You got this,
The MCAT Mastery Team

P.S. Take two seconds and ask yourself if once your MCAT is finished and you see a score that is too low to be competitive and too low to even be considered by med-schools, do you want to look back and think that you didn't do all that you could've done to prevent it?

Please, let us help you like we've helped hundreds of other premeds from not getting med-school interviews, from feeling humiliated or embarrassed in front of disappointed friends and family, or at worst being forced to drop the dream of becoming a doctor and not seeing yours and your family's sacrifices pay off.

This MCAT Strategy Guide and all the resources in the members area will help transform your study habits into smart, strategic approaches that will not only boost your MCAT score significantly, but will also free you from all anxiety, pain, fear, and worry regarding the MCAT.

Remember, if your MCAT score doesn't increase with the insights in this guide, just ask us for your money back. 

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