From 64th Percentile To 98th Percentile On The MCAT In Less Than 30 Days

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In this post we have two special treats for you...

First, you're not only going to learn exactly how Dan scored a 520 on the MCAT, but also how he got there when he was just scoring a 506 one month before the exam date!

That's right - Dan increased his MCAT score by 14 points in less than 30 days, and in today's feature MCAT success story, you're going to find out how.


Secondly, as you know we're constantly researching and conducting interviews with 90+ percentile MCAT scorer's to figure out exactly how they mastered the MCAT, so we can bring those strategies to you in our emails and downloadable guides... 

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Each case study will bring new tips, new strategies, and revive your motivation to master the MCAT...

Recently we started bringing you highlights of those interviews in our "MCAT Success Stories" blog posts.

We were going to do the same with this one, BUT instead we decided to release the entire recorded interview! So if you want, you can listen to Dan's full story (link below) AND also get a few highlights here. 

With that said, let's get to it! Introducing Dan Green, a 520 scorer...

Dan 520 MCAT Score

If you're interested, here's the full interview! Click the PLAY button below or click here to watch it on YouTube!

Here are Dan's quick key points from his 98th percentile MCAT experience...

"I began preparing for my August 10th exam date at the beginning of the summer. I started by watching most of the MCAT Khan Academy videos and doing some UWorld practice questions. Then about one month before the exam, I started taking FL practice tests from NextStep.

After taking four, I moved on to the AAMC section banks and FLs. My biggest struggle was disciplining myself to spend 20ish hours/week on studying a few months out from the exam.

My advice is to remember that the content you're learning is fundamental to medical practice. In order to be the best doctor possible, you have to know these concepts and take learning them seriously! Also, really try to enjoy what you're learning--it can be fun!"

The best part about speaking with dozens and dozens of top MCAT scorers, is that you start noticing patterns in their approach to a high MCAT score. Those patterns, those common strategies, is what we love sharing with you. 

For example, a common mention amongst top scorers is the advice that you need to remember 'why' you're going through this process in the first place. Like Dan mentions, "in order to be the best doctor possible"...

Notice how he doesn't say "you want to be the best doctor possible, therefore...". Achieving his maximum potential is ingrained in him. 

So if you're struggling with motivation, discipline, or recall in your MCAT prep... 

Remind yourself of your purpose, your vision. Almost every top scorer we talk to mentions this.

Next, we asked Dan to summarize his biggest piece of advice for someone wanting to improve their score in such a massive leap like he did. Here's what he said...

"My biggest piece of advice is to really focus on what your weakest area is. For a long time, C/P was my lowest section, so I continually drilled those questions. I promise if you do the work, you'll get the score you want!"

Over the years, what we've learned is that unfortunately there isn't one 'super strategy' that works for everyone and gets everyone a huge MCAT score increase...

However, there is one (or several) 'super' MCAT strategies that will work for YOU specifically, for your own situation, your own strengths, and your own weaknesses.

Everyone can increase their scores, they just need to find the correct MCAT prep methods most suited for them. 

If you're struggling with your MCAT prep, we can guarantee another top scorer went through the same roadblock and made it through.  Knowing this, there are three steps you need to take...

Step 1 - You just need to identify your major roadblock, and once you figure that out (or if you already know what's keeping your score down), then you just need to... 

Step 2 - Find out how that struggle was solved by a real top MCAT scorer.

Step 3 - Apply the solution, watch your score increase, then go back to Step 1. Rinse and repeat. 

This is the formula for how you can achieve a competitive MCAT score that opens doors to med-schools, and gets you on your path to becoming a doctor (the best doctor you can be ;)).

We've made applying Step 1 and 2 easy for you through our downloadable resources, especially the Top Scorer MCAT Strategy Guide.

Around a month before his big test day, he was scoring a 506. So Dan increased his MCAT score by 14 points in less than 30 days before the MCAT...

Something shifted for him within those few weeks. What was it?

He learned MCAT test taking strategy.

He learned how to approach an exam like the MCAT by using the Top Scorer MCAT Strategy Guide...

"I found it about two weeks before my exam, but I wish I'd found it sooner! Sure I knew the content, but I had no idea how to take the actual exam. It provided loads of tips on how to structure your study strategy and how to approach the problems. The study plan advice was especially helpful to me since I was self-studying and designing my own strategy."

Do you know how to take the actual exam in the most effective ways?

Do you know how to approach the problems the way top scorers approach them?

Often premeds feel they have 'taking exams' down! Often they overestimate how much content review they need to do. Often they feel like the MCAT is just another exam that they've been studying for all their lives, but it's not.

It requires strategy, and until students realize that, they're not going to see their scores hit competitive levels.

Get MCAT strategy handled as soon as you can. Dan demolished the MCAT by learning these strategies only 2 weeks before his test date... 

Imagine what you can do if you're a month or more away and you start using these proven 90+ percentile MCAT methods.

We know MCAT prep can be really frustrating...

It can often feel overwhelming with all the material and all the questions, and the thought of you getting rejected from med-school after having spent so much time and money can be scary. We completely get it... 

But we want you to remember that every top scorer who is currently in med-school had similar feelings and challenges, and they got through it. They weren't geniuses and were no smarter than you. You have what it takes.

You just need to believe you have what it takes, remember your vision, and most importantly... study smart.

Study smart by using the proven top scorer MCAT strategies that have already been figured out for you.

Find your weakness using these strategies, fix it, establish the perfect MCAT prep process that works for you, and we promise, this will be the last time you ever have to write the MCAT... 

We know you got this,

The MCAT Mastery Team
Your "MCAT Success" Mentors

If you're interested, here's the full interview!

Want us to send you new 515+ scorer MCAT success stories when we release them?

Each case study will bring new tips, new strategies, and revive your motivation to dominate the MCAT...

The MCAT Mastery Team

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