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How To Score 510+ On The MCAT In 2019

Proven strategies to get your MCAT score over the 500 mark and gain a 10 point increase

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Have you seen this? The most recent AAMC med-school admission stats…

MCAT Scores and GPAs for Applicants AND Matriculants (Admissions)
to U.S. Medical Schools, 2016-2017 through 2017-2018

Here are a few summary points:

  • In 2016-2017, out of the 52,042 students who applied to med-school, only 21,030 got in.
  • In 2017-2018, out of the 51,680 students who applied, only 21,338 got in.
  • In 2016-2017, those who got admission had an average MCAT score of 508.7 and those who didn’t, had an average score of 501.8.
  • In 2017-2018, those who got admission had an average MCAT score of 510.4 and those who didn’t, had an average score of 504.7.
  • The average GPA for admissions for both years remained the same at around 3.7


  • The MCAT in 2017-2018 got even more competitive with higher scores coming in
  • For both 2016-2017 and 2017-2018 years, approximately 60% of applicants were rejected
  • Compared to GPA, the MCAT score has clearly been a huge determining factor for who gets admission and who gets rejected

What’s mind blowing is the ‘60% rejections’.

That’s 60% of premeds this year who will literally feel like their hopes and dreams of going into med-school and becoming doctors have been slaughtered.

Giving one test so much power in determining someone’s future is quite outrageous in our opinion.

Truth is we can complain all we want but it’s also the current reality…

Most premeds have the ‘it sucks but gotta deal with it’ mentality.

Top scorers who got into med-school on the other hand, chose not to just ‘deal with it’ but to figure out how to beat the MCAT creators at their own game…

And here we want to show you how so you can do the same.

Since 2014, we've been studying, researching and interviewing top MCAT scorers on an ongoing basis, to learn exactly what they did during MCAT prep to achieve scores in the 90+ percentile range. 

After you study dozens of top scorers over years, you realize common patterns. Eventually, you'll be able to create a proven roadmap that anyone can use to dramatically increase their scores to a competitive level.

Today, we're going to share the proven roadmap with you.

The Formula Top Scorers Use To Master the MCAT...

And get into the med-schools of their dreams.

A part of the reason we’re showing you these stats is because as much as so many premeds claim to ‘know’ the importance of the MCAT… No one REALLY knows it.

510+ scorers consciously or unconsciously always had a strong knowing of how ridiculously important this one standardized exam is…

That knowing is the primary cause of their extreme motivation...

And that extreme motivation is the cause of their MCAT success.

It’s what causes them to study the extra hours. It’s what sometimes makes them quit their job (temporarily) if they can, so they can just strictly focus on the MCAT.

It’s what fuels them to step back and look at the big picture to figure out how they can guarantee they get a competitive score.

It’s what fuels them to do everything in their power to find and leverage the most effective MCAT prep strategies and secrets that give them the 'high MCAT score guarantee' they need, to become the doctor they know they can and WILL be.

We can try our best but we can’t truly instill this level of extreme motivation in you…

We can’t make you quit your job (if that's a possibility for you) or force you to put in the extra hours to study. That’s all you.

The ONLY thing we really CAN do is provide you with the most effective MCAT strategies in the world. The secrets top scorers used that can give you the 'high MCAT score guarantee' YOU need. 

But again, it all begins with the extreme motivation to not be in that pool of 60% of applicants that get rejected from med-school…

THIS motivation is the foundation for all your actions during MCAT prep and we want you to embody that.

The fact is that you CAN succeed on this exam with that level of motivation because that level of motivation makes you unstoppable.

Procrastination goes out the window. Self-doubt? There’s no room for that. Progress in your comprehension and application abilities + improvement in your score becomes your sole purpose and focus.

To get yourself to that degree of motivation on a daily basis, ask yourself what it would mean for you to get into med-school, to become a doctor. What it would mean for your family? Make a list of all the reasons why you want to become a doctor.

Reflect on that list at the beginning of each day. Then, remind yourself the odds are stacked against you and to make this dream a reality, you MUST conquer the MCAT.

If you can get that level of motivation down, we got you for the strategies to boost your progress and score improvement, and with that combination, you will DESTROY the MCAT this year.

There’s no question about it. With that combination, you can get to the 510 score level to make sure med-schools give your application their highest consideration.

Motivation + Strategy. That's the formula.

As we tried to understand why 510+ scorers attribute strategy to be THE major key to acing the MCAT…

Top scorers mentally framed it very logically...

How 510+ Scorers Used Correct MCAT Study Strategies To Increase Their Scores FAST...

Top scorers knew that getting a high MCAT score means you have to get as many questions right as you possibly can… And all questions are made up of passages. The key therefore, is to use strategies that allow you to analyze MCAT passages and questions in the correct way to GUIDE you to the right answer choices.

It’s all about HOW you read the passages and answer the questions that makes the difference between a high score and a low score.

Top scorers also apply passage-based deduction strategies. They understand strategies on how to take apart an MCAT passage the way AAMC (the creators of the MCAT) want you to but won’t tell you. There are so many right answer hints you can get from a passage that most people miss but top scorers pick up on through simple deduction that anyone can learn.

Top scorers also realized that when you’re not approaching the MCAT with correct strategy, you easily lose focus. When you lose focus, you become anxious and your confidence falls, which severely destroys your scoring potential.

Top scorers have come up with strategies which allow you to recognize why certain answers are wrong and why others are correct. This is useful especially during the many times you’re stuck between two or more answer choices or when you don’t even know which answer choice is actually answering the question and which isn’t.

Top scorers have also shown how applying the right strategies is the only way you’ll finish the exam on time. The key is in identifying the root causes of why your timing isn’t where you need it to be.  

When it comes to timing, there are strategies top scorers recommend not only for enhancing your test-taking stamina, but also for: improving your ability to understand the author and the passages faster, identifying the most useful points so you can speed through the rest, identifying the right answer quickly, and more.

When it comes to practice tests, which is probably the most important aspect of MCAT prep, top scorers know strategies on how to correctly perform self-assessment and mistake analysis to raise their MCAT score with every practice exam.

We’ve just listed a few of the DOZENS of benefits of applying strategy to MCAT prep, but in the end it will all come down to this #1 biggest reason you MUST use proven MCAT strategy…

By the time you go through all the most recommended top scorer strategies, you’ll come out knowing how to naturally think like a top scorer…

You’ll get ‘it’.

For the first time in a long time during MCAT prep, you’ll have clarity.

That moment of clarity is priceless. It’s a moment where you’ll be thinking “I got this.”

Not only will you be thinking like a top scorer but by the exam date, you’ll be walking into the exam exuding true confidence, like most top scorers do, because your practice test scores will be hovering around your target score – and you’ll have a strong knowing of what kind of awesome score will be waiting for you a month down the road.

Being able to think in a strategic way like this is the end goal. Not only for you, but also for AAMC. Test creators want to see who’s thinking like a ‘top scorer’ (i.e. someone who will be able to handle med-school) and the MCAT shows them exactly that...

It’s why they use the MCAT as a filtering strategy; if your MCAT score doesn’t meet a certain score threshold, they don’t even look at the rest of your application. Which means all your years of hard work (including extracurriculars, references, etc) get tossed away.

90% of MCAT writers, your med-school competition, won’t be approaching the MCAT with such a strong focus on strategy. A lot of them will have to rewrite or push their test dates because of that.

But when you conjure the motivation and apply the correct strategies, that will make all the difference rising above and standing out with an impressive MCAT score that will get med-schools reaching out to you...

That’s how you unlock your med-school future.

Remember, you don’t have to be the smartest person in the room to get a high MCAT score and med-school admission, you just need to be the most strategic.

So knowing what you now know… You have three options:

1 - Spend the next few weeks, or even months, depending how long you have before you write the MCAT, trying to prepare for the MCAT doing what you’ve been doing so far.

Or if you haven’t started studying yet, you can start trying to figure out how to start preparing to defeat this 7.5-hour monster in the most efficient way.

Either way, you’re essentially trying to get to a destination without a map – kind of ‘winging it’ and hoping for the best.

After that if you don’t reach your destination, if your score doesn’t reach your target range, it’s a lot of time wasted.

You might push your date further or worse, you might choose to still write the MCAT and likely get a score you’re not happy with. This is what every average premed ends up doing.

2 - You can spend time and effort absorbing MCAT prep and strategy advice from friends, forums, a prep company, and hope you’re learning the right stuff, in the right order. This usually leads to more confusion because not everyone says the same thing.

Hopefully at the end of it your score will have increased to the point where you’re scoring around your target score goal. If it doesn’t work, that’s a lot of time and energy wasted when there has always been a simple, better, faster, and more reliable way to do this…

3 - Learn the proven strategies from multiple mentors who have already written and mastered the MCAT and are now on their way to becoming doctors, so that you have a guaranteed map and blueprint to hit your maximum MCAT score that gets you into med-school.

No more wasting time.

In fact, we have a way you can get all the top scorer strategies you need to know to get your guaranteed competitive MCAT score in a step-by-step way.

To get you these strategies, we created a Top Scorer MCAT Strategy Package.

The first and most important resource in this package is the Top Scorer MCAT Strategy Guide.

You can literally just download and start reading it in the next few minutes.

This is the ‘guaranteed map and blueprint’ you can use to hit your maximum MCAT score that gets you into med-school.

Many premeds have already used these proven strategies in this guide to take their scores to the competitive 510+ level…

Jackie Doe
MCAT Score: 510

“Extremely helpful and gave me tips on how to succeed and improve my score.”

Read the MCAT Mastery Guide prior to starting your MCAT studying journey! Especially if you are self-studying, I strongly advise you to read their guide during the planning phases of studying. After a horrible full-length practice exam, I was afraid. Did I have to postpone taking my test? I did research online and found the MCAT Mastery blogs and decided to get the Strategy Guide. Extremely helpful and gave me more tips on how to succeed and improve my score. I had limited time before my scheduled exam, so I focused my study even more using the skills and tips provided in the guide. I'm pleased with my score in the end, and I greatly appreciate all the advice given by MCAT Mastery! Good luck future test takers!

Samantha DiSalvo
MCAT Score: 516

"Helped me focus in on what I specifically needed to do to excel on this test…”

The MCAT Mastery Strategy Guide helped me focus in on what I specifically needed to do to excel on this test. It is a big challenge and can seem overwhelming at first, but it helped guide me through my studies. It was especially useful for me because I did not want to pay to attend a class/course, so I relied on the Guide to kind of be my mentor.

Melanie Ledding

MCAT Score: 517

“Reading the MCAT Mastery Guide was one of the best things I did to prepare for my MCAT...” 

Click image to enlarge

Reading the MCAT Mastery Guide was one of the best things I did to prepare for my MCAT. I read it after having taken a some practice exams without seeing any increase in my test score. I was panicking as I was only scoring around 505 and I knew I needed at least a 515 for the schools I was interested in. Worst of all, my scores were very unbalanced between sections with my lowest score being the physical sciences with a 124. After reading the book, I completely revamped how I reviewed my exams and shifted my focus to tackling my worst sections with a vengeance. I’m totally thrilled that I scored a 517 and even happier to have brought my worst section score up to 129. I credit the majority of my progress to following the advice in the MCAT Mastery Guide.

Ariel Lee
MCAT Score: 518

I found the MCAT Mastery Strategy Guide helpful in narrowing down wh​​​​at I needed to study.

Click image to enlarge

I found the MCAT Mastery Strategy Guide helpful in narrowing down what I needed to study. Specifically, I found the high-yield tips helpful as well as the study guides that were provided by previous top scorers. I also liked the CARS strategies (I got a 130 in CARS). 🙂

We’re excited because we’re about to make you a very special proposition that we don’t offer anywhere else and only to the MCAT Mastery community…

But first, here’s what’s inside the Top Scorer MCAT Strategy Guide:

100+ pages divided into 5 sections:

Section 1 - The Art of Becoming an MCAT Master

In this section you’ll learn:

  • Pre-MCAT Prep: How Top Scorers Prepare for Battle To Guarantee A High Score – [pg.10]
  • How Top Scorers Create Smart Study Plans To Maximize Chances of a High MCAT Score (And Med-School Admission) – [pg.12]
  • The MCAT Master’s Sanctuary: The Perfect Place for Dedicated MCAT Study – [pg.13]​​​​​
  • The Top Scorer’s MCAT Study Mentality: The Key To Reaching Your Maximum Potential Score – [pg.14]
  • To Self Study or Not? An MCAT Master’s Approach to Every MCAT Writer’s Inevitable Prep Dilemma – [pg.16]
  • Studying Alone Vs. Group Study: What Top Scorers Recommend You Do To Hit Your MCAT Score Goal – [pg.19]
  • The Big Reason Most Top Scorers Always Create an MCAT Study Schedule to Achieve MCAT Mastery – [pg.21]
  • The Top Scorer Formula to Creating A “Guaranteed MCAT Success” Study S​​​​​​​​​​chedule – [pg.22]
  • A Top Scorer’s MCAT Study Schedule Template You Can Steal and Use for Your High Score – [pg.24]
  • Top 3 MCAT Master Study Scheduling Tips & Recommendations To Dominate the MCAT Once and for All – [pg.26]
  • How Top Scorers Set Their MCAT Score Goal in the Smartest Way to Maximize Motivation, Efficiency, and Ability to Achieve It – [pg.28]
  • How MCAT Masters Combat This Major Enemy Blocking You From Getting A Competitive MCAT Score – [pg.31]
  • Almost ALL Top Scorers Apply This Powerful Study Strategy To Drastically Improve Their MCAT Score – [pg.33]
  • The 3 Stages Of An MCAT Master’s Study Routine For You To Copy [A Template] – [pg.34]
  • A Key MCAT Hack From A High Scorer: Make This Your New Best Friend – [pg.36]
  • What This Top Scorer Did to Seriously Ease Her MCAT Prep and Memorization Struggles PLUS Boost Her Confidence – [pg.37]
  • Top 5 Most Highlighted, Most Emphasized, and Most Valuable MCAT Study & Performance Tips By MCAT Masters – [pg.38]
  • An Advanced MCAT Review Technique Used By Almost ALL Top Scorers – [pg.41]
  • How Top Scorers Create Extremely Powerful Score-Enhancing Notecards That the Average Premed Would Never Do – [pg.42]
  • Additional Ways Top Scorers Use This Review Strategy To Quickly Skyrocket Their MCAT Scores – [pg.44]
  • Unlike Most Top Scorers, Average Scorers Discover This Score-Boosting MCAT Study Attitude When It’s Way Too Late – [pg.45]
  • A Powerful Science-Backed Top Scorer MCAT Strategy To Study in the Most Optimal and Most Time-Efficient Way (That You’ll Actually Like!) – [pg.46]
  • How MCAT Masters Fuel MCAT Motivation: The Top 2 Favorite ‘MCAT Motivation-Sustaining’ Mind Hacks – [pg.48]
  • How MCAT Masters Conquer MCAT Anxiety & Pressure To Ensure Their Scores Remain Unaffected and Constantly Increase – [pg.49]
  • Top Scorers Understand Score-Maximizing MCAT Motivation Psychology (PLUS They Use This Unconventional Weapon To Never Feel Discouraged Again) – [pg.51]
  • The Smartest MCAT Masters Use This Mental Hack To Skyrocket MCAT St​​​​​​udy Performance, Efficiency, Productivity, Confidence, Focus and More – [pg.55]
  • How Making Strategic Acceptances Helps Top Scorers Get More Right Answers on the MCAT – [pg.57]
  • An MCAT Master’s Painful But Critical Recommendation For Every MCAT Writer Who Is Struggling To Improve Their MCAT Score – [pg.59]
  • How and Why Top Scorers Kill The MCAT On Their Second Attempt – [pg.60]

Section 2 - The Art of Strategic MCAT Practice

In this section you’ll learn:

  • How Top Scorers Strategically Approach MCAT Practice To Take Their MCAT Scores To New Heights – [pg.62]
  • How MCAT Masters Simulate Strategic Conditions for Their Inevitable Mastery of the MCAT – [pg.64]
  • Where MCAT Masters Get the Best and Most Applicable Practice Tests – [pg.66]
  • How Top Scorers Take Their First Diagnostic Exam To Amplify Its Impact On Their MCAT Score – [pg.68]
  • How Top Scorers Strategically Review Their First (Most Important) Practice Exam To Get Extraordinary Insight Into MCAT Prep – [pg.70]
  • How Some MCAT Masters Develop Their ‘MCAT Sixth Sense’ To Spot Correct Answers Easily and Quickly – [pg.73]
  • The Power of Strategic Mistake Analysis: What Top Scorers Know That Most Premeds Don’t – [pg.74]
  • How Top Scorers Avoid Hours of Useless Content Studying and Cramming By Applying This Simple But Powerful MCAT Practice Test Strategy – [pg.75]
  • Another Extremely Handy Mistake Analysis Strategy Top Scorers Use To Take Their MCAT Proficiency and Score To The Next Level – [pg.77]
  • How Top Scorers Avoid Making Those Silly Mistakes That Can Add Up and Be Detrimental To Your MCAT Score – [pg.79]
  • Why and How MCAT Masters Focus On Deeply Understanding Passages and Fundamentals – [pg.80]
  • 11 Questions MCAT Masters Never Forget To Ask Themselves When Reviewing Practice Exams – [pg.81]
  • When Top Scorers Review Their Practice Test Results To Maximize Chances of A Higher Score on the Next One – [pg.82]
  • How Top Scorers Leverage the ‘Subject Rotation Strategy’ and Strategic Progress Tracking to Make Less Mistakes and Study Smarter – [pg.84]
  • How MCAT Masters Strategically Build Their Test-Taking Stamina to Easily Go Through a 7-Hour Exam (And Gain a HUGE Advantage Over the Competition) – [pg.85]
  • 19 Practice Test “Quick Recommendations” From Top Scorers: Always Apply These To Ensure Your Scores Constantly Improve – [pg.89]

Section 3 - The Art of CARS Dominance

In this section, you’ll learn:

  • The Top CARS Scorer’s Blueprint To Beating One of the Toughest Sections on the MCAT – [pg.92]
  • How CARS Masters Steadily Improve Their CARS Score (Even if English is Not Their First Language) – [pg.94]
  • CARS Masters Understand and Apply This Powerful Question Structure Strategy to Uncover the Correct Answers – [pg.96]
  • The CARS Master’s Success Mindset: Understand This and Your CARS Score Will Make Massive Progress – [pg.99]
  • How Top CARS Scorers Strategically Read to Get the Most Out of Passages Without Getting Stressed and Wasting Valuable Time – [pg.101]
  • 7 “Quick Implement” Strategies of High-Scoring CARS Masters That You Can Use to Immediately Improve Your CARS Score – [pg.102]
  • How CARS Masters Use the “Core Concept Strategy” to Decipher the Passage and Figure Out the Right Answer (Step-By-Step) – [pg.104]
  • A Super Effective Technique Top CARS Scorers Use To Answer Any CARS Question With Precision – [pg.105]
  • 13 Questions CARS Masters Ask Themselves To Get In The Mind of the Question Writer and Draw Out the Right Answer – [pg.106]
  • How Top Scorers Avoid Making Those Silly Mistakes That Can Add Up and Be Detrimental To Your MCAT Score – [pg.79]
  • Why and How MCAT Masters Focus On Deeply Understanding Passages and Fundamentals – [pg.80]
  • 11 Questions MCAT Masters Never Forget To Ask Themselves When Reviewing Practice Exams – [pg.81]
  • When Top Scorers Review Their Practice Test Results To Maximize Chances of A Higher Score on the Next One – [pg.82]
  • The Step-By-Step System Top CARS Scorers Use to Strategically Pinpoint the Correct Answer – [pg.108]
  • How CARS Masters Strategically Overcome Answer Choice Ambiguity (The Silent Killer of Most Premed’s CARS Score) – [pg.110]
  • What a 132 CARS Scorer Recommends You Do to Dramatically Increase Your Chances of Finding and Choosing the Correct Answer – [pg.111]
  • 7 Key Points and Important Reminders to Transform CARS From Being Your Weakest To One of Your Highest Scoring Sections – [pg.113]

Section 4 - The Art of Optimal Performance on Exam Day

In this section, you’ll learn:

  • How Top Scorers Strategically Plan and Prepare Days Before the MCAT (And Get a Huge Advantage Over Most Premeds) – [pg.115]
  • 3 Ways MCAT Masters Create a State of Peak Performance on Exam Day to Maximize Their Potential of Achieving a Competitive Score – [pg.116]
  • Top Scorer Beliefs That Can Catapult MCAT and Med-School Success (How MCAT Masters Remain Confident Throughout The MCAT Journey) – [pg.117]
  • How To Achieve MCAT Mediocrity: 16 Common MCAT Prep Mistakes Top Scorers Always Avoid At Any Cost – [pg.118]
  • 9 Mathematical Concepts Top Scorers Ensure They Know for the MCAT – [pg.119]
  • How MCAT Masters Remain In Their Element On Exam Day: Confident, Focused, And Ready For MCAT Mastery – [pg.120]
  • FINAL WORDS: A Reminder That the Mission Goes Beyond Your Inevitable MCAT and Med-School Success (PLUS A FREE OFFER!) – [pg.121]

There’s also a 5th Bonus Section called MCAT Master Prep Course Analysis & Recommendations, created for anyone in the process of deciding between big name prep companies.

Along with the Top Scorer MCAT Strategy Guide, you’ll get membership access to the VIP MCAT Mastery Member's Area with a bunch of other bonuses:

MCAT Mastery Online Gems Resources Section Access – Get access to a constantly updated section that directs you to free online MCAT prep resources that you probably never knew existed. These take months to dig up but just like everything else, they’ll be at your fingertips. Includes a lot of download links to complete content study notes from top scorers. 

MCAT Mastery Mnemonics Memorization Section Access – Get access to a constantly updated section that gives you a complete list of MCAT mnemonics to hack your memorization of MCAT concepts. The mnemonics are set up in a ‘reveal/hide' kind of way where you can test yourself on the spot.

MCAT Mastery Score Goal Strategy & Template Report – Get access to a PDF report that gives you a secret MCAT score goal template to print out. It’s based on an incredibly powerful motivation, and mind-conditioning strategy used by the most successful people of our time. This strategy alone has been a game-changer for a lot of our students who scored 510+.

MCAT Mastery Mistake Tracker & Analysis Worksheet – Most premeds don’t have a proper system for tracking their mistakes and thus, don’t see steady improvements in their scores. They miss key ingredients and factors that must be noted. This worksheet provides you with a perfect ready-to-print template that you can use to track practice exams mistakes, in a way that gets you asking the right questions to identify your weaknesses. Top scorers have found this incredibly valuable to prevent them from making those mistakes again which leads to scores going up with every practice exam.

Plus you'll get access to these other bonuses:

  • The MCAT Mastery "Quick Tips" Report
  • The Schedule Builder Excel Template
  • The Med-School Admission Strategies Report (Coming Soon)

Lastly, you’ll also get the CARS Mastery Report:  CARS Strategies From Strictly 130+ Scorers.

If you're struggling with CARS or want to completely master CARS, you can use the SAME secrets that have led premeds to score 130+ and get admission into their dream med-schools:

  • Step-by-step guidelines to think critically like a 130+ scorer to improve your CARS score continuously
  • 130+ scorer techniques to improve endurance, focus, and timing specifically for the CARS section
  • How to read passages and answer every question using 130+ scorer shortcuts, hacks and frameworks
  • 130+ scorer daily CARS practice strategic routine: Follow this to guarantee a boost to your CARS score in the smartest way possible
  • And much, much more!

Everything in the Top Scorer MCAT Strategy Package are resources top scorers wish they had when they started out – it would have saved them months of studying for the MCAT in an inefficient way without seeing scores increase.

It sure helped these 510+ scorers get their competitive scores:

Amanda Naylor
MCAT Score: 514

"Using the strategies in this guide, I was able to achieve my goal score and then some… This guide is perfect for MCAT test takers..."

This guide helped me plan my studies, which was very important for me as a self-study MCAT test taker. The MCAT Mastery guide covers all areas of MCAT prep very well. Using the strategies in this guide, I was able to achieve my goal score and then some. Specifically, I used the Feynman Technique... Choosing a concept I needed to understand better, simplifying my explanation to an elementary school level, revising my explanation as difficulties arose, and utilizing analogies. This strategy is perfect for MCAT test takers and has helped me both in MCAT prep and graduate school. Thank you, MCAT Mastery, for sharing your useful guide!

Troy Dolmetsch
MCAT Score: 512

“The MCAT Mastery Guide is what I turned to when my practice exam scores stalled… my only regret is not getting the Guide sooner!” 

​The MCAT Mastery Guide is what I turned to when my practice exam scores stalled and my self-studying needed to be revamped. The strategies offered through MCAT Mastery made total sense to me, yet I had not seen these sort of tips offered in other study resources. After reading my MCAT Mastery resources I immediately restructured my mindset and my study habits, which made the difference in obtaining a desirable score on test day. The MCAT Mastery Guide is applicable for all types of students with strategies that are both easy and worthwhile to implement; my only regret is not getting the Guide sooner!

Alisha Khambati
MCAT Score: 510

“... the MCAT Mastery Strategy Guide taught me strategies to conquer my own challenges of lacking a great amount of information and background knowledge on high yield tested topics.” 

I took the MCAT in my freshman year of college, where I had not taken many of the upper division courses such as biochemistry, psychology, physics etc. so it was a strenuous journey for me as I had to self teach myself the most prevalent subjects in the MCAT sections. As we all know, the MCAT is a beast and the MCAT Mastery Strategy Guide taught me strategies to conquer my own challenges of lacking a great amount of information and background knowledge on high yield tested topics.

I was really struggling in the CARS section and didn’t really have a study plan or schedule, but through the MCAT Mastery Strategy Guide, I created my own personalized study schedule, learned how to understand each and every problem rather than just memorize the question type and actually had a strategy on how to highlight selectively, eliminate answer choices, and interpret statistical data.

Anthony Anzalone
MCAT Score: 514

“…The guide truly guided me on my path to succeeding on the MCAT. I highly recommend this guide to anyone who is serious about scoring well on the MCAT.”

The MCAT Mastery Strategy Guide helped me understand the nuances necessary to score well on the MCAT. The guide was more than just generic advice given in test books and more than just material, the guide truly guided me on my path to succeeding on the MCAT. I highly recommend this guide to anyone who is serious about scoring well on the MCAT.

The Most Important Question: Is The Top Scorer MCAT Strategy Package Right For You?

This package might be right for you, and it might not.

By now, you've probably gotten a sense of whether or not these MCAT prep strategies can help you improve your MCAT prep efficiency and get the MCAT score you want and need for med-school admission.

If it's right for you, that's great. If not, that's OK too. 

We designed this program with a very specific, very particular set of potential students in mind.

Before we continue, please keep in mind that this is probably not for you if...

  • You are satisfied with your current MCAT score and are seeing steady increases with every practice exam. If this is the case for you, you probably already are applying the correct strategies. This might be something you won't enjoy. This system is mainly for people who are NOT satisfied with their MCAT progress and scores they're getting.
  • You are expecting a magic pill to get a high score or to see a 10-point score increase. We can’t promise that.  You can see that kind of score increase and fairly quickly, but it will require you to actually take action on these strategies and that takes some discipline and MOTIVATION.
  • You expect results without putting any effort. You have to be passionate about becoming a doctor and doing well on this exam and willing to put in the time and follow the steps.

On the other hand, here’s who this has worked for…

Anyone who:

  • Is scoring 500 or less on the MCAT and needs a FAST score improvement of at least 10 points
  • Has already written the MCAT before and suffered a low score
  • Doesn’t know how to start studying for the MCAT
  • Is not seeing scores improve consistently with every practice exam
  • Wants to score close to or higher than 510
  • Feels stressed or discouraged about the MCAT
  • Wants to avoid the same mistakes most re-testers make
  • Is overwhelmed with the amount of material required to learn and apply
  • Is not retaining enough information
  • Is struggling with finishing the exam on time
  • Is finding time to be a huge barrier and is feeling like time is running out fast
  • Is feeling like they’ve got a later start than everybody else
  • Doesn’t know how to approach poorly written/vague MCAT questions
  • Is struggling with the CARS section and/or wants to completely master the CARS section
  • Has spent months studying for the MCAT but isn’t seeing any results
  • Is finding it hard to study boring topics
  • Wants to know the most effective way to use practice exams
  • Keeps making stupid mistakes when they know the material
  • Is struggling to stay motivated and focused to study and prep efficiently for the MCAT
  • Desperately needs a high MCAT score because of low or average GPA

How Much is a 1 Point Score Increase Worth To You?

How much of a score increase do you need to reach your target score goal?

For example, if your target is 510 and your average (or most recent) score is 500, you need a 10 point increase.

Knowing that, how much is each point increase worth to you in dollars?

Let's say someone says a 10 point increase is worth $1000 to them, that means each point increase is worth $100 to them.

Now let’s assume that the Top Scorer Strategy Package does NOT perform for you as well as we're promising… in other words, let’s be “realistic” or “conservative” about it. Instead of increasing your MCAT score by 10 points, let’s say that it only gives you a 3-5 point increase...

Can you imagine what a 3-5 point increase could mean for you? If you're scoring in the high 490s, that can easily put you over the 500 mark.

Now let's say you DO get the score increase we're promising, and see a 10 point score increase... What would be going through your mind when you constantly see your practice test results showing you a competitive MCAT score?!

So let's talk about the total value of the Top Scorer MCAT Strategy Package...

Here's a summary of the original value of each resource:

  • The Top Scorer MCAT Strategy Guide ($47 Value)
  • VIP MCAT Mastery Member's Area Access ($85 Total Value)
  • MCAT Mastery Online Gems & Free Resources Section Access ($20 Value)
  • MCAT Mastery Mnemonics Memorization Section Access ($20 Value)
  • MCAT Mastery Mistake Tracker & Analysis Worksheet ($10 Value)
  • MCAT Mastery Score Goal Strategy PDF Report & Template ($10 Value)
  • MCAT Mastery Schedule Builder Excel Template ($5 Value)
  • MCAT Mastery "Quick Tips" PDF Report ($5 Value)
  • MCAT Mastery Med-School Admission Strategies PDF Report ($15 Value)
  • CARS Mastery Report: Strictly 130+ Scorer Strategies To Dominate CARS ($24 Value)

The total for the whole package is normally $156.

We usually give it to the general public for $99 during promotional events.

But like we said, you’re going to get a special offer.

But first let’s say it was $99...

If all we did was …

Get your MCAT score to surpass your next milestone, whether that’s 500 or 510, would that be worth it?

Give you the strategies to increase your score by only 3-5 points, would that be worth it? 

The real cost incurred of learning these strategies is thousands of dollars in time and money spent researching and interviewing top scorers.

Other prep courses and tutors that teach MCAT strategy cost several hundreds (if not thousands in some cases), but students are happy to spend that kind of money to learn from just ONE MCAT “expert" (who may or may not be an actual top scorer) in hopes of increasing their MCAT score…

Which is why we know the Top Scorer Strategy Package would be a great deal at $99…

But because you’ve recently joined the MCAT Mastery family and we really want our community members to be in the 40%  of applicants who get med-school admission...

We’re going to give you access to all the VIP Member's Area bonuses including the CARS Mastery report for FREE.

Meaning you only pay for the Top Scorer MCAT Strategy Guide and get EVERYTHING else for $0!

And to make this offer even sweeter for you because we REALLY want you to get the strategies you need to completely blow the MCAT out of the water this year, we’re going to take another 20% off the guide.

So essentially we’re giving you the ENTIRE Top Scorer Strategy Package for just $37.

  • The Top Scorer MCAT Strategy Guide ($47 Value) $37 (20% OFF!)
  • VIP MCAT Mastery Member's Area Access ($85 Total Value) FREE!
  • MCAT Mastery Online Gems & Free Resources Section Access ($20 Value) FREE!
  • MCAT Mastery Mnemonics Memorization Section Access ($20 Value) FREE!
  • MCAT Mastery Mistake Tracker & Analysis Worksheet ($10 Value) FREE!
  • MCAT Mastery Score Goal Strategy PDF Report & Template ($10 Value) FREE!
  • MCAT Mastery Schedule Builder Excel Template ($5 Value) FREE!
  • MCAT Mastery "Quick Tips" PDF Report ($5 Value) FREE!
  • MCAT Mastery Med-School Admission Strategies PDF Report ($15 Value) FREE!
  • CARS Mastery Report: Strictly 130+ Scorer Strategies To Dominate CARS ($24 Value) FREE!

On top of it all, to make this a complete NO BRAINER, we’re going to give you a ‘higher MCAT score’ or your 90 Day Money Back Guarantee:

Increase Your MCAT Score or Your Money Back

If you don’t see your score increase after applying the strategies in this guide, email us and we’ll give you all of your money back. No questions.  We want you to get the best for your time and money and we've created this guarantee to take on all your risk AND to show you how incredibly confident we are that this is going to take your score to the next level.

So you have 2 choices…

Do nothing and not take this leap of faith (which is 100% risk free).

Or invest this small amount of a night out in yourself, in your future and just give it a shot. If it works for you great, if not just ask for your money back and we’ll rush it to you.

There’s no risk. In fact, it puts all the risk on us, exposing you to these proven strategies and tactics for mastering the MCAT which we’ve worked hard to compile, while still giving you the opportunity to say ‘no thanks’ at any time. You have nothing to lose and literally your dreams to gain.

Friendly warning: since this is a very rare offer, we’ve set an automatic expiry time on this deal.

All you need to do next is click the red button below and complete the checkout process.

Then you’ll be able to register your username and password so you can login to the VIP Member's Area where you can get access to all your resources and downloads.




Top Scorer MCAT Strategy Guide

Regular $47

$37 (20% OFF!)

VIP MCAT Members Area Access - 8 Bonus Resources

 Regular $85

$0 - FREE!

CARS Mastery Report: 130+ Scorer CARS Strategies

 Regular $24

$0 - FREE!


Regular $156

ONLY $37! (SAVE $119)

There are two types of premeds. We see this all the time…

  • Those who achieve their med-school dreams
  • Those who watch others acheive their med-school dreams

We don’t want you to be the 2nd premed. We want to help you achieve your competitive MCAT score and become the doctor you were born to be because we’re passionate about helping people who can make a positive difference in the world.

Remember the proven formula...

Extreme Motivation + The Correct MCAT Strategies = A Competitive MCAT Score That Gets Med-Schools Knocking On Your Door

Thank you for reading through to the end. It’s been an honor to have your attention. We’re grateful for your time because we know there’s a million other things you could be reading.

We win if you’re getting results on your MCAT so let us know what results you get. It’s been a huge blessing to spend this time with you. Now go get the strategy package before this deal expires and we’ll talk to you soon!

You got this,

The MCAT Mastery Team

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[More Reviews] What Recent Premeds Have Said About How The MCAT Strategy Guide Helped Boost Their Score

Adrianna Olszewski

VIP MCAT Mastery Member

"I was apprehensive to spend money on a guide to taking a test... but it was worth it!"

"The MCAT Mastery Strategy Guide provided me with many tips that helped with my studying! I was apprehensive to spend money on a guide to taking a test... but it was worth it! They present information in a logical way which lets you apply it in a step by step process. The guide also made me feel confident about my studying going forward; I know what to do next, and how to be the most successful. Their tips aren't crazy recommendations, they are simple corrections to make to improve your studying. I think this is something all premed students need to hear when studying for the MCAT."

David Ho​​​​

VIP MCAT Mastery Member

"I found everything I needed in this guide... Consider it a small investment with tremendous benefits to reap."

"I've been studying content and practicing questions endlessly but was looking for something that would provide key tips and strategies when actually taking the MCAT. I found everything I needed in this guide. It broke down preparation for the MCAT into 4 easy to follow sections and each one provided more than enough valuable advice that I feel will work as I continue my studies. It has provided me with fuel to my studying and has armed me with the weapons necessary to wisely endure down this path of studying to test day. I feel more confident, I feel more prepared, and I feel more ready to take on this challenge that I have ahead of me. For those of you who are on the fences about buying this guide, consider it a small investment with tremendous benefits to reap. You won't be disappointed!."

Rewriting the MCAT? Here's What Recent MCAT Retakers Had To Say About The MCAT Strategy Guide

Mina Entessari

VIP MCAT Mastery Member

"Gave Me Confidence That I Can Achieve the Score I Know I am Capable Of and Not Give Up On My Journey..."

​​​​Having taken the MCAT before and using a test prep company I did not receive the score I wanted nor the score I knew I was capable of receiving. Signing up to take the MCAT for the second time really made me feel void of direction on how to approach my studying and I what I need to do differently in order to improve my score. Reading so many opinion posts online only made me feel more disoriented. The MCAT Strategy Guide really helped me organize my thoughts on how to effectively study and realize the common mistakes I was making. It really gave me confidence that I can achieve the score I know I am capable of and to not give up on my journey to becoming a future physician despite the long and challenging road.

Natalia B.

VIP MCAT Mastery Member

"Taught Me How To Take a Different Approach to Obtain Different Results."

I am in the process of taking the MCAT for the THIRD time. I have read this MCAT Mastery guide, and it really helped me hone in on my weaknesses from the first two attempts! The definition of insanity is doing the same thing and expecting different results. This is what I did for my first two attempt. MCAT Mastery taught me how to take a different approach to the MCAT to obtain different results.


"Helped Me Create The Best Study Schedule For Myself"

The MCAT Mastery Strategy Guide was great! The tips inside really helped me to to create the best study schedule for myself since I studied for the exam on my own. Everything isn't for everyone. Just take what works for you. I used about 85% of it. Definitely recommend!

Bosoye O. | VIP MCAT Mastery Member

"I Had Fantastic Improvement"

Reading this MCAT Mastery Manual reassured me that I was on the right track with my strategies, answer analysis, and choice of MCAT prep. I had fantastic improvement when I used the POE on the top 3 choices and took advantage of detailed answer analysis.

Aakshan Lidhar | VIP MCAT Mastery Member

"This Guide Is So Amazing. Thank You!"

My name is Sheileen Karry, I'm from Puerto Rico. I'm working and studying and the time is limited to study. But MCAT Mastery is helping me to study for the MCAT. This guide is so amazing! Thank you!

Sheileen Karry | VIP MCAT Mastery Member

"The CARS Section Was Especially Helpful"

MCAT Mastery helped guide me in these last few weeks before my exam. I feel more confident now going into the MCAT, and know that I CAN succeed on test day! The CARS advice section was especially helpful for me, so thank you!

Camilla | VIP MCAT Mastery Member

"I Wish I Had This Sooner!"

I wish I had this sooner! The little tricks and tips in this guide have definitely helped me in my studying but have also helped my confidence and motivation. Very important information was provided in this guide, I think it will help anyone who chooses to read it.

Mackenzie Obert  | VIP MCAT Mastery Member

"Changed The Way I View MCAT Studying"

I read  MCAT Mastery's ebook and it has completely changed the way I view MCAT studying. I am planning to become an MCAT Master and it has definitely helped me on my journey.

Anita Jones | VIP MCAT Mastery Member

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