How To Study For The MCAT With A Learning Disability

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We All Learn At Different Speeds, In Different Ways

Some of us have it much harder than others and often feel ashamed for not being able to keep up like everyone else.

If you can relate, we want to let you know that it's okay to be different. You CAN succeed on the MCAT and achieve your doctor dreams. Want proof? 

Meet Michael Chichioco, who was diagnosed with a learning disability and Tourette Syndrome before high school...

No doubt, the MCAT was a struggle for him but he ended up scoring a 517 (94th percentile)! 

He's truly an inspiration and has put in the effort to create a new video for you on how to study when you have a learning disability.

Whether you've been diagnosed with a learning disability or you feel like you're not a good test-taker, or you read slower than others, or if you feel like your score isn't improving no matter what you do... 

You'll get something from this video.

Video Notes: 6 Tips And Strategies To Keep In Mind When Studying For The MCAT With A Learning Disability

 1. Take Advantage Of Available Resources At School 
  • Take advantage of the Disability Resource Centre
  • They can help you develop a plan for academic success throughout college
2. Seek Out An Evaluation From A Psychologist Or A Specialist
  • This can help you understand what might help you
  • An evaluation from a specialist is required when taking the MCAT with accommodations (link below!) 
3. Take Advantage Of Online Communities
  • You can get specific information regarding your struggles from people in similar situations
  •  A great way to connect with people who know specific strategies to help you
4. Reflect On Your Strengths And Weaknesses As A Learner
  • Ask yourself what you struggle with
  •  Pinpoint what are you good and bad at
  • Figure out what works for you to develop a plan moving forward
5. Make A Plan Specific To Your Individual Needs
  • Avoid comparison with other people!
  •  Not be afraid of your specific plan if it is different from your peers
6. Trust Yourself - You Know Yourself Best
  • Put in the time to know yourself!

Lastly, whatever you're unique struggle is, know that you're not alone...

And more importantly, know that you are capable of all the success that everyone else is. 

We all want nothing more than to see you succeed on the MCAT and get into med-school...

And you will.

You got this,

The MCAT Mastery Team
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The MCAT Mastery Team

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We're a team of future doctors passionate about giving back and mentoring other future doctors! All mentors on the team are top MCAT scorers and we all are committed to seeing you succeed in achieving your physician dreams 🩺  To help you increase your MCAT score to the competitive mark quickly, we have collaboratively created these self-paced MCAT strategy courses and are also available for one-on-one tutoring!

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