MCAT Retake Success Story: How She Scored Over 510 The Second Time

One of the most common, most painful experiences for MCAT test-takers everywhere is taking the MCAT and receiving a disappointing MCAT score...

Knowing you'll have re-test.

It can be discouraging and we hope this MCAT success story inspires you.

We want this to be the last time you ever write the MCAT.

We hope these MCAT success stories give you the confidence you need to know that you CAN get a significant increase in your MCAT score that makes you competitive for med-school.

We also hope you use these case studies to not only use the top scorer tips recommended, but also to learn from their mistakes so you don't make similar ones.

With that said, in this article, we'd like to introduce you to Suman Ali, a top scorer at MCAT Mastery.

When Suman first wrote the MCAT, she scored a 503:


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But after revamping her MCAT prep approach and applying correct strategies, she took the MCAT once more and received an impressive 511 (with a 130 in CARS!):

Suman MCAT Score

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We asked Suman what were some of the things she did to increase her MCAT score that we could share with you (with a special focus on what materials she used that helped the most). 

Here's what she said...

This was my second time taking the exam and I found the ExamKrackers material helped me the most. It was simplified so that it made sense, but all the material was covered. 
Additionally, make use of all the practice exams that you can, especially the AAMC ones. They are the most accurate as to what you should expect on the exam. I found the EK ones useful as well because even though I found them harder, the explanations were much better. They describe in detail why the correct answer is correct and same for incorrect answers. They also give you multiple ways to get the answer which helps in training how you should be thinking.

Every time I reviewed a test I would write down why I got it wrong and focused a lot on my thought process by categorizing the answers into "correct by guessing", "incorrect because I did not know", "did not interpret the passage correct" and so on.

Flashcards for things that you should memorize such as amino acids, formulas, and sociological and psychological concepts are really useful.

Lastly the MCAT guide provided by MCAT Mastery was extremely useful and I utilized many of the tools they provided as well.

I did not use the the tools from MCAT Mastery until a month into my prep, but I found it extremely useful. It really helped me hone in my studying and work on more effective strategies.

The tips were extremely useful and easy to practice. I read the strategy guide in one sitting and then broke it down into how I would continue to approach the questions.

I also think the CARS Mastery Report helped me. I started using all the tips they provided in answering questions and it helped me to get the score that I got. Basically, all the information in these packets really helped me towards the end of my studies to focus and use the information I already knew and apply it to answering the questions effectively."

Whether you're retaking the MCAT this year, or whether you're writing it for the first time, KNOW that you are capable of increasing your MCAT score and scoring over 510.

You have what it takes.

It's not about how smart you are. It's not about how there is too much material to learn. It's simply about how you're approaching your MCAT prep.

Stop trying to figure out the approach by yourself.

Stop using the approach of those who don't have 90+ percentile MCAT scores to back up their strategies and advice. 

This is your med-school and doctor dream we're talking about...

Don't gamble with it. 

Use the proven, most reliable MCAT prep approach out there of top scorers before you... 

So your med-school application and years of hard work doesn't end up overlooked and in the rejection pile.

You got this, 

The MCAT Mastery Team
Your MCAT Success Mentors 

P.S. We're grateful to Suman for sharing her MCAT prep advice with you and providing her feedback on how the Top Scorer MCAT Strategy Guide and 130+ Scorer CARS Mastery Report helped her achieve her competitive 511 MCAT score. Thank you Suman!

The MCAT Mastery Team

About The MCAT Mastery Team

Every year MCAT Mastery helps thousands of premeds in achieving their target MCAT score goal so they can get into the med-school of their dreams. The dedicated team at MCAT Mastery accomplishes this by conducting ongoing research and paid interviews with 90+ percentile MCAT scorers, to bring you the most credible, most proven MCAT prep strategies on the planet.

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