MCAT Study Buddy Do’s & Don’ts From A 520 Scorer

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In this post we want to talk to you about an MCAT study hack that is underrated... Having an MCAT study buddy!

A lot of people 'think' they'd rather study alone...

Many have tried it and found it to be unhelpful, even distracting...

In both cases, they're missing out on a strategic way to increase their scores. Why? 

They haven't truly grasped the leverage that comes with having an MCAT study buddy! 

You can't dismiss a great study hack when:

1) You haven't even tried it. 
2) You tried it but did it wrong. 

Aly Dwight, 520 scorer and MCAT mentor, credits A LOT of her success to studying with a friend...

And in this video, she breaks down why it's smart idea to get an MCAT study buddy, and the exact ways she and her friend leveraged each other to boost their MCAT scores. 

Also if you already have a study buddy:

1) Nice! You strategic premed you.
2) The tips in this video will help you both take your MCAT study game to the next level!

You (both) got this,

The MCAT Mastery Team
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The MCAT Mastery Team

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We're a team of future doctors passionate about giving back and mentoring other future doctors! All mentors on the team are top MCAT scorers and we all are committed to seeing you succeed in achieving your physician dreams 🩺  To help you increase your MCAT score to the competitive mark quickly, we have collaboratively created these self-paced MCAT strategy courses and are also available for one-on-one tutoring!

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