Skyrocket Your MCAT Score With This 510+ Scorer MCAT Study Technique

Here’s a simple and very common top MCAT scorer strategy that isn’t repeated enough and isn’t taken as seriously as it should be…We suggest you take it seriously if you want to see some powerful improvements in your MCAT score:


Always conduct practice tests under test-day conditions.Maybe you’ve already heard of this strategy…But are you sure you’re doing it correctly? The way top scorers before you have done?And most importantly… Are you actually doing it at all?!Top scorers highly recommend applying this strategy consistently, and applying it properly. Why is it SO important? Glad you asked!For one, practicing under test day conditions will show you the kind of time pressure you’re going to have to get comfortable with.Imagine you realize the intensity of that pressure when you’re just a month away from test day…You’d be overwhelmed in fear and worry!Unfortunately, that’s what is happening to most people writing the MCAT – those who aren’t putting this and many other proven MCAT strategies into practice.So are you going to do it now?! You know what, just to be sure that you will, here are 12 reasons why we desperately want you to make sure you put this top scorer strategy into place…

12 Reasons To Apply This Top Scorer Strategy

1 – You will develop an accurate understanding of your timing abilities

2 – You will discover a balance between reading passages and answering questions, that works for you

3 – You will learn when to skip hard questions for later in order to first answer as many easy questions as possible

4 – Your test endurance will increase and get stronger (extremely important) 

5 – Your concentration will be more precise

6 – Your overall performance will increase

7 – You will get a greater sense of confidence for the real test.

8 – On exam day you won’t have nerves and stressful emotions hindering your ability to think at your highest capacity

9 – By the time you actually write the real MCAT, it won’t seem any different than what you have already experienced

10 – Your ability to focus for longer and not get tired will strengthen

11 – On real test day, you will be confident in your answers and won’t second guess yourself

12 – You’ll develop overall confidence for this entire journey which is a priceless feeling to have

If you’ve already started preparing for the MCAT and haven’t done a practice test under test day conditions, don’t worry, just do it as soon as you can.Do this with your first practice test and do it with your last.When you do it with your first, you’ll see exactly what you’re up against when it comes to the MCAT.You’ll have an objective idea of it in your mind. Unlike most people, you don’t want to have ‘just an idea’ of what the MCAT is going to be like…And yes, after you do this the first time, it’ll scare you. But that’s okay, because that fear will motivate you for the next few months as you prep for the MCAT.Eventually, you’ll be glad you took that first practice test under real testing day conditions because as you continue studying using the right strategies, you’ll see tangible, measurable improvements that will bring you confidence.Also, out of all the MCAT writers competing with you on your test date, how many do you think will have had the determination and dedication to actually apply this strategy during their MCAT prep? Less than 10% is our guess.Out of that 10%, how many do you think did it correctly?We know that out of all of those those who are actually smart enough to take action and apply this strategy, too many aren’t doing it right.Which is good news for you because we’re going to show you right way to do it – the proven way extremely determined top MCAT scorers before you have done it.This is where knowing proven top scorer strategies comes at a huge advantage…Because even if there are people who are applying strategies to their MCAT prep (which is the only way to get a high MCAT score), most of them are likely doing it with extremely low effectiveness. So when you apply it correctly, how competitive do you think you’ll be as an MCAT writer? Competitive AF if you ask us!So here’s how top scorers simulate test-day conditions during practice:

How Top Scorers Simulate Test-Day Conditions

  • Start at 8am or as close to it as possible
  • Try to use a desktop computer with a mouse
  • Bring snacks and lunch you’d eat on test day
  • Eliminate distractions (turn music off, don’t go to coffee shop, etc.)
  • Don’t go somewhere too quiet because the test room will have ambient noise from other testers (chairs, bodily noises) – library is probably your best choice
  • Time yourself with test-day timing
  • Take all the time during breaks
  • Take the test in proper order
  • Never go over the time limit
  • Always answer every question (timing will help you pace your question-answering)

Also, if you’re going to simulate the actual test day, might as well go ALL OUT once or twice before the actual test.

What do we mean by “all out”? If you’re truly determined, you can even test how your diet, sleep, mood, caffeine-intake affect the way you perform on MCAT practice tests!Figure out what physical state gives you the best results, and leverage that for actual test-day.In fact, we even talk about developing peak performance on MCAT test day in our Top Scorer MCAT Strategy Guide.We know that if you can take this strategy to that level and go all out, we have no doubt that you’re truly dedicated to destroy the MCAT this year…And we’d put our savings on the line to bet that you will!We created MCAT Mastery for future doctors like you, who are willing to go the extra mile and use these top scorer secrets to get a competitive MCAT score in the smartest way possible.Once you take a proven strategic approach to studying for the MCAT, you will crush it with a competitive MCAT score that will light the path for you get into an awesome med-school…We promise you that.You got this,The MCAT Mastery TeamYour “MCAT Success” Mentors

The MCAT Mastery Team

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