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2018 MCAT Test Dates: How To Pick Your Test Day To Maximize Chances of Med-School Admission

2018 MCAT test dates (list below) are out! Now what? 

Well, it's time...

It's time to decide on the best and smartest testing date for YOU.

It's time to make an optimal study and testing plan based on your unique situation.

And it's time to figure out your overall strategic approach that will put you ahead of all your MCAT and med-school competitors.

We'll cover all of that and more in this post. 


But first, here's are the 2018 MCAT dates (click on the image if you want to zoom):

2018 MCAT Test Dates By MCAT Mastery

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Everything To Keep In Mind When Choosing Your MCAT Test Date

The only way you can make the smartest and best decision for your test day is if you have all the information at your fingertips. 

Below we've succinctly noted pretty much everything you need to know make a strategic plan and smart decisions.

Initially, we'll talk about med-schools that have rolling admissions and review applications as they're received. Then, we'll talk about med-schools that have hard deadlines and no rolling admissions.

Most schools in Canada (and less than a dozen in U.S.) have hard deadlines and no rolling admissions.

So let's begin...

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    Every med school has a limited number of seats in their classes. The more students they bring on, the less seats they have. Thus, applying early is key because it increases your chances of qualifying for a seat. Which means it would be smartest to write the MCAT very early.
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    When admissions committee is reviewing your application, you want there to be 100% availability in seats so your chances of acceptance are high, as long as you meet specific requirements for your target school.
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    AMCAS applications open early May to submit to medical schools in early June, which means no matter how early you test, you'll only be able to input your application in May and apply in early June. And if you want to be part of the very first set of applicants, you've got to be ready hit that submit button on the very first day you can in June.
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    It takes approximately 30 days from your test date to get your MCAT score results back, therefore ideally, you want to write that MCAT on or before the final April test date so you can be ready when May rolls around.
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    However, if you're not ready by April, don't test in April! If you're not confident about hitting your MCAT score goal, then you're better off delaying. A mediocre score with early application doesn't get you accepted quickly, it gets you rejected quickly.
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    After August, competition usually reaches it's peak. You can test at this time, but we wouldn't recommend it.
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    Don't treat your med-school application as any less important than your MCAT. Give yourself all the time you can for it. Get it reviewed by credible people. If you can, get started on them before applications even open by Googling the essays, getting all your transcripts, LORs, etc. ready to go.
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    If you write your MCAT early but don't submit your applications as soon as you possibly can, there was no point in you testing early in the first place.
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    Even though some schools have late deadlines, don't try to write your MCAT in January, hoping you'll start med-school in Fall of that year. Even if you somehow make the application, chances are high that you won't be accepted.
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    Testing in January is a good idea if you studied all summer and fall, and feel ready to get the exam done with. This way you can get your scores by Feb and just wait until May to start application. You can use that time in the middle for a lot of things such as travel and extracurriculars.
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    Some schools don't have rolling admissions and have hard deadlines. This doesn't mean that you should wait until the last minute to write your MCAT and risk not being prepared.
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    We recommend scheduling your MCAT test date at least 2 months before the deadline. This gives you breathing space and is valuable in the case that 'shit happens'.
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    A lot of things can get in the way of your plan (environmental issues, physical issues, family issues, etc.), so be smart and don't schedule your test for the very last possible day because if something happens and you can't test that day, you'll be waiting an entire cycle.
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    Do not submit an application without an MCAT score letting them know you're testing soon. Your application will mostl likely get 'passed on'. 
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    Don't apply if your score isn't near or at the med-schools criteria. If you didn't get the score you want (because you probably didn't follow our MCAT study and testing strategies), you can try other schools, but if you want your dream school, withhold your application, retest and get that target score.
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    Your MCAT score will be the deciding factor in the admission committee giving your application a second glance. Don't take this test lightly. Study smart and destroy it the first time around (no point wasting time writing it again). The way to study smart is with a focus on using proven MCAT study and testing strategies we've covered throughout this blog.
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    Read this article on How To Start Studying For The MCAT to Score in the 90th Percentile. You'll be glad you did.

So there you have it.

Everything you need to know to achieve your desired MCAT and med-school admission outcomes strategically.

It's a tedious, long process. No doubt. But you have what it takes. You've made it this far.

Our last advice for you in this article is to keep your med-school and doctor vision in the forefront of your mind at all times now....

Like a mountain climber focused on getting to the top of the mountain. 

The climb isn't easy, but guess what... The best climbers enjoy the climb.

And to be honest, the climb never ends - you'll always have higher dreams to reach for.

So if you aren't already, start enjoying the climb now because that's precisely the attitude that'll not only make you an amazing medical student, but also an amazing doctor.

You got this,
MCAT Mastery

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