Meet your awesome MCAT Mastery Mentors

We’re more than just your tutors; we’re your friends that lift you up when you’re discouraged, we’re your coaches that hold you accountable and give you unfiltered feedback, we’re your strategy-focused mentors that show you the MCAT CAN be mastered and your score CAN improve quickly with a focus on strategy, mindset, practice, and learning exactly how to think through this exam like a future doctor.

MCAT Score: 515

Ariana Campbell

Having to manage a full course load, work, extracurriculars and more during her MCAT prep, Ariana went from scoring in the 490s to a 515 on the MCAT in just 3 months, with a 98th percentile CARS score. 

Meet Ariana

"As a somewhat nontraditional student, I decided to go to medical school during my senior year. I realized the MCAT was the biggest hurdle standing between me and applying to medical school, but I also knew I had other commitments that I needed to keep up with. I juggled MCAT studying, a full course load, work, extracurricular activities, and being a caretaker for my father who had been recently diagnosed with advanced stage cancer. During my MCAT journey I learned some important lessons, like how to capitalize on the sections your good at; how to increase your weaker areas; and how to create a schedule around your other activities, so that you can improve your score. I know what it is like to have obligations other than the MCAT and had to find the best way to manage a schedule, so that I could achieve a good score even when I couldn’t commit 8 hours a day. I would love to share what I have learned with you to help you raise your score, while still balancing your life. Scoring well on the MCAT is possible and I look forward to working with you!"

Ariana - MCAT Tutor

MCAT Score: 512

Troy Dolmetsch

Only spending 7 weeks total to study for the MCAT, Troy found himself stuck at a 499 when there was less than 3 weeks left to his test day. That's when he revamped his approach and strategies and ended up increasing his score by 13 points to a 512 in those last 24 days before his MCAT test date! Troy is also a med-school admission/application/interview coach and has served on the interviewee committee at his school. 

Meet Troy

Hi I'm Troy! I'm currently a 3rd year medical student and have been tutoring with MCAT Mastery for two years! When I took the MCAT myself, I already graduated from undergrad, and had to balance my prep with many other life responsibilities like full-time research and medical school applications. In just 7 weeks of studying under these conditions, I was able to achieve a 512 on my MCAT, with a 99th percentile score on the P/S section! After finding such success on the exam, I went on to be accepted to 4 medical schools and took a gap year before actually enrolling in order to travel and conduct research.  In terms of tutoring, I have worked with many students over the past 2 years at MCAT Mastery, several of which have gone on to gain acceptance into medical school. As a mentor, I take a special interest in improving mental approach and confidence (as those are extremely important to MCAT success) as well as coaching students to help with medical school applications and interviews. 

Troy - MCAT Tutor

MCAT Score: 518

Julia Wickman

After 400+ hours of studying, Julia found herself plateauing at a 508 just 6 weeks before her test date. That's when the strategy clicked and her scores jumped to 513-519. Ultimately in those final 45 days, she managed to increase her to score by 11 points and achieved a 518 (96th percentile) by test day! Julia also scored in the 99th percentile in CARS!

Meet Julia

"Hi! I’m Julia and like most MCAT writers, my journey with the MCAT was not a smooth one. At the beginning of my process, I had a hard time seeing that the MCAT was so much more than a content-based exam, but rather a test of strategy and pacing as well! I felt like I was burning out, and didn’t know if it could do it, but once I realized both that I needed better testing strategies and that I had to be more positive in my approach, there was a huge learning curve. A 518, which seemed inaccessible before, became a reality! I’m looking forward to coaching you towards a positive frame of mind, where you can view the MCAT as an opportunity rather than an obstacle. You don’t know how capable you are. Anyone can master the MCAT! Your score goal is possible, and I’m looking forward to working with you so that you can get there!”

Julia - MCAT Tutor

MCAT Score: 524

Mehul Nimpal

Despite receiving poor practice scores and feeling lack of motivation to study, Mehul made the commitment to focused strategic studying and in 3.5 months, took his score from the low 500s to a 524 (100th percentile) on test day!

Meet Mehul

"Hi! My name is Mehul and I’m a currently studying neuroscience in Canada. I wrote the MCAT in summer 2020 and would love to help you achieve the MCAT score you’re aiming for! I know that the MCAT prep process can sometimes feel incredibly long and tedious, and that it’s hard at times to find the motivation to continue. I’ve also faced problems remaining positive in light of a poor practice test score or after continuing to make the same mistakes again and again for weeks on end. But I managed to overcome these hurdles, and totally believe that you can too! I’ve been tutoring in some form or another for about 7 years, and absolutely love teaching. I’m going to focus on strategies, tips, and tricks that I used during my MCAT experience as well as ways I learned to approach AAMC-style questions so that you can learn how to actually write the exam, not just study forward.

Mehul - MCAT Tutor

MCAT Score: 513

Tim Knebel

Tim was a non-traditional MCAT test taker, who dropped out of college and three years later decided to pursue medicine. After nearly giving up from massive burnout, he increased his score from 500 to a 513 in the last 4 weeks before his MCAT test date!

Meet Tim

“My name is Tim Knebel, a Biochemistry student at UCSD (graduate in 2020) who scored a 513 on the MCAT and has been tutoring college students since 2016. Although I managed to do well on the MCAT, I really struggled through the studying process. At times, I was completely lost with how to improve my score, how to move more efficiently through the exam, or even how to study better. I got so burnt out and frustrated I took several weeks off from studying and only returned to studying a month from my test date. In a nutshell, my MCAT journey was not pretty. However, that experience means that I understand how you feel when you aren’t getting the scores you want, are unsure of how to study more efficiently, and don’t know what to do next. In addition to being able to help with content and test-taking skills, I can help you develop a way of thinking about the exam such that your energy, study time, and exam time are maximized. I am all about efficiency, patience, and creating a personal approach that’s catered to my student’s needs, strengths, and weaknesses."

Tim - MCAT Tutor

MCAT Score: 514

Hope Cain

As a retaker who only scored a 500 on her first MCAT, Hope faced the pressure of taking the MCAT a second time, just 6 weeks after her first test. In less than 45 days, she increased her score by 14 points and scored a 514!

Meet Hope

"Hi! I am Hope and I am about to start medical school at UAB in the fall. My MCAT experience has not necessarily been the easiest in the world. I am a retaker, but I increased my score by 14 points in a matter of 1.5 months. I believe I did this by changing my attitude and revamping my study habits. My previous studying habits, like memorizing information a week or so before the test, didn't work for the MCAT. I had to teach myself how to take proper notes, listen to videos, review information daily, etc. I also had to teach myself to have a better attitude. Like many students, I was very overwhelmed and stressed over the amount of material, length of test, and the magnitude of the test. I had to get over that and look at the MCAT as an opportunity, something I could prove my knowledge of. Scoring well on the MCAT is possible and I look forward to working with you and helping you increase your MCAT score!"

Hope-MCAT Tutor

MCAT Score: 519

Joseph (Joe) Cornella

2.5 months before his test date, Joe was scoring in the 500-505 range. In less than 10 weeks, he ended up increasing his score by more than 14 points to a 519 on the MCAT! The most amazing part? A firm believer in the importance of positivity and strategic improvement, while studying himself, Joe also guided another fellow student to a 15+ point increase in the same time frame!

Meet Joseph

"Hello! My name is Joseph and I am excited to be your tutor! I am from Phoenix, Arizona, and just recently graduated from Arizona State University with a BS in Microbiology. I love to play the cello and am passionate about music and both scientific and artistic aspects of life. I studied for the MCAT the summer after graduation and took it after 3 months of studying. I received a 97th percentile score, and have helped some of my friends with their studying too. I believe I have a good grasp of visualizing concepts and obtaining a higher level of understanding that will help you with your MCAT. I am always looking to help and encourage struggling students. To help you increase your score, I will teach you how to effectively eliminate wrong answer choices, and then demonstrate effective reasoning strategies that will lead you to a confident answer. I will ask you questions throughout that will hopefully guide you along the way. I’m looking forward to helping you raise your score!”

Joe - MCAT Tutor

MCAT Score: 518

Kopal Bansal

Intimidated and overwhelmed with all the content required for the MCAT, Kopal figured out how to cultivate the perseverance, confidence, and strategy-focus which led to her increasing her score from the low 506 to a 518 on the MCAT in the 30 days before test date, dominating C/P, B/B and CARS with 90+ percentile scores in each!

Meet Kopal

"Hi! I'm Kopal, a recent graduate from Johns Hopkins, where I majored in Molecular and Cellular Biology, and minored in Entrepreneurship and Management. When I took the MCAT, I went from scoring in the low 500's to achieving a 518 on the actual exam. When I started my MCAT prep, I was intimidated by the sheer amount of content required and duration of the exam. It was stressful at times, but by staying organized and using the strategies I had learned, I felt confident in my preparation and was pleased with my score. I'm a big believer in the importance of mindset and motivation when it comes to the MCAT. Having knowledge of the content is half the battle; the other half involves strategy, state of mind, and perseverance to study for long hours and be 100% focused during this lengthy exam. As your MCAT mentor, I'll walk you through the preparation process, and guide you through content review, practice, and establishing a mindset that will set you up for MCAT success. The MCAT may seem scary at first, but by teaching you the tips and tricks, I'll help you understand that you are completely capable of achieving your desired score. I look forward to partnering with you on this journey towards your MCAT success!"

Kopal - MCAT Tutor

MCAT Score: 520

Chris de la Bastide

After being stuck below 500 for a large portion of his MCAT prep, Chris revamped his studying approach and increased his score from the 490s to a 520, scoring above the 90th percentile in every section. 

Meet Chris

"Hi I’m Chris! I wanted to become an MCAT tutor for the chance to show people that they can score their dream score if they really put in the work. Like many students, I also struggled with the MCAT. At first I thought it would be simple and I didn't set aside a lot of time to study for it. However, after this brief studying and receiving three 498’s in a row on practice tests, I realized I had to take a step back and really cut out the time to study for the test. I finally made the decision to dedicate myself to the exam, and upon doing so, discovered the best ways to approach the questions and passages. I truly believe anyone can do well on this exam- and I want to help spread the strategies that helped me reach my 520 to as many struggling students as I can! Scoring well on the MCAT is possible, even if you fail at first- and I can help you get there. I’m looking forward to working with you and helping you increase your MCAT score!”

Chris-MCAT Tutor

MCAT Score: 519

Serena Luke

After getting a disappointing first MCAT score result and 499 diagnostic score in May, Serena began focused strategic studying in June and in about 6 weeks she managed to skyrocket her score to a 519 by test day!

Meet Serena

"Hi! I’m Serena and first off, I want you to know that I’m an experienced tutor. I was an ESL tutor for adult immigrants, so I have that teaching experience under my belt. When it comes to the MCAT, I completely understand the struggle that many students go through, and how discouraging it can feel at times because I was in that same boat! As a tutor, I want to help you find your strengths and weaknesses and from there, help you develop habits to kill the MCAT. As your MCAT tutor, I not only want to help you succeed on your test, but I also want to be there for you as a mentor and a friend. I will share with you all the tips and tricks that helped me get my dream score, and listen to your concerns so that I can help you develop new strategies that will suit your specific needs on the exam! I’m looking forward to helping you with your prep- and getting you to your score goal by your test date!”

Why Choose To Work With Us If You Need MCAT Help: Reason 1
We all ACTUALLY struggled in our MCAT journey

NONE of us were "naturals" who scored 90+ percentile with ease and barely any prep. No one becomes a mentor with us just because of their score. If they can't relate to your experience, how can they truly help you? We all have memories of scary MCAT prep moments where scores were stuck or had gone down, or when we actually took the MCAT and scored much lower than expected. Many of us have memories of literally breaking down after getting the results of a practice (or real) MCAT test, wondering if we were cut out to be doctors. We had to push through it all. Alone.

We had to figure out the most efficient methods for EVERYTHING from creating schedules/study plans, to memorizing content, understanding it all deeply, thinking critically when it comes to passages, improving our timing/stamina, to how preparing mentally for exam day, and SO much more. We spent way too much time figuring out how to study effectively, as we struggled through this journey alone.  You don't have to.

MCAT Score: 511

Andrew Mannisto

After taking the MCAT and scoring a 490, Andrew decided to retake again three years later as a nontrad, but found himself stuck at a 500 for two months and only a 501 two weeks before test date. The amazing part? Andrew scored a 511 on his MCAT; a 10 point increase in less than 14 days, with a 90th percentile B/B score!

Meet Andrew

"Hi my name is Andrew! I graduated with a B.S. in Neuroscience in 2017 and I had to take the MCAT twice! The first time I took it I scored very low and got discouraged to the point that the exam was a lingering thought for the entire time until I retook it. After I started taking practice exams (about one month into studying) up until a week before the actual test my score was stagnant around 500. There were many days, as my test date got closer, that I wanted to give up. It was very mentally draining to go from week to week and not seeing the results that I wanted. I know this test can seem daunting, but through my experience I learned how to approach it through a more simplistic lens and confidence that shows in my score improvement. I know what it's like to struggle and to hold yourself to a high standard when working towards achieving a goal. I want to help you (and anyone else who is in a similar situation as me), achieve a score that you can be proud of when applying to medical school! Getting a good MCAT score is possible and I look forward to helping you get it!”

Andrew - MCAT Tutor

MCAT Score: 523

Siraj Sodhi

Siraj studied for just 3.5 months while juggling a full schedule and being a full time student. He struggled with plateauing scores but raised his score to a 523! In fact, he increased his score by 12 points in the last 40 days!

Meet Siraj

"Hi! I’m Siraj, I self-studied for the MCAT and took it last January. I remember how daunting it was to study for such an important test that covered so much material. Initially, I really struggled with my preparation - there were so many resources available that I ended up trying to learn too much, never grasping the fundamental concepts required to succeed on the MCAT. There was a lot of pressure to do well, and looking back, I really could have benefitted from some guidance. I would have saved a lot of time! I chose to become an MCAT tutor both because I want to help my students feel more at ease while studying for this test, and I want to help them practically improve, and eventually, reach their score goal. In regard to my tutoring style, here’s a couple more things to know about me: 

  1. I like to focus on having students think through problems themselves, so they have the critical thinking skills to do well on test day. 
  2. I took the MCAT while I had a job and was a full time student, so I have some experience with time management and developing study plans. 
  3. I have been tutoring in various capacities for around seven years, so I have experience doing this!

I’m really excited to get to know you, and am looking forward to helping you conquer this exam!”

MCAT Score: 518

Emily Reeson

After months of content review and plateauing scores, Emily revamped her focus on MCAT strategy and saw her scores jump to the 518 mark (even seeing an 8 point increase in one week, just weeks before her test date!)

Meet Emily

"Hi! I’m Emily and when I first began studying for the MCAT, I was extremely overwhelmed. I had no idea where to start- and the sheer amount of content seemed daunting. So out of anxiety about all the information, I spent 4 months straight reviewing content. In that time, my practice exam scores plateaued. I wasn’t improving, which was very frustrating, considering all the time I’d put in. But then I began to realize that I needed to focus less on content and more on strategy to increase my score. Finally, my scores went up. Sometimes, it’s that simple. I was focusing on the wrong thing, and now that I know that, I want to make sure no other students fall into the same trap! I know how much of a challenge studying for this exam can be, so I want to help you maximize your time- and show you what strategies actually work- so that you can increase your score fast. You can reach your score goal! And I’m excited to help you get there!”

MCAT Score: 517

Arvind Rajan

Struggling with his schedule and not knowing how to study efficiently, Arvind figured out the right strategies and mindset to eventually increase his score by 18 points from a 499 to a 517 on the MCAT in less than 3 months!

Meet Arvind

“Hey! My name is Arvind and I'm super excited to help you on your MCAT journey. This exam is undoubtedly difficult, but with the right strategies and mindset, you can achieve your dream of becoming a physician, and I am here to help! I started at a sub 500 score, and in less than three months, was able to raise that to a 517. Over this journey I've learned a lot about the exam and I can say the most important aspect of acing this exam is by having the right mindset. Through my tutoring, I hope to not only teach you awesome strategies and ways to remember things (plenty of those too though!), but also help you understand the way you think and your motivations for wanting to do well. I want to teach you how important it is to keep tabs on your mental health while you study and teach general mindfulness tricks that you can use during your exams that will ultimately boost your performance. Studying for the MCAT is difficult, but once you tackle your own obstacles, the strategies and content can be mastered from there- and I’m here to help you do it! I’m super excited to help you achieve your goals!”

MCAT Score: 518

Dante Graham

After scoring in the low 500s with scores barely improving, Dante revamped his study approach with a strong focus on strategy over content, and increased his score by 13 points to a 518 within the last 30 days before his MCAT test date! There was one particular week where it all clicked and his score jumped 10 points from 506 to 516!

Meet Dante

"Hi, I’m Dante! When I first started studying for the MCAT, I thought I needed to focus on content to succeed. However, even with foundational knowledge under my belt, I only scored around the 500-503 mark. I wasn’t necessarily thrilled with these scores so I studied the content even more, but only saw a 2 point increase as a result. It wasn’t working. That’s when I realized I needed to rethink my study strategy. I began thinking about my studying more holistically (Was I getting enough sleep? Drinking enough water? Was I stressing out too much? ...etc) and started prepping for practice tests the same way I would prepare for a track meet, which really helped. I also started analyzing practice tests more to gain a better understanding of my mindset and thought processes while testing. Once I got a handle on the issues with my test-taking strategy, I saw my score increase! And eventually, I earned a 518 on my official MCAT! Overall, your MCAT journey does not need to be a super stressful one; with some consistency and willingness to alter your approach, it can be an extremely manageable and rewarding process! I’m looking forward to helping you see the MCAT in a more positive way, and aiding you in getting your score to where you want it to be!”

Dante-MCAT Tutor

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MCAT Score: 520

Alyssa (Aly) Dwight

After almost 3 months of content review, Aly found herself hovering at a 500 and constantly getting stuck at certain scores; a 505 for 4 tests in a row at one point, and a 508 on 7 tests in a row when she was retaking! She revamped her approached with a focus on mindset and strategy and in the last 3 weeks before her MCAT, she raised her score by 12 points, from 508 to a 520!

Meet Aly

"Hi, I’m Aly! I don’t yet know what stage you are in your MCAT prep, or where your head is, but I understand how trying this step in your pre-medical career is. Although I spent an entire summer in 2019 full-time studying for my first MCAT, I felt demoralized and completely beaten by the test. My lack of confidence in myself and my negative mindset dragged me down, and with me, my score. I was second-guessing questions, forgetting easy material, and relying on rote memorization. However, on the second go, I completely changed the way I viewed the test, my abilities, and my strategies. Self-studying isn’t easy, and it took me a LONG time to find the tools and resources that helped me earn a 520 on my second exam. You may not have as much time to play around with materials/strategies as I did, and it’s okay, because that’s where I come in. I want to not only be your tutor, but also your friend, who can help you find what works best for you in order to succeed on this exam. I’ve been where you are before, and if I can be of any help in guiding you towards your dream MCAT score (and your goal of being a physician), then my job is done. Let’s laugh a little, smile a lot, and remind ourselves that we are ALWAYS capable- regardless of how this test can sometimes make us feel! Can’t wait to crush this test together!”

MCAT Score: 519

Minhtam Tran

After scoring a 493 on a practice exam, Minhtam felt discouraged and unmotivated. Two months later, she still found herself stuck around the 500s for a few months after. It wasn’t until a month and a half before her test date that she was actually able to increase her score above the 510 mark, but she still wanted to progress further. In that final month, she reinvigorated her studying, pushed herself, and was eventually able to score a 519 on her actual test date, a score higher than any practice exam she’d ever taken!

Meet Minhtam 

"Hi! I'm Minhtam, I'm a Biochemistry and Public Health student (graduating 2021), and I’m looking forward to working with you! You've probably heard how hard and important the MCAT is, and I'm excited to help people struggling through the same process I was not too long ago. Throughout my MCAT journey, I struggled with adapting the right mindset and refining my test taking strategies. I'm hoping I can impart some of the knowledge that I gained throughout my experience studying and to also encourage others to see this as one step in their journey to medical school and that they have the ability to get their dream score!”

MCAT Score: 522

Pooja Kadakia

After initially struggling with practice exams, Pooja improved her strategy and confidence for the MCAT and increased her score from a 499 to 508/509 in her first 4 weeks of full time studying! That's where she hit a hard plateau but once again, revamped her strategy and with less than 30 days left before her MCAT date, she once again skyrocketed her score to 522!

Meet Pooja

"Before the MCAT, during my first and second years in college, I was a chemistry tutor. I watched people frustrated because they had learned the concepts years ago and were out of practice, or got frustrated because they understood the ideas and just couldn't get it right. When it was my turn to then study for my MCAT, I was expecting the journey to be easier, but I'm so grateful it wasn't. At the start, I thought it was just content coverage, but when I started writing practice exams, it was clearly more about rewiring my brain not only to think in the ways the MCAT asks, but also to train it to believe in myself, even when I wasn't performing up to my standards. I thought I was failing for the longest time, looking at my scores. It was then that I truly understood the feelings of my past students. Ultimately, once I started having faith in my ability to improve, I finally started seeing results. I know what it's like to feel exhausted with studying, and to doubt yourself. When I found my faith, I realized that the dedication, hard work, and confidence required to take this exam are the qualities necessary to be a successful physician. I can't give up on my future patients, no matter how difficult their cases are, so should I give up on the MCAT, or my ability to become a better test-taker? No. I got into the mindset that this journey was preparing me to become a better physician to my patients, and the gratitude I felt helped me in my darkest moments. I refuse to give up on them, and if I'm your tutor, I won't give up on you either!”

Pooja - MCAT Tutor

MCAT Score: 516

Henry Nguyen

Studying before completing pre-reqs and working full time to support his family, Henry struggled with MCAT prep. Just 5 weeks before his test date he was stuck at a 500. But in those last 35 days, he boosted his score by 16 points to score a 516 on his actual MCAT!

Meet Henry

"Hi! My name is Henry and unlike most premeds, I actually took the MCAT during the summer of my sophomore year, yet I was still able to achieve a great score without taking pre-reqs like Biochemistry and Sociology. Since I self-taught and relearned many subjects from scratch, I know exactly what topics to focus on for the MCAT and how they’re commonly tested. During my prep, I also continued to work full time to support my family and I know exactly what it’s like to be on a major time crunch while preparing for the MCAT. I attribute my successful self-teaching to my past teaching experiences as a supplemental instructor in upper level classes (like Genetics and Anatomy and Physiology), so I will provide the same level of tutoring to our sessions. I maintain a very busy schedule, but am always ready to go above and beyond for my students! I’m so excited to help you reach your score goal!”

Henry - MCAT Tutor

MCAT Score: 522

Ali Lahiji

When he scored a 496 on his first practice exam, Ali was so discouraged that he took a break from studying, not picking the MCAT back up until just 2 months before his test date. At that point, he began working on improving his test-taking and studying strategy and in those 8 weeks, he was able to improve his score to a 522 by test day!

Meet Ali

"Hello my name is Ali. Even though I performed quite well in school and thus, had every reason to be confident when coming face to face with the MCAT, the exam was still daunting. After my first practice test, my confidence was shattered. However, I took it upon myself to revolve everything around the MCAT and began sticking to a rigorous schedule. Though this took incredible discipline, and I did fail a few times, steady practice and effort helped me overcome this difficult test. I believe you can do the same.”

Ali - MCAT Tutor

MCAT Score: 519

Nivi Arunkumar

After constant frustrations, overwhelm, and discouraged feelings during MCAT prep, Nivi shifted her focus to strategy and ended up with a 517 on test date! In fact, in 8 weeks she increased her score by 20 points from 499 to a 519 (highest score on practice!)

Meet Nivi

"Hi! I’m Nivi and when I first started studying for the MCAT, I was absolutely overwhelmed! I spent a lot of time trying to force myself to take notes/make flashcards for content review and I would use not being done with content as a reason to push back practice tests. When I finally started taking full-length practice tests, I freaked out on every section. Adding to that, even after months of studying, I got my lowest score yet on a FL, which was extremely discouraging. I took a break and came back determined to study in a way that worked for me. For example, I’m a visual learner so I began relying on diagrams and started watching a lot more videos for content review. Additionally, I also realized the importance of mental/physical well-being so I started exercising more regularly and meditating before my practice exams, which helped a lot. In our sessions, I’ll work with you to make sure you can be confident while studying and are focusing on techniques and methods that will actually get you the score that you want. I’m looking forward to helping you with your prep- and getting you to your score goal by your test date!”

Nivi - MCAT Tutor

MCAT Score: 526

Varun Aysola

With a test date in August, Varun took his first practice test in June and scored a 498. Feeling extremely discouraged, he made a conscious effort to be positive and focus more on strategy. In those 2 months, he increased his score by 28 points and completely dominated the MCAT on test day with a 526 (100th percentile) MCAT score! 

Meet Varun

"Hello I’m Varun and I took the MCAT this past summer while spending full-time studying. Even though I ended up succeeding, I am not a smart person, rather, I work hard. I started at a score below 500 and ended up with a score that will make me competitive at every medical school. The way I did this is simply through practice, and I can help you figure out what to practice, and how to utilize the certain strategies I used to improve my timing, reading comprehension, etc. What worked for me may or may not work for other students, but I believe that I have a good grasp on multiple strategies and tips for students struggling with all different types of the MCAT.  I look forward to helping you master the strategies that will bring you success on the exam!”

Varun - MCAT Tutor

MCAT Score: 517

Savannah Runge

For months, Savannah kept getting the same MCAT practice score of 505 and was extremely discouraged. Then with just 3 weeks (21 days) left, she revamped her strategies, got past her self-doubt, and increased her score by 12 points to a 517 by test date!

Meet Savannah

"Hi! My name is Savannah, and I’m looking forward to working with you! I am a recent graduate of Northwestern University, and I took the MCAT this past August. I come from a theatre/communication background and absolutely love tutoring/mentoring, so I am extremely excited to help you raise your score! Working together, I will meet you where you are, and if something doesn’t make sense via one method of explanation, I will strive to find another one that works better with your brain. My MCAT journey was not a walk in the park. I hit a major score plateau at 505- I am talking months of 505s- up to three weeks before my exam. Not only was it frustrating to feel the lack of progress, but it sent my mental health down the toilet. I was depressed, devastated, and truly had NO faith in myself or my intelligence. Even when I started seeing scores increase, my self-esteem was still so low that I couldn’t believe it. I want to help you avoid falling for the imposter syndrome, like I did, and reach your score goal without programmed self-doubt keeping you down! Looking forward to working together!”

Savannah - MCAT Tutor

Why Choose To Work With Us If You Need MCAT Help: Reason 2
We are determined and specialize in getting you to your score goal FAST

We don't want to work with you any more than you need us. We want to help as many students as possible, not the same students as much as possible. Which means the faster we can get you to your score goal, the faster we can help someone else. We don't try to get you to keep paying us. Which is also why we like to get straight to STRATEGY (and only focus on content if you really need it). You can learn content on your own through many free videos available. Your time spent with us will be most valuable when we 1) diagnose your current MCAT prep habits, your mindset, how you reason through passages, find your highest leverage areas for improvement that will give you the biggest score jumps and 2) SHOW you exactly how to improve, even if that means giving you an inside-look into our thought process for how we approach specific sections, so you can literally just copy that and absorb the correct way of thinking. 

MCAT Score: 523

Rishi Patel

Struggling with mastery of the vast amount of content the MCAT requires, Rishi worked on building a strong conceptual foundation while maximizing strategy and practice, and managed to get a 510 with just over a month left before his test date. Within those 30 days, Rishi doubled-down on his strategy and mindset, and boosted his score by 13 points to 523 by test day!

Meet Rishi

"Hello my name is Rishi! I graduated from UC Berkeley in December 2019 and will be starting medical school in Fall 2021. I scored in the top one percent of MCAT students when I took the exam. I have several hundreds of hours of experience that I can leverage to help you improve upon your weak sections and achieve your score goals. As an MCAT tutor, I can help you with content mastery, test-taking strategies, and motivating yourself to study. Beyond helping you get a great MCAT score that can get you into the medical school of your dreams, I hope to help you learn concepts and test-taking strategies that will help you throughout the rest of your life. I cannot wait to start working with you to help you get the best score possible on this exam!”

Rishi - MCAT Tutor

MCAT Score: 517

Ayesha Anwer

After rescheduling her MCAT two times, Ayesha started with a 503, but in just 1.5 months, increased her score by 14 points and achieved a 517! She credits this to quick content review, plus a much greater focus on strategic practice and improving her mental/physical health!

Meet Ayesha

"Hi! My name is Ayesha, and I was a bio major in college, but I still didn’t necessarily know all the subjects that would be on the MCAT when I started studying. Organic chemistry was hard for me, physics was confusing, and I never even took physiology and psychology. So I was overwhelmed with all the material I knew I would have to study, plus I had to study full-time after finishing school. I started with a 503, but in 1.5 months, I managed to achieve a 517 through the quickest content review ever, a much greater focus on practice questions and practice tests, developing a positive and confident attitude, and taking care of my physical health! If you’re strapped for time, just know that it’s going to be okay. I’ve been there, so I know that with strategy, you can still conquer this exam!"

Ayesha - MCAT Tutor

MCAT Score: 520

Zachary Parduhn

Zach scored a 520 on the MCAT and just two months before that he was scoring a 506! He found MCAT prep to be extremely frustrating and taxing, but he still didn’t give up. By focusing on strategies and learning to trust himself, he was able to increase his score by 14 points in just 8 weeks! (The last 11 points he increased in 3 weeks!).

Meet Zachary

"Hello I’m Zach! I took my MCAT the summer after my sophomore year in the midst of the Coronavirus pandemic. It was very difficult for me to focus on my studies during quarantine, but I was able to come up with a study plan that helped me to mitigate this by improving my test-taking strategies! While knowledge of content is crucial for the MCAT, I felt like strategy is extremely important as well. Studying for the MCAT was very frustrating but by sticking to my strategy I was able to drastically increase my test score in a very short period of time. I believe my strategy can be adapted to any student's study habits to help them maximize their score on the MCAT.  

While I have always been a well prepared student and excellent studier I had very little guidance when I began studying for the MCAT. I did extensive research to create a study plan that would prepare me for exam day and then some. My study plan consisted of a strategic mixture of content review and practice questions. As little as a month before my exam I was still struggling to score competitively, but I stuck to my study strategy and saw it pay off on test day. By test day I was comfortable with the content, structure and timing of the test, and actually enjoyed taking the real exam, and this is my ultimate goal for you! I look forward to helping you solidify your knowledge of the necessary content while also devising a personal strategy that will help you to ace the MCAT!”

Zach - MCAT Tutor

Ready to meet your MCAT Mastery Mentor? We're excited to start helping you increase your MCAT score!

MCAT Score: 524

After having to reschedule his MCAT due to the pandemic, dealing with uncertainty and a lack of focus, Akshay revamped his approach with smarter studying strategies, scoring 510 just 6-8 weeks before his MCAT test date. Armed with the right strategies for this exam, by test day he skyrocketed his score by 14 points to a 524 (100th percentile)!

Meet Akshay

"Hi! My name is Akshay and I grew up in Orlando, Florida as the 5th kid out of 6. With so many older siblings available, I went to them for help pretty regularly during school. I feel like that’s when I first started to understand the power of 1-on-1 tutoring (from the tutee side). I attended Duke University, where I discovered my passion for both the Health and Education fields. Tutoring for the MCAT allows me to work at that intersection. I was fortunate enough to have lots of tutoring and teaching experience while I was at university, and I hope to use all of the tips I’ve gained to tutor you for the MCAT and help you increase your score! When studying for this exam myself, I really focused on making sure my time was spent efficiently because I lack the focus I know other students have, but this allowed me to find optimal studying techniques that kept the material interesting. I believe I would be able to share and implement those same strategies with you.”

Akshay - MCAT Tutor

MCAT Score: 520

Amna Saigal

Amna was an MCAT re-taker, who studied for 6 weeks on her second attempt, and ended up raising her score to a 520 on the MCAT! When she started studying for her first MCAT, she was scoring in the 490s because she focused way too much on content rather than strategy!

Meet Amna 

"Hi, I’m Amna! The first time I took the MCAT, I tried to learn everything (even the things I knew were unlikely to actually be on the exam). I went on to spend 3.5 months studying part-time trying to learn all of that content- but I still didn’t get the score I wanted. The second time, I decided to study smarter, rather than study MORE. The makers of the MCAT are primarily testing your ability to analyze information and make conclusions- which you only need “high-yield” content for. This time, I spent more time practicing passages, and developing a calm and logical approach to answering questions. Working on perfecting these strategies was the key to getting my 520, and I want to help you learn the “hacks” and strategies that can help you do the same. The MCAT is testing intelligence, not your ability to regurgitate information- and that’s why anyone can succeed on it with the right strategy and mindset! That’s what got me to my dream score, and I’m looking forward to helping you with these tactics so that you can reach your score goal too!”

Amna - MCAT Tutor

MCAT Score: 519

Hui (Eli) Chen

After increasing his score from his initial 492 to 508 in his first 3 months, Eli gradually kept increasing his score to 514, then 516, and ended up with a 519 on test day! He struggled the most with his CARS score plateauing, even dropping at one point, until he started understanding the thought process top CARS scorers use and ended up scoring in the 90th percentile in CARS!

Meet Eli

"Hi I'm Hui Chen, but you can call me Eli! I’m looking forward to working with you! I studied for the MCAT during my spring semester while dealing with courses, extracurriculars, and transitioning into quarantine (and transitioning to the new shortened MCAT as well). My systematic approach breaks down the exam into steps that will make sense for you and can consistently get you to the right answer. I see mistakes as an opportunity to troubleshoot your weakest areas, and I will help you target those weaknesses to ensure as few future mistakes in the same category as possible. After the strategy and comprehension issues have been resolved, I find the last hurdle many students hit is doubt, which I experienced as well. Many of the chemistry students I tutor at my university find themselves picking the wrong answer when down to 2 similar choices or switch from the right answer to the wrong answer. Many start overthinking and make the exam much harder than it has to be! I believe the MCAT has a bark much worse than its bite, meaning its job is to scare students into making mistakes. With solid strategies and recovery days to ease anxiety, the actual exam is not as terrible as it seems! You can do this- and I can’t wait to help you get there!”

Hui - MCAT Tutor

MCAT Score: 524

Priya Swaminathan

Overwhelmed by the sciences, extremely intimidated by the exam, and frustrated with stagnant scores, Priya pushed her test date back. She eventually realized that improving her mindset and focusing on the strategies was leading to an upward trend in her score. She stuck with and took her score to a 524 (100th percentile!) by test date (with a 99th percentile CARS score!). 

Meet Priya

"Hi! I’m Priya and when I first started studying for the MCAT, I was extremely overwhelmed by it- especially at the beginning. I majored in Spanish in college and never took any science classes beyond the requirements, so because of that, I was a bit worried I wouldn’t do well on the hard science portions of the MCAT (and I didn’t at first). Adding to that, in my last semester at college, I became extremely overwhelmed by my classes and all the pressure I was putting on myself, so with mixed feelings, I decided to reschedule my test. Once I graduated and had time to dedicate to studying for the MCAT, my whole attitude and approach changed. I got into a rhythm and actually enjoyed studying! I didn’t overwork myself, took time to get outside every day, slept a lot, and made sure my hours studying were distraction-free and spent effectively. Sure enough, I saw an upward trend in my scores, and you can too- by focusing on these elements of well-being and study strategy! I’m looking forward to helping you with these pieces of MCAT prep- and together, we can get you to your score goal!”

Priya - MCAT Tutor

MCAT Score: 522

Evin Rothschild

During her MCAT prep, Evin had to balance a full-time work schedule with all of the studying required for success on this exam while trying to improve from a 502. Over the next three months (mostly in the last 8 weeks), she took her score to an impressive 522 (99th percentile) by test day!

Meet Evin

"Hi! My name is Evin and I am a senior at Cornell University graduating in May 2021 double majoring in biological sciences and government, with a concentration in neurobiology and behavior! I am planning to take some time before medical school to gain more research and clinical experience, as well as further my interests in health policy. I took the MCAT in September of 2020 and achieved a 522. I am excited to be able to share my tips and strategies with my tutorees. By helping students master content and learn new strategies for test taking, I hope to help my students achieve their goal scores on the MCAT. I bring a positive attitude, lots of energy, and a rigorous science background to my approach and I look forward to connecting with you. Together, I know we can work to reach your score goal!”

MCAT Score: 513

Rubab Syed

After having to reschedule her exam twice, Rubab was having trouble maintaining focus and motivation for her exam. Stuck at a 500 with just over a month left before test day, Rubab doubled down on practice and strategies and increased her score to a 513 by test day!

Meet Rubab

"Hi! My name is Rubab Syed, I’m a student at Case Western Reserve University and am currently in my fourth and final year, earning my Bachelor’s degree in biology and Master’s degree in Bioethics. I wrote my MCAT this summer after several of my test dates were cancelled earlier this year in the spring. Having so recently been through the testing experience, I’m very familiar with the latest changes to the MCAT testing format. I know that testing during such an uncertain time can feel intimidating, but you are not alone! I truly believe that any student is capable of achieving a perfect score on the MCAT, regardless of their previous academic background. I believe in a structured approach to preparing for the MCAT, one which can be applied to any student and also tailored according to their personal study habits. Please know that a 500 or 505 is not your upper limit. You are fully supported and encouraged to set your target score high. We’ll work together to build the foundation to reach your goal. I look forward to hearing from you and cannot wait to see you succeed!”

Rubab - MCAT Tutor

MCAT Score: 519

Adam Sparks

Adam gave himself 10 weeks to study. In an early practice test, he scored a 497. Halfway through his prep, he hit the dreaded 505-range plateau (unable to score higher than a 508 on any of his exams). After taking a break for his mental health, with only 4 weeks left, he revitalized his study methods, focused heavily on strategy, and was eventually able to peak at a 520 on practice exams before scoring a 519 on the real thing! Adam increased his score by 23 points in just 10 weeks (with his largest 12 point increase coming in only 4 weeks!)

Meet Adam

“Hi, I'm Adam and I want to help you achieve your dream MCAT score. I have been tutoring the MCAT since 2018 and I believe in a holistic approach to preparation to the MCAT. In my own MCAT studying journey, I struggled with a low starting score and a significant plateau way below my target score. I was very discouraged during this time and love tutoring students who also hit plateaus or find themselves discouraged anywhere in their journey as I know exactly how that feels. I want to come alongside you as a friend and mentor so that we can build a specific holistic plan together to reach your goals with this monster of an exam. In my free time, I enjoy playing basketball, singing, or playing guitar, as well as socializing with my friends. I look forward to getting to know you and helping you reach your goals!”

MCAT Score: 526

Preetham Bachina

At the beginning of his MCAT prep, Preetham struggled greatly with the pressure of this exam, with the amount of information tested, the time constraints of each section, and with not knowing how to approach them. As he began revamping his approach, he saw large score increases as a result and with 7 weeks left before test day, he found himself scoring a 511. Three weeks later, he scored a 519! By test day, he walked with out an impressive 526!

Meet Preetham

"Hi! My name is Preetham. As someone who has been on the receiving end of some wonderful teachers and tutors, I have always sought to pay it forward and support others in their academic ventures. Additionally, I am well-versed with the subjects covered on the MCAT and can share the strategies for studying and test-taking that helped me score in the 100th percentile with a 526. Although I took the MCAT a couple years ago, I still remember how confused I felt when I first began thinking seriously about how to take this behemoth of an exam during my sophomore year winter break. Through proper planning, I was able to pace out my studying for the exam and used a variety of resources such as Khan Academy to supplement my understanding. However, my primary focus on content became redundant after a certain point; I needed to focus on the proper approach and logic required to apply the content I had learned to solve a given question. By focusing on effective strategies for taking the MCAT during the weeks leading up to my exam, I was able to perform well on my actual test. I would love to share my strategies for success and/or help you develop your own!”


MCAT Score: 517

Giselle De La Rua

After a month of content review, Giselle found herself extremely overwhelmed and decided to she pushed her test date back. From month two onward, she took a heavier focus on practice and strategy and pushed past her plateauing scores. It took her just over a month to go from a 506 to her highest practice test score: a 521. Then on exam day, she ended up with a 517!

Meet Giselle

"Hi! My name is Giselle, and I just recently took my MCAT so I know what it’s like to be in the process of studying for this exam because I was there not too long ago. My MCAT journey had its ups and downs just like any other but at the end of the day, I got the score I wanted and I can help you do the same. There’s a lot of varied advice about how to study for the MCAT so I’m here to help you navigate that and aid you in improving your section scores!

Giselle - MCAT Tutor

MCAT Score: 513

Ryan Anderson

Ryan studied for 6 weeks in total, and scored a disappointing 488 with 4 weeks left before test date (with CARS being one of his lowest sections). In less than 30 days, he managed to increase his score by 25 points on the MCAT to a 513, with a 98th percentile CARS score! 

Meet Ryan

“Hello! My name is Ryan Anderson, and I am a medical student at the University of Louisville School of Medicine based in Louisville, Kentucky. I studied for six weeks in total for the MCAT, and found myself scoring a measly 488 after the first two weeks of content review. At this (very low) point, with what seemed to be very little time remaining, I found myself re-evaluating my approach to the exam overall. I honed in on what study skills worked for me. I developed test taking strategies that improved my score, and I found myself jumping 25 points to a 513 by the time test day rolled around. In my sessions, I can offer content review, but I can also provide insight into how the exam works, strategies that worked for me, and overall advice on how to boost your score with no additional knowledge on content. Scoring a 130 (98th percentile) on CARS, I can also offer advice on how to tackle what proves to be one of the most difficult sections for writers on the entire exam.”

Ryan - MCAT Tutor

MCAT Score: 522

Diana Hla

After casual studying while balancing other endeavours, Diana was disappointed with a 502 on an early practice exam. She actually didn’t have the time to devote herself to strict studying until there was only 1 month left. In those final 30 days, she skyrocketed her score by 20 points to a 522 by test day!

Meet Diana

"Hi! My name is Diana, and I’m looking forward to working with you! As a first year medical student at Mayo Clinic Alix School of Medicine after graduating from Johns Hopkins with a BA in Biophysics and Molecular and Cellular Biology with a minor in Entrepreneurship & Management, I have gained an in-depth understanding of physics, biology, and chemistry. I also have seven years of tutoring experience, three years of teaching experience in college physics, and a year of tutoring for the MCAT's CARS section. This experience has honed my ability to help students on the MCAT, as I have seen a wide variety of questions, passages, common errors, and the strategies that have led to the most improvement even after long plateaus. After performing well on the MCAT as well as during the medical admissions process, I decided I wanted to help others be successful in academically achieving well so they can also pursue their dreams! I can’t wait to help you on your journey!”

MCAT Score: 522

Tania Mulherkar

Tania took the MCAT three times before she finally achieved a 99th percentile MCAT score. Discouraged after getting her second score back, she gave herself less than 14 days to take her third and final attempt. In those final two weeks, she revamped her approach and her mindset, and not only ended up skyrocketing her CARS score to a 129 (95th percentile), but increased her entire score by 10 points to a 522!!

Meet Tania

"Hi, my name is Tania, and I’m so excited to work with you! I retook my MCAT a few times and ended with a final score of 522 with a breakdown of 130/129/132/131. I was consistently able to reach at least a score of 128 in all of the science subjects and psych/soc since my Biology major in undergrad required that I take courses aligning with those subjects. I figured out simple ways to relate the complicated science passages back to the basics and break down each question to understand what exactly they were looking for. If you are struggling with understanding the complicated experiments and data, I can help you break down the passages and understand them on a fundamental level. CARS, on the other hand, was a great struggle for me. I do think CARS is a difficult subject to improve in because I heard over and over that some people "just get it" and some people don't. I am one of the people who is NOT naturally good at CARS. I improved my score from a 124 to a 129 with a few simple tricks that big test prep companies never mentioned. I had to make a unique strategy to make my way through CARS, and I can certainly teach you what worked for me and work with you to find out a way that works for you too! Overall, I’m really looking forward to helping you raise your score!”

MCAT Score: 523

Michelle Adler

After two full months of studying, Michelle found herself scoring in the low 500s, and was particularly struggling on the CARS section (as many students do). Eventually though, after reprioritizing, working her way through as many resources as she could (particularly for CARS), and strengthening her mindset, she was able to increase her score to a 523 on her test date!! (1 point higher than her ambitious score goal)!!

Meet Michelle

"Hi, my name is Michelle, and I’m so excited to work with you! As an MD/PhD applicant, I knew that I needed a high score on the MCAT, so I set my sights high. My MCAT prep did not go as smoothly as I hoped and I really struggled to hit my target score in practice. I stayed in the mindset that I would only be taking this exam once - forcing myself to study hard, every day, and practice, practice, practice - inching my way towards my target. In the end, I hit my target score! The MCAT did not come naturally to me and I doubt it comes naturally to anyone, but having struggled my own way through this exam, I have developed many study skills and strategies for addressing this beast; strategies I am happy to share! Although I have a most rigorous background in biology and physics, I have grown quite interested in many of the other topics of the MCAT and believe that there are ways to enjoy learning this content! Overall, I’m really looking forward to helping you raise your score!”

MCAT Score: 523

Joe McGrath

When Joe started his prep for the MCAT, he had no idea where to start. Initially, he put a lot of work into content without doing any practice. He didn’t take his first practice exam until 2 weeks before his test date. With the review he’d done beforehand, he ended up scoring a 514, but he knew he could do even better by focusing on his approach (rather than content). Moving forward in those final 2 weeks, by revamping his test-taking strategies, he was able to increase his score to a 523 on his actual exam!

Meet Joe

“Hi, I'm Joe and I’m looking forward to tutoring you! I began studying for the MCAT about three months before my exam, and it's safe to say, I barely knew where to start. Having never received any pre-med counseling, the sheer scope and importance of the MCAT were incredibly daunting. During the first couple months of my studying, I was not performing well on the MCAT practice passages. As a result, I was extremely concerned about how I was going to perform on the actual MCAT. However, after taking four AAMC practice tests (and improving my score by over 9 points in two weeks while taking these practice tests), I found the perfect MCAT strategy to maximize my success. When I finally went to take the real MCAT exam, I was even more nervous than I thought I'd be, despite the fact that I felt very prepared. Somehow, I was able to calm my nerves and put forth my best effort on the exam. I ended up getting a 523 while scoring 130 or above on every section. Even though I ended up scoring in the 99th percentile, I know what it's like to feel overwhelmed by MCAT studying and think that there's no possible way to score highly on the exam. By working with me, students will learn to overcome this self-doubt. My main focus in MCAT tutoring is helping students find the strategy that works best for them, as I don't think there is such a thing as a "one-size-fits-all strategy." By developing a personalized strategy, students can see large score increases in small amounts of time. I can’t wait to help you reach your score goal!”

MCAT Score: 525

Sijia Ma

As Sijia started studying for her MCAT, she knew she only really had 3 months to get her score to a competitive level. Two months later, overwhelmed and uncertain about how best to study for the exam, she found herself fluctuating between a 508-515 depending on the exam, with 4 weeks left before test day! However, in those final 30 days, she devoted herself to strategic practice and skyrocketed her score to a 525 (100th percentile score) on the official MCAT!

Meet Sijia

"Hi, my name is Sijia, and I’m so excited to work with you! Although I took the MCAT in 2019, I can still remember how unsure I was when I first started to prepare for the exam. I had no idea how to start with content review or how to even approach creating a study schedule. The process of self-studying involved a lot of trial-and-error on my part in order to find different strategies and resources that worked for me. While I felt internal pressure to spend every free moment studying, I also realized the importance of scheduling time off to relax and clear my mind. As a tutor, I'm looking forward to collaborating and finding what works for you as a student. At the end of the day, I hope to share what I've learned to help you use your time more efficiently and to make studying for the MCAT more manageable. I'm excited to start working together towards achieving your goals!”


MCAT Score: 516

Abbi Shrontz

Abbi faced a lot of anxiety and burnout in prepping for the exam. With just a month left before test day, her scores plateaued in the low 500s. In those last 30 days she increased her score to a 516!

Meet Abbi

"Hi, I’m Abbi and I look forward to working with you! One of the biggest things I learned in studying for the MCAT was how important my mindset was. When I was studying, I didn't take the time to take care of my mind and body, and as a result got burnt out. I wasn't studying efficiently and due to this, I was getting tired much more quickly. I want to help you prioritize your time studying in order to maximize your score so that you’re able to work on your mindset. My goal is for you to feel extremely confident walking into the testing center!"

MCAT Score: 520

Nana Adenu-Mensah

As a nontraditional student, who had already been out of school for three years, Nana's initial scores on MCAT practice exams were stuck in the low 500s. In fact, just a month before test day, her score was near 506. In those final 30 days, by changing her approach and her mindset, she finally saw increases in her practice scores, and ended up skyrocketing her score by 14 points to a 520 by test day! Today Nana has been accepted to Yale Medical School and we’re so proud of her!

Meet Nana

"Becoming a doctor had always been my dream but I put it off for a few years because I wasn't confident that I'd score well on the MCAT, which I knew was the biggest hurdle for me to climb. I braced my fears and took the plunge to start my prep about 5 months to my test date, three years out of undergrad and working a full-time job. While my scores were nowhere near great in the beginning, I persevered, cried a bit, worked hard, used all the resources I could afford like MCAT Mastery, and started to see a gradual increase in my scores, culminating in exceeding my target score and getting into medical school! If I could do it, then so can you- you're not alone! I have lots of experience teaching and tutoring undergraduate and graduate students, so I can meet you where you are in your MCAT prep. As we work together, I will share the strategies and resources that I found effective with you, and help you build confidence and skills to hit your target score as quickly as possible."

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