From 500 To 512 (Exact Goal Score) In 30 Days!

July 7, 2022

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MCAT Mastery Podcast: Show Notes

About The MCAT Master Interview Series

Welcome to the MCAT Master Interview series!

We’re on an ongoing mission to put together THE formula for achieving a top MCAT score.

We’ve been doing this by gathering the most effective MCAT study strategies from verified top scorers, and then we bring them to you in the form of blog articles, daily emails, YouTube videos, strategy courses, through tutoring sessions and anything else that can help you along on this journey to reach YOUR maximum MCAT score.

We’ve been researching and holding interviews with top MCAT scorers for many years now, until recently we thought "Why not let you all in and give you a seat at the table during these interviews!”.

So, that’s what this series is for ????

We hope by listening to these interviews, you learn proven MCAT study strategies you never thought of, that you can start implementing right away!

And most importantly, we hope you feel an increase in inspiration and motivation because the MCAT journey can be very tough and it can be easy to fall into negative mental cycles...

But as you’ll learn from these success stories, every top scorer had to deal with the struggles, the challenges, and through perseverance, through strategy, through mindset work, they all made it to the top score that was right for them. ???? ???? ????

About Yusuf

Yusuf had started off with a 490 and after a lot of effort, managed to get his score to a 500.

Even though he was studying 7-8 hours a day, his score ended up plateauing...

He kept making small mistakes, his studying lacked structure, and he knew he needed to improve his critical thinking and test-taking strategies...

And he only had 4 weeks left before test day.
His goal score? 512.

He needed a 12 point increase fast...

That's when he found us and got an MCAT mentor who helped him skyrocket his score to his exact goal score on test day ????

Yusuf was kind enough to come on the podcast to share his tips and strategies with you ????

You can listen to his full MCAT success story and learn how he improved his score by 12 points in just 30 days, here on YouTube or on any of the podcast platforms below:

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Topics Discussed

  • [0:00] Intro
  • [10:00] MCAT materials that Yusuf recommends
  • [16:15] How he studied for Bio/Biochem
  • [18:48] Strategies for Psych/Soc
  • [20:37] Tips for CARS section
  • [23:34] Studying for Chem/Phys
  • [26:29] MCAT exam day!

Memorable Quotes

  • There’s always room for improvement but it’s important to have a practical and reachable goal.
  • You have to learn how to answer the way AAMC wants you to answer the questions.
  • Family and community support are important.
  • We have to realize that we cannot control everything. Do what’s best in the moment, and hope for the best.
  • It’s important to be motivated when you’re studying for the exam, make it fun!
  • Give yourself a break.
  • For Psych/Soc, make an outline according to the scientific method.

  • Know your content.
  • Know the nuances.
  • Expect the unexpected. Do your best, relax and hope for the best.
  • For Chem/Phys, don't get too caught up in the passage, because the passage is really just data confusing and tricky. Simplify the passage, simplify the question.
  • Believe in yourself, be calm.

Resources Mentioned

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"[My tutor] was excellent... from day one he showed me how to utilize MCAT resources properly. You have to know how to read the AAMC passages properly and we would go through them together. I went from a 490 diagnostic to a 512 on test day!!!"

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