Her Motivational MCAT Success Story: From 499 To 511 In 3 Weeks?!

November 14

It's easy to get overwhelmed when studying for the MCAT. In fact, overwhelm can be one of your biggest hurdles on this journey...

Especially when there is so much to learn and remember. Especially if you keep getting lower scores than you want on your practice exams. 

In this MCAT success story, you'll hear how a fellow MCAT Mastery Community member dealt with and overcame many of these challenges.

At the end of it all, she achieved an impressive, balanced MCAT score that is sure to open doors to some of her top picks in med-school... 

We'd like to introduce you to Jenny Paul, a 511 scorer:


You'll read below, towards the end of this article, how it took Jenny 3 weeks to go from her lowest score (499) to her highest score (511)!!

But first, we asked Jenny to share some insight into her journey, her struggles, and her biggest advice for you as you currently stand in the same shoes she was in just a short while ago...

"I had to learn how to stop doubting myself. I would see that my scores were usually in the low 500 range and feel like I could never get to the score I want, 510+.

My dad was my biggest support. He never doubted me even when I did... 

He knew that becoming a doctor was a dream of mine and continually supported me. When I would get overwhelmed or frustrated he would be the one to lift me up.

I think having a good support system made a big difference because when things get dark they are the ones who can help bring in the light.

I would also say that it is important not to get consumed by the world of MCAT. It is easy to get tunnel vision and only focus on the test, but life continues to happen. You can't just put your life on pause for the test. Realizing that will help you from not feeling so thrown off when things happen.

Lastly, I had to realize that it is okay to fail. I felt paralyzed when I thought about "failing" the exam. It took me a while to realize why I was feeling that way. I figured out that it was because I felt like I didn't want the shame of failing the test and that I also thought that if I failed I wouldn't be successful.

I had to realize that failure does not mean that you will never achieve your dreams, but that it can be used as a stepping stone to get where you need to!"

It's not often that we get top scorers really opening up about their inner journey of MCAT prep. When we do, we're extremely grateful for it because for most people, these are the most difficult things to talk about... 

The biggest chunk of MCAT prep strategy conversation is about the tips, the hacks, and the 'how-to'... But every top scorer knows that conquering the inner battle is just as important, in order to get a high MCAT score.

When you’re studying for an exam like the MCAT, it’s very easy to feel like you’re alone. Your family and friends have no idea what you’re going through. Ever since you told them about your ‘doctor’ plans, they immediately categorized you as ‘the smart one’, the ’genius’, the one that’s going to 'make them proud'…

But if they see you’ve been studying hours and hours everyday for a month and you tell them that your score only improved by 2 points, they don't get it! They don’t get how such a ‘smart’ student is struggling on some 'exam'...

They look at you with confusion, ask if you’re okay. The look of worry in their eyes makes you feel even worse and increases the anxiety. 

This is where having a good support system can be really helpful. The best support is from those few people who get that the MCAT is not like any other normal college exam, those who understand the struggle, who've been there before, or who are also on the journey with you...

Not everyone is fortunate enough to have someone like that in their life. If you do, appreciate them.

This is also our motivation for creating an online community with interaction between test-takers and top scorers; those who not only understand your situation, but know exactly how to help you and are willing to give back.

It's also why we try to stay in touch with you, through daily emails, to kind of act as your 'support system'. Letting you know it's all going to be okay. The path doesn't have to be as hard as you might think! There are easier, smarter, more efficient ways to achieve a competitive MCAT score that gets you into med-school...

And without a doubt, the smartest way of all is to get your hands on and use the MCAT study approaches of top MCAT scorers, so you can learn from their successes and mistakes

You have to let go of what you think it takes to master an exam because this one is different. It's remarkable how many tricks and hacks top scorers knew to give themselves consistent boosts in their scores throughout all sections of the MCAT. We want you to learn and use these tricks and hacks for yourself

So many students who were once in your shoes, have reached out to us and have attributed their 510+ MCAT scores, to the hacks, strategies, and insights they received from top MCAT scorers in the Top Scorer MCAT Strategy Guide...

Including Jenny...

"The Top Scorer MCAT Strategy Guide was really helpful. I read all of it in one day.It was helpful to see how experts would suggest how you should tackle each section of the MCAT. It also provided a lot of information on the process of taking the test.

If you are not taking a prep course yet, I would especially recommend this guide because it provides a lot of tips and strategies that you may not be able to get from the practice books itself. Overall, I would recommend that every pre-med preparing for the MCAT should read this guide before they start any type of preparation!"

She also got a 128 in CARS, one of her highest scores! Here's what she said about how the CARS Mastery Report helped her achieve that score...

"I really appreciated the 130+ Scorer CARS Mastery Report. I thought it was incredibly useful, especially the part where it walks you through a practice AAMC passage. It was nice to see a detailed thought process written out for others to use. Something I did that helped, was complete the passage on my own and then read the explanation given in the mastery report to see where I could improve! "

The best part was hearing about Jenny's incredibly rapid score improvement...

"It took me about 3 weeks to jump from my lowest (499 on practice test #5) to highest score (511 on the real MCAT). The drop was kind of a surprise because I had made a 504 on the practice test before that. I believe a part of the reason for the drop is because of my lack of focus due to some personal problems. I shouldn't have taken that particular practice test knowing that I wasn't in the right headspace."

That's an important lesson to keep in mind; if you're not in a good place mentally and emotionally, it likely won't reflect well on your MCAT. So do what you can to make sure you're in state of optimal clarity first, before writing practice or real exams...

Also, let's say her real standing at that point wasn't a 499 and it was a 504... Which means in 3 weeks she improved her score by 7 points! Still very impressive.

There's a reason why we're able to make promises of huge MCAT score increases "within 30 days" to whoever downloads and uses this simple easy-to-read PDF...

It's because we've seen it work over and over again! MCAT Mastery Community members like you, are constantly reaching out in appreciation and sharing their success stories like this one (which we love hearing about and never get tired of :))

We can't wait to hear yours...

You got this,

The MCAT Mastery Team
Your "MCAT Success" Mentors

P.S. Like Jenny, you can go through this in less than one day and when you're done, you'll have put on the perspective of a top scorer. You'll know exactly the approach top MCAT scorers take to achieve their maximum MCAT score that gets them into med-school. Think about it... reading something for less than a day could change the course of your future... Now that's what you'd call an 'investment' 🙂

The MCAT Mastery Team

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